Updated Shipping Rules

Hi everyone!  In our quest to improve the shipping and handling rules on Lisita, we’ve made a few changes to our rules and site.  First, you will notice that our rules page now contains a short list of items which have a “maximum shipping” charge associated with them, effective Monday, May 23rd.  For these items, you must either provide free shipping, exact shipping, or flat rate shipping under the listed amounts.  The only case where you can charge more is if it will actually cost you more than that amount to ship (ie, if you are selling 10 books).

Additionally, to make shipping options more noticable, we are now highlighting them on the auction pages.  This will help bidders immediately see which auctions to bid on and which to avoid.  We’re so happy that a huge part of our community is providing free shipping, and we encourage everyone to follow their lead… you’ll be rewarded when its your turn to win something!  


Thanks again for everyone’s continued input!  This is a small but important step in the right direction, and we have much more in store for you in the near future!


  1. zbakes1 says:

    this is very good update to shipping rules 🙂

  2. taintedberries says:

    Perfect Thanks!

  3. mtrazman says:

    Hello,Before I get into the point(s) I wanna make I want to say I love Listia! Thank you very much for a AWESOME site. While am still relatively new to Listia, I am very familiar with the sight/rules. I like very much the rules pertaining to shipping rules. It would have been a very nice welcome to see what a shipper takes as payments, ie: paypal, check, money order, etc (as an option while listing a auction)Thank you, mtrazman

  4. Cindy Merchant says:

    I think this is a great thing! Some of the shipping charges were getting outrageous…and if people start doing that for profit, Listia is no longer a ‘free’ site. Good Rule!

  5. SanFran876 says:

    I second mtrazman’s suggestion for Payment Options. 9 times out of 10 I have to ask the seller how they expect payment for the shipping because they don’t bother to put that info in the description. I will use Paypal and MO ONLY so I won’t bid if they want cash or another online payment site. It should really be an option to fill in on the list page if free shipping is not selected. Please add it. BTW, LOVE this update!!

  6. SanFran876 says:
  7. Cindy Merchant says:

    I also want to add that this will help curb overcharging, also. I know “don’t bid if you don’t like the shipping charge”-but that goes against everything listia stood for. Some people are charging outragous fees, EVEN when there are CHEAPER ways to ship. Also-has Listia given any consideration to allowing us the option of using our points to pay for shipping? I say option because some will not want 1) to use more points to shipping, 2) some-like i said-like to charge extra for supplies…whatever, and 3) some would LOVE it, like me! I’m really not trying to get rich-I totally enjoy Listia and the wonderful people I’ve met here-i’d have no problems giving up points for shipping-even if I still did delivery conf. etc…with my own money.

  8. Cindy Merchant says:
  9. I called the post office today for shipping charges on a toddler bed and they told me approximately $65.42 and said that would depend if I could break the bed down and get it in a small enough box. If I can’t, then it will be higher. They can’t ship it at all if I can’t break if down because of the dimensions.

  10. i am rather aggravated i am still waiting on 2 auctions that ended on march 27th and today is april 13th,the sellers have not contacted me and further more in 2 days that will be 20 days and they will end up with the high bidding credits i used! I really want to know how to deal with this,please contact me asap, thank you

  11. The only problem I see is that some people, myself included, are on very low fixed incomes. We simply cannot afford to ship an item free that only “sells” for a couple of thousand points… The points we gain are worth less than the $ we are out of pocket for shipping. I notice also that the most vocal “no one will bid without free shipping” types have 90% plus of their “sales” things like coke points or other electronic delivery items. I’d love to offer free shipping… I simply cannot afford to financially.

  12. how do I send money to purchase my items I won on Listia? I know the money has to come out of my account to pay pal then it is sent to me or something like that. Right?
    Ms. Sheila Jones

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