Listia Gets a Speed Boost


We just completed some big server upgrades and optimized our code and infrastructure to provide even better service for all of you!  Hopefully, you’ve noticed the site is faster and more responsive today and will continue to improve over the next few weeks.  As always, if you spot any bugs or issues..  feel free to let us know by visiting:

Better service and a better experience are our top priorities… thanks again to all our awesome users out there. Happy Listing!

photo via: tonysphotos


  1. brbmykidsbanack says:

    I checked all the right spots to be contacted by email an never get notified on here am i doin something wrong???

  2. SpecialStorm says:
  3. Listia Inc. says:
  4. brbmykidsbanack says:

    hey comment no economic problems since i started it

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