Listia Search Gets A Facelift


It’s been getting cold outside, but we’ve been in the office burning the midnight oil trying to make Listia better and better.  Today we’re proud to show off our new search page!  There are a couple big changes that we wanted to tell you about so read on … or at least look at the pictures =)

Just want to see it? Go here!

Merged Search & Explore

Depending on how you use Listia you may have spent all your time on the search results page or the explore page.  We’ve consolidated the 2 into one page with 2 different ways to view the results, list and gallery mode.  We realized our explore page needed a little bit of work so we hope you like the update.  At the same time we gave search a nice refreshing facelift that should make it easier to look for cool stuff.  With this update you can pick whichever viewing mode suits your needs.


Filters & Shipping Options

The advanced search form is now exploded out on the left hand side of the page.  Category filtering is at the top on the left hand side.  Below the categories there will be filters to further narrow down your results.  Currently there is only one checkbox that you can use if you would only like to see auctions with Get It Now.  We’ll be adding more ways to refine your search in the future.


Finally there is an option to see items that ship to you or items that are available for local pick up.  By default you’ll see items that ship to you with the option to see auctions with free shipping only.  When you click “Local Pickup” you can enter you location and you’ll only see auctions that are available for local pick up near your area.


Category Select Next To Search

On the search results page we’ve added a category drop down for better visibility on what category you’re currently in.  You can use this as a quick way to switch between categories on your search terms.


Free Shipping Checkbox Removed

A small change has been made to the auction list page.  The free shipping checkbox has been merged into the shipping type for both US and International shipping.  In the pull down you can now select “Free” when applicable.


Those are the big changes you’ll see if you visit Listia today!  Stay tuned for some even bigger things in the near future.  And as always, let us know what you think, good or bad!


  1. georgiagirl801 says:

    I am not sure about this new change.So many pictures take away from the rest of the information. I really liked the old way to search better. Maybe it would be better to have the option of searching the old way or the new. I would always choose the old though. The rest of the changes are good. Not really necessary, but okay.I did like the new way to add your shipping address so one click will post your address. But other than that, the other changes are just …there. Just remember the old saying…”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!!”.

  2. Listia Inc. says:

    Hi georgiagirl801. Thanks for your feedback. If you prefer the old Search view, you can choose the “List View” mode which will display a similar look to the old Search.

  3. While I appreciate the changes to the site there is something sorely needed.A bookmark for favorite sellers.We only have a fan list.It is not alphabetical.If you have a lot of fans, very hard to find the ones you would liketo view.PLEASE, give us a bookmark for favorites, or alphabetize the fan list or have a search engine for sellers.It would really help a lot.Thanks for hearing me out.Eileen

  4. Listia Inc. says:

    Hi Eileen. Thanks for your suggestion! We’ll definitely that take into consideration & make things easier for our users.

  5. I like the bigger pictures but like some one else said their is not much info their could maybe add the whole title?

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