Mike Joins Listia!


We’re excited to introduce the latest member of our Listia family, Mike! He comes with years of customer service experience and will make a great asset to our expanding customer support team. As a tradition, we like to introduce all of our new employees by having them share a few facts about them, so here are 5 facts you may (or may not know) about Mike:

  1. He grew up in Los Altos, California (he’s a local boy)
  2. He can solve the rubix cube in under 3 minutes
  3. He is a semi-pro tech blogger. He enjoys writing about the latest techs and gadgets
  4. He is a fan of Wes Anderson movies
  5. His favorite sports team is the San Francisco Giants

If you’re interested in job opportunities with us, visit more details here: www.listia.com/jobs

Leave a comment for Mike and welcome him to the Listia community!


  1. hi mike welcome to listia i really enjoy this site i stay up late at night s to get good deals you all have welcome once again have a great week dawn

  2. Michael Middleton says:

    Hello Mike! Welcome!! I’m sure your going to have a great time working for such a wonderful company as Listia!

    I to am a native Californian, but have been living in China for the last 9 years!
    I’m a college professor here and love it very much!!

    Listia has helped me so much, being away from native English speakers!!
    They’ve also helped me build my stamp collection and helped me gain many
    nice stamps for my college stamp collecting club here in the college!

    Welcome aboard my new friend!!! China Mike(Michael8888)

  3. welcome Mike I think you did my support ticket last week!! Thanks for helping you rock!!! Good to have you at Listia!!! HAve a great weekend! ShamballaStyle-

  4. Welcome Mike I have a question about the rewards section is an item only listed twice? I wanted the Keurig Coffee Maker and it sold twice and hasn’t come back on!! I am getting so close to getting the points I need!!!

  5. What is the user name and password?

  6. Listia is just a big scam. I heard someone is going to court with them for Fraud.

  7. welcome to the insanity of listia you sucker. LOL

    • well hi to everyone so far i havent had any trouble and been on this site for quite while if you take the time and read each item than make sure the bet you put is correct but sometimes there is stuff on here that is not worth giving my points away ,because i went to alot of trouble earing them and i do want something thats not worth my time because iam worth it have a good day a lisita fan dawn

  8. oh and sorry just to let you know we didnt forget the newest member of the team a BIG HELLO to MIKe have a great day dawn

  9. steven otoole says:

    Havent been on here for a bit, doesnt seem to be the same, now its gotton out of hand with high points to bid for stuff , looks like everyones trying to profit on stuff there buying cheap and then getting full value through points, listia should have guidlines, and stick to used good condition items only, put a catagory for new stuff to bid ans a seperate for used,always remember guidlines for new stuff is a must! If not there will be less and less biddings, not friendly fun anymore

  10. Welcome to the Listia nest! LoL I ❤ Listia and hope that you do too!

  11. i cant find where “customer service” i have problem with someone refuse to refund me back.

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