What is this funny looking image?


The first person to correctly tell us what this is in the comments section of our blog (not facebook’s comments) will win a free Listia T-Shirt.

Have fun!


  1. Lauren83706 says:

    post office postage thing

  2. It is a QR code 😉

  3. bloocheese565 says:

    It is a QR code *commonly known as “tags” and it links to the listia website.

  4. bloocheese565 says:

    Scratch what I said about tag, that was something different I was thinking of *they look like colored QR codes*

  5. soulfliesfree says:

    QR Code for the URL of the English Wikipedia Mobile main page. Note that the white border is part of the encoding.I personally think it looks like jerry garcia LOL>…

  6. Its a Listia.com QR code!!!

  7. Listia Inc. says:

    That was fast! Adam_Miller and bloocheese, please send a ticket to us here and we will get the shirts out asap http://help.listia.com/requests/newYou both win 🙂

  8. QR codes – tag

  9. yep a QR code, although im too late to win, lol

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