Feature your Auctions for More Exposure!

Recently, we gave tips on how to get more bids and credits from your auctions, but have you considered featuring your auctions?

Featured an auction is simple and is a great way to get gain exposure and drive potential bidders to view your item(s). Users can submit a ticket (with the request type: I am a seller > I want my auction featured) to request their auctions be featured.

If your featured request is granted, you will see a Featured icon next to your auction title (viewable in search results). You can also find your auction amongst the other featured auctions located in the Featured Listings page.

While Listia review all featured requests, note that we can not feature all items that are requested. Here are a some tips on how to make your auctions have a higher change of being featured:

  1. Include the complete auction URL with your ticket (e.g. http://www.listia.com/auction/4451367-schwinn-mens-and-womans-cruiser-bike. If the complete URL is not included, the auction usually doesn’t open correctly and we cannot feature your item.
  2. Using an image of the actual item in hand will give you a better chance of being featured. We will rarely feature an auction with a stock photo as the first image.
  3. Include sharp, clear pictures. Blurry and out of focus pictures don’t showcase your item and we will rarely feature an auction with a blurry photo.
  4. Long vertical images don’t work very well so try to stick with landscape style photos.
  5. Be sure you have good seller feedback with at least a Seller Wings badge.
  6. Include a detailed description of your item

Note: Due to the nature of certain auctions we cannot feature them.  These auctions include the following:

  • Mystery
  • Tiered
  • Winners Choice
  • Gift Cards
  • Codes

With this new tip, we hope to see your items featured one day! Have a suggestion for a future topic?  Tell us here too.


  1. Harman Singh says:

    the customer support team is not at all helping.
    I have a dispute pending with a seller who has got 4 continuous negative feedbacks.
    The auction link is https://www.listia.com/auction/5673254-apple-iphone-3g-8gb-mint-with-extras-wow
    And yes the seller has also scammed 2 other people and their disputes are also pending.

  2. I would PAY credits to have the FEATURED auction process automatic 🙂 Just sayin’

  3. Tranisha Bonham says:

    Listia is overall a fun and completely functional website. It is clear that you need to research an auction before bidding. The one thing I think they would need to do is create policies on returning items that a seller has posted incorrect information on an auction.

  4. i get featured often by sending in requests. but if the auction does not have the right quality or value to it, i have been denied a few times. LOL its all good. i love how often i get said yes and featured when i ask. thanks listia

  5. How does an auction fall into the category of “popular listings”?


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