New Post Auction Step By Step

With the recent addition of shipping addresses we decided that it was time to do a little refresh on the post auction flow.  This change will be pushed out fairly soon, but we wanted to give those of you that are following our blog a preview!  We hope this makes things a little easier for both new and experienced users.  On to the screenshots …

First up is the process a user will go through when they win an auction.


The first thing you’ll see when you win an auction is the shipping address selection form.  Select a saved address, “none” if no shipping address is need or you can add an address by clicking the link.  If the auction requires payment for shipping this information will still be delivered via email/message.


Once you’ve sent your address and payment (if applicable) the seller should be on their way to send out your item(s).  If you get the item be sure to notify the seller by clicking the “Got It!” button.  If you don’t get your item and a refund is available, there will be a link at the bottom right to initiate a refund request (see next screenshot).


After you get your item, leave feedback for the seller!  The link to request a refund will be at the bottom right corner.  Now, on to what the process will look like for a seller.


After your auction has ended if you don’t receive shipping information from the winner you should email them to remind them to send that information to you.  Be sure not to use any addresses sent to you via email or message as this will be taken into consideration if there is a dispute. Users are required to use the shipping address form.



After you get the winner’s shipping information you can send out their item(s) and leave feedback!  If there is a dispute on your auction this will also look a little different than what you may be used to.



If you win an auction and file a refund request you can now cancel this before the seller replies (previously not allowed).  The seller will be notified via email if you cancel your request.


We hope you enjoy the new changes and we’ll have a way for you to leave feedback and report any bugs that you see!  Overall we’re hoping that this is an improvement from what we have today, thanks for reading!


  1. briguynv says:

    You forgot to mention actual COMMUNICATION!!!!! Every time I mail an item to a winner, I SEND A MESSAGE letting them know it’s been mailed, that it’s on the way… leaving feedback isn’t always enough.As a winner myself, I’ve had sellers never say a word, never leave FB, nothing… so I never know if an item has been mailed… SOME use the “sent” button, but unless I go into that item over & over & over, I can’t KNOW they clicked “sent”… PLUS sometimes they click that, then still don’t mail it for a week!!!! Other’s just leave me feedback right after I win, even though they didn’t mail the item yet. Just leaving FB for your winner isn’t actual communication that something has been mailed… especially if they ONLY say “thanks”… thanks for bidding??? … Thanks it’s been mailed???… HUH??? COMMUNICATE!!!!!!!!As a buyer… when I send my address thru the system, I ALSO send a message saying thanks and confirming I submitted my address to them… that way they have actual COMMUNICATION from me. When I receive the item, I leave FB, which is usually decent confirmation that I received the item… but sometimes I will even send a message saying I got it. (Some new bidders especially leave FB right after they win something, which is crazy, they should wait till they GET the item!!)My BIGGEST frustration lately on Listia is the LACK of communication… people that never, ever, ever say a word. Even if they hit the “sent” button… the bidder doesn’t ever get notification of that, I don’t get a message that says “MemberJoe says this item has been sent”… so I never KNOW if they sent it unless I go into EVERY item I won over & over & over & over to see if they clicked “sent” yet… that’s a pain!! But if I got notification… OR even better, a simple MESSAGE from them saying it’s been sent, I’m extremely HAPPY!Somewhere in these steps… on BOTH sides, there should be active COMMUNICATION!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Listia Inc. says:

    @briguynv: Thanks for your feedback! Please note we did not remove the email messaging box in the post-auction steps. You as a buyer/seller can still communicate with the other party at any time after an auction ends. This new feature that will be rolled out soon is showcasing a more step-by-step way of providing address and payment information (if applicable), creating a better post-auction flow

  3. briguynv says:

    Thanks for the response… however I just noticed something really bothersome and a little upsetting. There is no longer a countdown on how long we have to request a refund. Is there no time limit any longer?? Without that countdown, it’s very hard to keep track… I am a trusting person, so if someone is communicating with me, and they SAY they mailed it… I give them as much time as possible, even though sometimes they are lying… or they don’t know how to mail and didn’t mail it properly (ie not packaged properly or not enough postage, etc). But without the countdown, that’s much harder now. Will there be a warning when it’s getting close, like 2 weeks or something?? It can’t be a few days because I don’t check all my ‘old’ missing items every day or two… usually once a week or so. It would be MUCH easier with the countdown again though.

  4. Listia Inc. says:

    We did not remove the refund “countdown”. The information for refund is still available on the new post-auction pages. It is displayed on the bottom right side, near the Send Email button.

  5. briguynv says:

    My listings I won say “Things didn’t go as planned? Request a refund here”… it no longer says “You have about 1 month left to request a refund…” then as it gets closer “You have about 13 days left to request a refund” etc, etc until it’s closed. That’s the countdown I’m talking about. The approximately 2 month countdown before the listing is closed permanently, and no changes can be made afterward. That’s not there anymore… and I miss it!!

  6. Karston says:

    guys please help like ASAP i won and i didn’t get item but wants me to say i did then ship

  7. Kelsey T,just sent me a message to quit bidding on a item..i thought u could bid on anything and everything…………. i also do not get my credits for logging in every day……

  8. Anthony Lam says:

    If I listed an item and I state the specific details of the item, and I am able to sell the item, can the buyer still request and receive a refund? In other words, if I listed everything correctly and I gave all the specifics of the item, do I still have to give a refund to the buyer?

  9. Anthony Lam says:

    and I already gave them the item (which is digital)

  10. I would like to know what we can do about people getting their item, and i leave feedback for them but they don’t leave feedback for me and when i try to contact some of them they no longer have an account. It’s really frustrating when i do my part but they don’t do their part!!!!

    • brenda wrape says:

      i agree,i leave a comment whether it is good are bad,i wish they could and would do the same for me.

  11. Is there a way we can keep auctions away from new users

    • lisaybarker says:

      i am new here on listia and seriously believe your were” NEW” at one point in time, really would that be fair to us just because you got it all down pat now Alicia ?

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