How to help keep Listia fun and healthy

Hi everyone,

Today’s Listia Tip is about how you can help keep Listia the fun and healthy place that it is today.

Did you know that you play a big part on the health of the entire Listia ecosystem?  That’s right.  Listia relies on input from users about auctions that might be questionable or need to be looked into.  We do this with a high performance team of moderators and administrators who help keep the site clean and friendly, but they can’t be everywhere, every minute, of each day.  So that’s where you come in.  If you see something that needs our attention, please help them continually improve the site by flagging questionable auctions.  This is done by clicking the “Flag as inappropriate” link on the Auction Page (located under the description or the verification badges).  This flags the auction for review by our team of experts, who will diligently look over everything to ensure that the content is right for our site.  Almost all flags are now reviewed within a day of getting flagged, most within hours, 24/7.  That’s how dedicated the team is, to ensure that your experience on the site is a fun, safe one.

We hope you continue enjoying Listia, getting rid of your old stuff and getting something new.  And thanks in advance for contributing to the fun and health of our site.


A bit of mod team trivia: The Listia teams of moderators and admins have a total of 226 combined years of customer support experience.  That’s almost as many years as the age of the good ole’ USA!  They’re friendly and well trained to help keep the site the fun place for everyone.


  1. I will win today.

  2. people think flagging is wrong or not nice but its necessary to keep the site running smooth and keep it clean of breaking tos, scammers, and frauds, underage users etc. without flaggers the mods could never catch half the rules breakers and scammers. you can only flag so many times that its not required and you eventually lose your flag ability if you flag too many times and the auctions are not pulled. so flagging out of vengeance or anger does not fly. all flagged auctions are reviewed before a decision to pull them is made, they dont just get pulled for being flagged a common misbelief of a lot of members. i rarely flag now a days because i am still steamed about losing my badges and flagging count a few months back when everyone got a reset who flags. bullshit way to thank those who do so much work for the site.

  3. I hope be a winner today his today.

  4. Pumpkinangel10 says:

    I need to find out if a Louis Vuitton handbag is authentic and I would like to ask the experts but its not really clear how you contact them? Can anyone pleeeaasse help me? 🙂

    • As newbies my friend and i both have gotten “fussed” at over a few of our auction. I feel attacked. We are good people and for her she is a country girl that knows nothing about fancy purses. Thinking we both will pull our accounts. Not sure about all of this :/ I understand trying to keep the site in order and clean…but dont pick on one person…fix all the problems.

      • I’m sure you’re not being singled out…have you found out why your auctions got flagged or taken down? Maybe one of us who’ve been here longer could help…or Contact Listia first and find out why, its probably an honest oversight/mistake. I’m glad to help whenever I can…my Listia name is C.Merchant…

      • I would like to implement a way to gift credits. I cannot do this right now-I tried and Listia pulled the auction.

  5. james w alloway says:

    listing with no pictures, that wrong.

    • It would actually make it much easier to report abusers if it were easier to find out how to report them! I’ve searched everywhere and can’t figure it out!

      • ListiaTae says:

        You can flag the auction directly by clicking the “flag as inappropriate” link that’s just below the auction’s description area. Thanks!

  6. kathryn sarcinelli says:

    it’s a shame how a few make it bad for others, i have all positive feedbacks on my seller items and most of my buyer, all of a sudden i get these people who i think are nuts, i now have a few neutral and some negative, more reasons, then space. but i have been called a liar, a scammer and inpatient. i am none of these things , i have won and sold some good things. but when people sell stuff, that looks good, in a picture, but is nothing but junk and then have the gall to turn it around making you look bad, the same when they say they sent it and in reality they didn’t. i am going to try alittle longer, but buyers beware of what you bid and win on, and ask questions. good luck

  7. My wife and I want separate accounts. We live in the same house. What do we do?

  8. jason jeter says:

    As to flagging it has changed a lot latley seams listia dosent want to remove any auctions even the ones you know is not real and know its kids playing games i have flagged lots of auctions and now seams listia dee just goes to the auction and posts a automated responce to all of them and thats it they dont get removed i have flagged some that was no pictures no description just random typing on a keyboard for the title like this (jksahf ajfjkagfakgf) and listia dee let them stay up what are you kidding me why are auctions not getting deleted any more seams listia wants inventory on the saite and dont care if it runs new buyers away when they have there first experience bad there gone wish listia would go back to the old method of removing auctions and deciding what stays and what goes seams like a common sence approach makes more sence to me then this new leave everything up i found a guy sellign items over and over that had 10 feedback all negatives he had neved shipped a item he sold and was just relisting the same items over and over i flagged it and ofcourse listia dee responded i dont think she even looked at it just posted a pre typed message and thats it he was allowed to continue to run the new buyers away from the site so i opened a support ticket and explaned this mess and his user id and links to the items luckly someone with some common sence looked and seen the same mess i did and removed his account but it shouldn’t be this way i shouldn’t have had to do that the mod should have looked at everything and made a decision on whats best for the site and the good sellers and buyers listia will never get bigger if things dont get cleaned up mods dont start useing common sence on fake auctions and kids playing games rules are beeing broken all over the site and nothing is beeing done at all nothing for example look at the video gaming section its completly trashed by the kids and teenagers crap is listed in such a vloume that one cannot go there to find a game with out pouring through all the steam accounts digital downloads and avatars links to outside sites and all that crap but it is allowed to continue why its inventory thats why so the good buyers like me go to ebay to find the game we want becasue we cant spend hours looking through the mess in the video games section on listia please listia wake up and see what this is doing to your new buyers old buyers and good sellers

    • kathryn sarcinelli says:

      i totally agree with you… i flagged someones auction and nothing was done and with all the negatives from sellers that i question who don’t send the item or if they do, they make you wait and cuss me out because i put a dispute after 7 days and give them a neutral or negative comment, they have a fit i am very close to taking my site down.

    • If you see any other “junk” listings (containing titles like “asfadfs”) please continue to flag them. That’s the best thing you can do and they will get looked at. The auctions with more flags get looked at first. Thanks!

      • jason jeter says:

        why listia dee will just leave it up no matter what it is so it does no good to flag did you read the post above ???

    • Do you know if it’s mod Jane the one that helps you when you do a support ticket cause every time she helps me even though i let them know i already flag she tells me to go and flag. I’m trying to report her because she still wants to leave up counterfeit auctions.

  9. I always enjoyed this site until recently when I won an auction for over 20,000 credits. Here is the link: She claims they were all new but one. To make a long story short, I received the items (2 were expired in 2011, the mascara had a hair wrapped around the wand, the eyeshadow was used, AND she didn’t even include everything that was supposed to be in there.) i opened a dispute and I was willing to take back only half my credits but the admin suggested that OR I return everything for a full refund BUT I pay all return shipping. Why should I pay for return shipping when she listed expired, used products and didn’t even provide everything she said? She went against Listia rules and policies and I have to pay out? This has been over a week of me going back and forth with NO support from admins or anything, It’s impossible to reach anyone, they keep closing my case deeming it as solved, and all i can do is sit back and watch? I guess it’s okay to list used things then and reep the benefits of cashing out on the people that chose not to go through the havoc of headache emails and waiting…. any insight anyone?

  10. cheryl archer says:

    well i got flaged for making a mistake on wording and my acution was deleted. but i dont know where to go to auctions that were flagged to relist it

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  12. What your address?

  13. Happy july 4, 2013.

  14. I have an account with Listia but my husband wants an account to …. is this allowed if we share the same laptop in our house as we only have one lap to use ?

  15. John Cooper says:

    i won an auction and had my address verified and did everything the way i was supposed to do it to receive my item but the user did not send and then they kept my credits after they posted the item for bid again. they reposted it after i won and then they gave it to someone else i am pissed about it. it was a phone case for my gf.

  16. I have a problem with the site its self and a user. Now i sent said user what he won from my auction. Now he has not given me my credits. Its almost been a week and i know that the item has gotten to him. He has my item up for auction. But he still states that he has not received the item. When i am 100% sure that its my item. But i cant call him out or report him because all i can do is flag but thats wont do anything because the lista team wont look at my auction and when it ended and when he put it up and put two and two together. I think its dumb how you have to wait 20 days unless the buyer states they got it. It really needs to change because i think he is going to sell it and then report it missing. Then i wont get my points. I really need help on this one because im a newer user and this might push me away form the site. I have done four actuation and none of the winners have stated that they got there item when i sent them all out about a week ago.

  17. ShrixShamrox says:

    Can you get banned if someone makes a FALSE flagging on you? and how do I actually report someone for harassing me on the site?

    I was just harassed in a comment by someone that threatened me stating they made a false flag for nudity, because I have never put up nudity on any site EVER. so where can I report this sort of behavior?

  18. I really don’t like that I have people telling me to put a picture up and stuff if I don’t have one that means I don’t want one on there. Another thing I put a coupon up for bid and it wasn’t free. That’s fine I didn’t know I couldnt But maybe if u had a thing of the rules on the app stuff like that wouldn’t happen. But don’t have your team telling me how to post a bid. Its my business not yours. I would not recommend this to anyone with the dumb things u can and can’t do it ain’t worth the time for a few points

    • james alloway says:

      new listing need to learn rules first be for listing.
      this will stop a lot of talking over rules.

  19. I won an auction almost 14 days ago & I have not gotten my item yet. I live in Florida & it was coming from SC. Listia believes she has sent it & she hasn’t I’ve tried for days to get listia to give me my credits back & they believe her. Well she has had bad feedback on her stuff & I haven’t . I’m out 2,520 credits , I’ve sent a lot of complaints to listia.
    She should be kicked off for having a profile showing skin . Listia should follow there own rules. As soon as this matter is resolved I’m leaving Listia.

  20. I still cannot find where I report to a mod or admin the person that did not actually SEND the item my credits won and went to. I haven’t been able to get on in 4 months due to family issues, but 4months ago I won an item and I have YET to receive it. But my credits went to the seller. How do I handle this issue? Who do I contact? HOW do I contact?

    This auction is selling fake toys.
    And telling people they’re real.

  22. Hayley Foreman says:

    Okay listians let me vent on my bad experience and i would love to have some feedback. I have bee on listia for over a year now. I very much enjoy it. I am literally on here every single day. I enjoy talking to the great people i meet and have made some fabulous friends! I post a lot of gift cards. Sometimes i will post one trying to get enough credits for something that i really want but know that i wont be able to send it until a certain date. I posted a gift card for the cyber week crossword puzzle. My listing said, $25 Gift Card **PLEASE READ ENTIRE LISTING** . Then on the description, the very first line said, **PLEASE NOTE** I MAY NOT BE ABLE TO SHIP THE CARD OR SEND DIGITAL DELIVERY UNTIL DECEMBER 16TH. Well someone sent me a message asking if i would lower the price of my gin. I did. I had it posted at 333,333 and i lowered it to 299,999 for this buyer. Well the next thing i know the buyer does a dispute saying i had not sent the card yet. It had been 3 days since she won (since you have to wait 3 days before doing a dispute). I fought the dispute since i was very clear on my listing that I may not be able to ship the card or send digitally until December 16th. (The auction ended on December 6th. I posted it for 7 days and i believe i started it on December 5th). The rules state that items must be shipped within 7 days after the buyer provides their verified address unless otherwise agreed upon between both parties. Well the fact that i clearly stated the information about shipping, then winning the auction means the buyer agreed to these terms, right? The rules also say to make sure you read through entire listings. (It is not a sellers fault if a buyer does not read the information of the auction). And the rules state that a seller wins a dispute if the buyer backs out. This buyer is completely rude and very hateful. Which is also against the rules. However, none of these rules seem to apply to this buyer. And now the administrator is being not so nice to me. I have not been rude in any way. I would have went out of my way to please the buyer if she would have just sent me a message saying oops i did not read the description and didnt realize that you may not be able to ship for 10 days. (And i didnt say it WOULD take until the 16th, i said i MAY NOT BE ABLE to until the 16th, so December 16th being the absolute latest date). But the buyer didnt try to contact me at all. She went right to a dispute and was so hateful. What do you think? Please give me some opinions. This experience has me to the point that i am ready to be done with listia completely and take my friends and family with me. I feel like this is completely and totally unfair to me. Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this. And thank you to everyone i have had the pleasure of getting to talk to and getting to know. And, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all. 🙂

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