Browser Battle


As the number of web browsers increases so do your choices on which one you use.  With the slow and gradual death of Internet Explorer 6 (thank heaven) there comes a whole slew of new IE versions (7, 8 and now 9 beta). Then throw in Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari … feels like you’re at Home Depot picking out what shade of blue to paint your room. To some of our users the choice may just be “what came with the computer”, but everyone should be open to try new things.  After taking a look at some of our statistics we were happy to see that less than 1% of our users use IE6 (thank you to those of you that have moved on).  BUT there are still quite a few of you out there using IE 7, 8 or 9 (we didn’t even know about 9 until we saw some stats). This wasn’t too shocking to us since IE still has a tight grip on a lot of people, but at the office you’ll never see anyone using IE unless it’s to do browser testing.

So we decided to run some quick tests in the office on Peacekeeper after running around like crazy to find a computer with IE.  We had seen a ton of reports online, but had to run these ourselves and share them with you guys.  Here are the results …


Chrome looks like the blatant winner on this test suite. That conclusion probably is consistent with a lot of other test suites out there, but we thought we just had to see it for our own eyes. Never heard of Chrome or Firefox?  Click the links to check them out, but basically they’re alternatives to using Internet Explorer to browse the web. Download them and see if you like em … we do!


  1. I personally like Firefox because its reliable, secure, and customizable, and most importantly runs using little supply of the processor. What do you guys over at Listia think the biggest differentiating factor between the Firefox and Chrome are? #productivity

  2. inspirednow says:

    I use Google Chrome as well- always seems to be the best browser with the least problems 🙂

  3. clelliott612 says:

    Internet Explorer all the way! Opera is a good one also!!!

  4. clelliott612 says:

    Internet Explorer all the way! Opera is a good one also!!!

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