A Fresh New Look To Auction Pages

We decided that it was time for our auction page to get a fresh new look and we’ve released what we think is a cleaner, more organized way to view auction information!  Some of our newer users may have already been exposed to the new page, but for our veteran users we’re giving some of you a chance to take a sneak peek as we roll out the new design.  Here’s a quick look:

To see if your account is ready to preview the new auction page go to any open auction and see if you have the following link on your page:

If you don’t like it right away you can get back to the old design by clicking the link located at the bottom right hand side of the new auction page (please note, we’ll eventually be moving everyone to the new design):

We hope you’ll stick with the new page and give it a chance to win your heart over ❤  And of course we’d love to hear your feedback so if you’re feeling extra expressive, please tell us what you think in this short questionnaire.  We’ll be reading each and every one of your replies and making changes before switching over to the new page (date TBD).  We hope you like it!


  1. It looks cool– look forward to trying it! I hope someday you’ll consider adding a “see seller’s other items” link/button… at the moment it requires quite a few clicks to get to a list of what any given Listian has to offer.

  2. Like it! i think there needs to be something done with all these minors and scammers. You need to make adjustments to the verifications, like drivers license number or date of birth. this would make it harder on the minors to join.

  3. Hate it. the old design is sooooooooooooo much more eye pleasing and easier to use. clear separations between auction and advertisements. everything is neatly organized. as soon as you enter auction you can see exactly how much time and what the bid is. I would REALLY hate to switch

  4. Everything takes getting used too and that may definitely be the case with the new one. Personally I like it, it is much clearer and looks a bit nicer however I feel like there should still be some type of borders to separate comments from the description. Also, I miss seeing the Highest Bidder’s profile picture/avatar.. I think that should be included!

  5. jason jeter says:

    Love the new auction page has a nice new feel everything is layed out perfect i dont have to scrool down to see the bid history looks more like a higher end auction site more technical but simply put very good job listia very very nice !!!! i do agree with the otehr comments a ( see other items from this seller)button would be great Now if we could just apply stronger verification the minors are going wild now that a lot of auctions are not getting removed the sad thing is when a new buyer or seller discovers the site and bids on a item for the first time from a minor and the item is fake or dosent get shipped and so on that leaves a bad taste in the new buyers mouth he/she may not want to buy again and just move on give up so the good sellers lose a great buyer and listia looses a potentially great seller for the site becasue of a minor who is breaking the rules from the start

  6. this is the only page i can get to.? if i click on anything else it flashes something then a page shows “false” in the top left corner. ?????

  7. Sharon McManus says:

    how do i change the new page back to the old one? i don’t like the new one

  8. FYI, auction comments seem to not be working. I’ve tried commenting on auctions and my comment doesnt show up. I’ve had messages from buyers saying the same, they cant comment on my auctions. Maybe its from the changes, so I thought I’d inform you here. Also I hate that comments wants to post using my FB name now, not my Listia username.

    • If it starts using FB name instead of Listia username I will discontinue my Listia account!! Have nothing to hide, but heck does the whole world need to know what Im doing on Listia!?!?!!! What a shame, really do enjoy Listia.

    • Jenni, thanks for pointing this out to us. We’ve since fixed this issue so everything should be working now. Thanks!

      Rose, your FB name is not posted on the site once the comment is left. It should be your Listia username.

  9. oh yea, and I totally agree, please crack down on the young’ns! That and the smelly stinky smoked out items I’ve been receiving lately have really irked me. I mean come on, let’s be professional here.

  10. I use an Android phone (samsung infuse). I don’t mind trying new things. I went to the new site but had to switch back to the old. Whenever I wouldnt click on the bid area, the screen scrolls really fast to yje bottom. I couldn’t see what I was typing… Same thing would happen when trying to message. No problem on the old site.. Please have that Fixed before everyone will be required to use the new site.. Really enjoy being able to have fun with Listia!! — Thanks D.J.

  11. Gina Ledezma says:

    Like the new design
    Would love to see a place where one could request items to be listed

  12. hate it! looks like something a grade school child designed. Just because ebay changed page layout design doesn’t mean you have to also. Monkey see monkey do. It is just fine the way it is

  13. Mandi logue says:

    Like it a lot!

  14. Not Molly Mormon says:

    I dont care either way it is not easy you can forget it=
    you need a paypal link it too difficult to arrange payments otherwise!

  15. I HATE the new design.I’m not able to bid on anything with my cell phone.It does not work on my touchscreen.And my phone is usually all I ever use.We should be able to have a choice which one we want.I guess I won’t be on listia much anymore.

    • I gave the following as my feedback. Do you have this issue? —–> I understand that we will have to use the new site as of november 19th… Never had a problem until I checked out the new site.. I use an Android phone and, on the new site, every time I click in the bid area or comment/ message area –the screen goes to the bottom where the fine wording shows ‘contact – jobs – sponsors’s etc.. I cannot see what I am typing without scrolling back to where the cursor is… I switched back to old site and I don’t have the issue… I then tried the new site again with same issue… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this problem before november 19

    • What kind of phones are you guys using? We do have an Android app as well: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.listia.Listia

      • Cathy Johnson says:

        I have the android app and still have trouble also. It sends me the same message over and over and never gives me the latest messages or posts. When I do click on new comments it just takes me to main page and won’t show me actual notifications-it’s virtually useless to me at the moment and will probably unistall it from phone!!!!

        Also on trying new site on computer-it’s very hard to click on the pictures and get them larger like the old way. It takes me quite a few tries and sometimes they freeze up the screen too or won’t change to the next photo!!
        Never had a problem with the old way page way!

      • I use a Samsung Infuse right now… I don’t care too much for that Android app… Not able to customize a search – like ending soonest etc… The actual Listia site is the best.. I woulda use the new site if I could just bid and comment easily… Whenever I click to bid / comment the screen just scrolls to the bottom of the page on the new site… Please fix the problem before we’re forced to stop using the old site.. Some of us wont be able to win anything 😦

    • Can you guys try again now? We have pushed a fix that may help out with older phones. Thanks and sorry for an inconvenience!

  16. Oh,and PLEASE get rid of the really young users!!!!! It’s so annoying to click on what looks like a great auction and it turns out to be a kid that has no intention to send it!

  17. avonsherry says:

    this is going to take some time but since there is not option to stay on the old design we’ll get over it.

  18. jason jeter says:

    the new design is awesome and its nice to see listia always moving forward web pages update ofton all of them do its the future things chage its how we live

  19. shauna shepherd says:

    I like it is a bit confuseing when you first look at it but other then that I think it will be find need to have something that boarders ads so that people will know what is ad and what isnt. would like to see higher bidders picture and would like to see boards seperating discription from comment other then that its cool.

  20. I would like to ask Listia why do you ask what for our opinion of the new layout when you don’t care about what we think? If all you wanted was for people to report bugs, you should have been honest about it instead of misleading us, the members, that you really want our opinions. It is obvious yo do not care about our opinions as it seems a large majority do not like the new layout

    • I agree Gusten I don’t think they care either,seems it all comes down to “All about the Benjamins” now they are charging 50 credits to list an item over 499 credits,too bad another case of the buyer loses

      • I haven’t faced that one yet but if i do I will probably just abandon Listia altogether. The thing that still just boils my blood is that they don’t care what their members think. For the life of me I don’t know why they asked for feed back when they don’t want it. All they really want to know is if people are having any issues. They should have just been honest upfront and said “we’re changing things, we really don’t care what you think about it, but if you have any problems let us know” All anyone still has to do is go over all the feedback they pretend doesn’t exist and see that a very heavy majority of users do not like the new layout.

  21. The new format leaves a few things to be desired…

    1. As a SELLER, I used to COPY the BUYER’S Lisita Screenname and use it to search my email to see if they won more than one item… Now their screenname is no longer presented along with their address. And all the examples of their screenname on the closed auction page are CLICKABLE which makes it harder to copy that text. I miss having the text of the BUYER’S screenname listed at the top.

    2. The color scheme is harder to read, at least for me. I am unable to view an auction on the old format to compare and specify what is different, but for me, it’s harder to read.

    Hope that you will address these concerns, especially #1…

  22. Hey now I discover if you have an item worth more the 499 credits you now have to cough up 50 credits to list it,what next charging credits to actually list something,this new bogus feature is unfortunate because now I will be listing LESS valuable items…buyer loses I will surely let them know

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  24. too bad you want to regress the site. The new look is much LESS organized. It is a white page with writing. There is no borders separating anything. Everything is just there. reminds of when we were in kindergarten using plain white paper. Then we MATURE into organization with ruled paper. I don’t for the life of me understand how you think this is more professional or better in any way. All you did was take a functioning page and remove the boxes and borders which separate one subject from another. This looks like a beginners design and what we have now is an upgrade. Not the other way around

  25. Joe Rubin says:

    . . . How about you explain to all of us Listians the full rationale behind the new design instead of just telling us you are doing it.
    . . . What do you think is wrong with the current design? What problems are you trying to fix with the new design? How does the new design address these?
    . . . It appears to me from the comments on this rewards auction for the X-Box that you sent a link in an email to check out the new design that your statement in the blog “A few of you have tried it out and then opted to go back to the old design . . . ” is an attempt to invalidate those of us who prefer the current design while you foist this new design on us with no real explanation.
    . . . As of this writing – of the 60 comments above mine about the new design – only 5 liked it, 9 were one sort or another of neutral, didn’t matter or resigned that they would get used to it and 46 either hated the new design or at least preferred the current one.
    . . . My comment makes it 47 out of 61. That’s 77%, a whole lot more than “a few”

  26. shauna shepherd says:

    i do agree.

  27. very well put!


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