Clean Out Your Closets + Halloween Promo


Listia wants to make it easier and more rewarding to clean out your closets!  For a limited time, you’ll receive bonus credits when you list clothing, shoes or accessories to give away.  Those credits will definitely come in handy as the holidays approach, and you can even use them to bid on that cool jacket or handbag you always wanted.  Head on over to the listing page to get started!  (ends Oct. 22)


In other news, we also have a cool Halloween promotion going on right now.  If you are looking for a costume, check out the huge selection from our featured store here… you’ll receive 300 bonus credits just for completing any purchase over $10!  We also have a 10% coupon code and a free shipping deal to help you save even more.  All the details are here.  

photo via: rubbermaid


  1. @listia whats up with the 502 bad gateway error, we got auctions going that cant get bids on and auctions we cant bid on.

  2. Nevernoticed “Political” ads on Listia. Just saw a “Don’t let Sarah Palinwin…Vote on Nov 2nd” ad and it sickened me. I don’t care what youbelieve, but get your political viewpoints out of my Listia…

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