Apple Giveaways

Apple unveiled a ton of new products today, including new iPods and a new Apple TV! Since everyone here at Listia are big fans of anything Apple makes… we’ve decided to give away a bunch of these new products!  Check out our latest rewards auctions for brand new Apple TVs, an iPod nano and an iPod touch!


Thanks again to our awesome community for making Listia such a great place and good luck bidding on the Apple stuff!

Let us know what your favorite Apple products are and we will be sure to list more in the future 🙂


  1. SanFran876 says:

    iPads n iPod Touches AND Accessories like Speakers, keyboards headphones etc. Thanks!

  2. cool

  3. iPad rewards auctions please — with no hoops to jump through in order to bid… ie. getting people to sign up for Listia, etc.Love Listia!

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