New Features: “Get It Now” and Better Photo Uploading

We’re excited to announce that some long overdue features have finally been released!  The first one is called “Get It Now”, which has been our top feature request for as long as we can remember.  The other is a much better photo uploading system, which will make listing auctions much faster and prevent those gateway timeout errors that occur when listing auctions with lots of photos.  Basically, photos will begin uploading as soon as you select them, instead of waiting for you to click the submit button.  In many cases, they will be done uploading before you even finish typing the auction description!


What is “Get It Now”?  Here is a brief description of how it works:

Get It Now is an optional feature that lets sellers specify the exact amount of credits they would be willing to accept to end an auction early. Bidders would then have the option to “Get it Now” instead of going through the auction process and competing with other bidders. 

The Get it Now option is available throughout the duration of the auction, until a bidder has decided to use it. However, once bidding on the auction has reached 50% of the Get It Now value, the Get it Now option will be removed and can no longer be used. 

The Get It Now option is available for all sellers with the Seller Wings badge. 


Read about all the details here…

Thanks for everyone’s continued support and feedback!  We will continue to push out new and exciting features based on what everyone wants.


  1. MattChance says:

    Those are both great additions. Every one of my auctions fails to upload, because I upload 2 images at once.Buy it Now (‘scuse me, Get It Now) will be great for people who’ve earned their keep on Listia, while excluding those who are posting 2 full pages of fake auctions, and getting away with it.Will you add it as a category to browse, like you have with “Rewards Auctions”, and things like that?It’d make it easier to find only Get it Now auctions, for those that solely want to spend their credits in that way.

  2. i just got my wings badge why havent i got the gin option?

  3. i cant use listia because my photos wont upload

  4. How do u upload pics for auction

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