Welcome To Listia Rosie!



Today we’re excited to announce the newest member of the Listia family, Rosie!  You’ll be seeing a lot more of her through our various online channels like Facebook, Twitter, support tickets, our blog and most importantly on Listia.  If you need help with anything, Rosie will be there to help you out!

This is her second week at Listia and like the rest of the team, we’d like to get to know her a little bit better so here are 5 random facts about Rosie:

1. Her celebrity crush is Josh Duhamel (Fergie’s husband)

2. She wants to visit Venice before it sinks

3. Her favorite food is sushi

4. She’s a big fan of post-its! Keeps things organized

5. If she had one super power, it’d be the ability to control time

Listia was founded with the idea that it should be fun, easy and rewarding to trade things that you don’t use anymore, and get things that you want in return. The site has really evolved since we launched in 2009, and our community is growing faster than ever. If you’re interested in job opportunities with us, we’re looking for developers to really take Listia to the next level.  For more details visit www.listia.com/jobs

Leave a comment for Rosie and welcome her to the Listia community!



  1. Yaay Rosie!

  2. reddtessa says:

    Congrats Rosie!!

  3. Janet Woolsey says:

    Welcome to a wonderful site and to the Listia Family. Just to get you started can you please tell me how to use proxy bidding. And how to set it up. I’m so very frustrated with the number of auctions I lose in the last 3 – 5 seconds of an auction by just 50 credits. One second I’m the high bidder by thousands of credits the next second ive lost the auction. If I knew how to use proxy bidding maybe every once in a while I could win one.
    Thank you Rosie for any help you can give me. Very Sincerely, Janet (janetwoolsey13 on Listia).

  4. Welcome Rosie! Anyone who has “Roses” in her name has to be one of my favorite people!

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