Countdown Timer Update


Our countdown timer no longer counts down =(

It was a little bit confusing for some of our users that thought we have live auctions.  We’ve decided to change the timer until we can actually have the entire page be live with real time updates.


  1. MikesTooLz says:

    Horrible. You guys keep taking one step forward and 30 steps back.

  2. Listia Inc. says:

    You’re right, we love this feature and our users do too, but if the timer is dynamic we feel like the number of bids and high bid should also move. We’re going to try to get this out soon!

  3. fleamarketmutt says:

    I had no problem figuring it out, just refresh to update the time occasionally. I like the the clock feature.

  4. Mark Neilson says:

    I wouldn’t say 30 steps back. I like your stance here. All or nothing. The timer has misguided me a few times from the server time and my local time being different. I think seconds should be removed until <1hour though, but that is just my opinion.

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