Premium Auctions & A New Browse Page


Happy Thursday!  We’ve listened to everyone’s comments about “that stupid map” and we’ve “gotten rid of that useless thing” =)  You’ll notice the layout of our browse page has a few minor changes as well … don’t worry you’ll all get used to it.  Along with this we’ve also released our Premium Auctions where  you can now spend some of your credits to promote your auction on Listia.  Premium auctions get a bold title, placement on the new browse page as well as on the auction page.  The cost for this will vary based on the the number of positions open so if you see this option for cheap be sure to snatch it up!  You can add this to your auction after you list an auction in your tool bar.  To see the most up to date pricing be sure to refresh your auction page.  To be eligible for Premium Auctions you have to have your Seller Wings badge.

Have fun!


  1. i dont like the Premium thing becouse now your pretty much forcing people to do it because if you dont, less people are going to check you auctions outi just dont like, i can do with out.

  2. javanwalden says:

    I don’t like this at all. I “bought” one of the premiums the right after it was introduced and this has not done my auction any good at all!!! In fact, I am simply short the amount of credits it cost me to GET the premiums. I thought this would be a neat thing. I don’t think so much that now. In ya’lls defense, I still have five days left on the auction. However, I just feel that I’ve just given away the “cost” of the credits to you guys…..

  3. javanwalden says:

    Auction is complete. Premium didn’t help it @ALL!! VERY DISSAPPOINTED!!! Will never do that again!

  4. Bordent90 says:

    i recieved one for my listian birthday!

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