Minimum Bid Increment Update

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up about a minor change we’ll be pushing very soon.  Right now the minimum bid increment is always 1 credit, but we’ve decided to change it so that this minimum bid increment increases as the high bid amount of an auction increases.  Be sure to note what the minimum bid value is above the bid submission box.  You’ll be notified if your bid is not high enough.  Thanks!


  1. sunnym00n says:

    I’m on the fence, would partially eliminate last minute sniping tho…

  2. RyanDillman says:

    I’m in favor of this. If you’re bidding on a 20,000 point item, someone shouldn’t be able to outbid you with 20,001.On an unrelated note, are more categories on the way. I browse the “Trading Cards” category looking for baseball cards, and there’s a lot of other stuff to sort through. Hundreds and hundreds of auctions. Could trading cards be broken down into baseball, football, basketball, hockey, other sports, and non-sport? And for the popular sports, maybe even a vintage (pre-1980) and modern (1980-present) category?

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