The Listia Silver Rush is On


The Silver Rush is ON!

Listia is in desperate need of adventurous miners to dig through the auction listings for hidden Silver Coins. . .

Over the next five days between February 18th and February 22nd, each Listia miner will have the chance to scour auctions in search of the elusive 2014 Limited Edition One Ounce Listia Silver Coins, made of .999 Pure Silver. Each silver coin is hidden within otherwise common auction listings. As you’re mining, examine closely each auction for a glimpse of silver, because that may be your chance to procure this precious metal!

If you’re lucky enough to find a rare silver coin, you’ll want to keep it a secret for sure, because you may be the only one to find it, bid on it, and win it for very few credits. Some silver coins may be discovered by many miners, while others may remain buried forever. Each day, more Silver will be buried in Listia auctions, and the search will begin anew for the hidden Silver Coins. If you search long and hard, you may even find multiple pieces of silver in a single auction!

In order to determine if you’ve found an official Silver Coin from the Listia Silver Rush, each auction will include two things. The first thing to look for in each auction is this image:

The auction lister will also have the Verified Badge in their profile:

While mining, look for the official Silver Rush Eureka image and Verify badge to ensure that this is truly a legitimate Silver Rush Coin auction.

When you find these two things, you’ll know you have struck Silver!

If you win the auction, you will be sent a One Ounce, .999 Pure Silver, 2014 Listia Silver Coin, along with the auction item included in the auction.

This quest is not for the faint-hearted or weak-minded, only those with the strongest fortitude and perseverance will be capable of withstanding the fever of Silver. Good Luck to all those who seek silver!

For helpful hints, updates, and questions, please check back here.

Small Print:
Listia may relist items in the unexpected event of fraudulent behavior or technical issues. Moderators, Admins, and Listia employees are not eligible to participate in this promotion. Contest duration: February 18-22, 2014


  1. Wooohoooo!!

  2. derekwaite says:

    In the two years that I have been on listia I don’t think I’ve ever seen the “V” badge before………

  3. cool!

  4. bout to go broke

  5. hope i will be listia miner..!!

  6. Awesome lets go mining Good Luck everyone

  7. I’ve never seen the V badge either is it new?

  8. are they on the auctions of regular listians or only on auctions put up by listia?

  9. Seari Hulse says:

    Are they mixed in with anything? Someone said just in the silver coin auctions??

  10. Shelly Leftwich says:

    Pretty sad , i have already seen a few ppl.stick a quarter in there auction pics , to try to get buy.GIN or bid !!! I hate dishonest ppl.!

    • Hi Shelly, It is a shame that there are those who sell Fool’s Silver. Be sure to check for the badge which confirms your silver is coming from a Verified Mine!

    • When people put real coins in there its just to show size of the item so the item is a comparison to the coin so you can tell how large the item is>Or at least thats why you would see them in my auctions if you ever do!But There are alot of dishonest people on here just like any site and I hate that too.

  11. Here I am I haven’t seen a V badge but Love Listia I’m on so much hope to find but hey it’s a reason to be on Listia even if I don’t 🙂

  12. jolleycize says:

    Do you ask the owner of the auction before you hide coins there? Or are these listia listed auctions? If its listian user auctions I think you should ask first….. I wouldn’t mind doing an auction with the silver hidden, but…..

    • Its most likely a high seller auction as the v badge is the only given to sellers by listia as trusted sellers you can’t earn the badge so it most likely won’t be in a new member auction or a low rating member.

  13. Will the badge and the image be in the Sellers badge case or somewhere on the auction page? Also will the seller be able to see these if its one of their auction?

  14. I know you’d want to keep it a secret if you found it but there are a bunch and I know a lot of people would appreciate it if someone would say where they saw one, just so we can all get an idea of what we’re looking for…just throwing it out there

  15. This is a great idea, fun. Please disable “right click and save” image ability, though (done with html code on this page). Very easy to add these two images to any auction. Looking for the silver now… thanks for the fun and interactive event. Cheers, Michele

  16. I’m confused. I don’t understand this mining thing one bit, lol. I have no clue what I am looking for or where I need to look. Do I need to be looking in a certain category? Where would I see the Listia Eureka image? And I’ve never seen the “V” badge.

    • GraphicAngel says:

      A “V” badge is on MANY listians profile page… It is the badge that verifies you are a Verified Seller… Look on peoples profile page, & scan down page, see their list of badges… OK ?

  17. My phone doesn’t usually load the photos I guess I am out of this one. 😦

  18. Does the silver rush show up on phone app?

  19. so they are all on the raffles page?

  20. Will the Eureka image be the first image or will we need to click on auctions and search through the images?? Thanks

  21. I’ve seen badges, they do exist!

  22. I guess Listia isn’t going to be helping us out with the questions, on all the Listia auctions you find the V badge but going through tons of auctions none have had even a hint of what they are looking for. I am assuming that since the silver is at or around 21 an ounce and it cost a few bucks to mint them there are probably 40 auctions total over 5 days so 8 auctions ending today will have the silver coins in them and if you can afford to purchase the auctual auction then you will get the coin but if you are someone like me who is saving or someone who is putting all their credits into pimpinmacks ipad air auction even if you find it you may not be able to get it, but thats just my opinion after a couple frustrating hours searching and I could be wrong…..

    • That sounds about how I would feel. I have worked hard to earn my credits. I do not want to buy something I don’t need to get the coin.

  23. I give up! After hundreds of page searches and nothing… my eyes hurt and if my tablet could cry, I’m pretty sure I’d be floatin’ down the boo-who river! Too good to be true applies here!

    • Listia has a “V” Badge…so look up their Auctions maybe you will find one.

      • Yeah if it were so easy to look up just listians with the “V” badge only. -_- Unless there is some secret method you would like to share for finding them without having to look through every single Profile page.

  24. I dont understand how to earn the V badge someone tell me!!!

  25. has anyone actually found any yet?

  26. is the clue on the auction opening page , or do you have to open each listing?

  27. Verna Lucey says:

    Listia should have explained this a little better, I’ve been looking for hrs. since it was said we could win with little credits, I’ve been looking at listings with low credit priceing
    this is no fun.

  28. Since I joined a few months ago, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone with a V badge yet. Wonder what it takes to get that badge?

    • Listia started in July 2009…..and ALL the ones with the ” V ” started the same Time,
      So IF you just started you will NOT get one. I looked up the ones that started in 2010 and 99% of them do NOT have the “V”….also you have to have ALL the icon badges under your Name as well.

      • Deborah Parsley says:

        The V bage is someone who Listia Verified There are not allot of them From above not Not all who started in 2009 has it

  29. Doris Martinez says:

    Hello, This is really important. There is a User
    BestInTheWest who is listing the same auction an IPHONE 5 and he starts to ask you to mark it as received because they need the credits to buy a swing for his daughter. The seller tells you that the faster you click on GOT IT more quickly you will receive the item. This is a SCAM auction.This is the situation that I’m going through. I didn’t clicked Got It and I already opened an ticket support and also got in contact with the first buyer which is waiting to be able to ask for a refund because the seller also bullied her to press got it. Please any Listia mod: you have to STOP this seller before is to late he already won a gift card for $100.00 with the credits of the first buyer who got scammed too. He already told me that he will be posting the auction again. BUYERS: Please BEWARE with this seller!!!!!

  30. Do you have to open each auction?

  31. This. SUCKS! Not explained well at all, what is explained is more confusing than helpful… Am I really expected to go through and open EVERY single auction available for the next 5 days?! Are you all high??? This is more of a scam than most legit scams! Not interested anymore. I’ll keep saving my credits and stop wasting my time looking for nothing. LAME!!

  32. this silver rush thing is dumb…I haven’t seen any badges or coins so I’m not looking anymore I’d like to keep what little credits I have left for something I want.

  33. Any help from a mod about badge location (in profile or somewhere where listia has the option to add it such as comment section) would be nice for everyone because we all have other things to do than to sit for hours and waste our lives over an ounce of silver. Also, the SILVER picture that is supposed to be in a “common” auction does that mean you mess with peoples auctions or just put it in someones comments. Also, are a certain number of coins going to be ending each day or could they all end in 5 days? it is a lot of just nonsense for people who do value the site for what it is, a community, and this “contest” seems to be making it less of one, one with more secets and all that. I get it, it is a good way to attract new members but come on the people that have been on here for a long time, a lot longer than I have deserve some sort of direction more than look for two picutres in the hundreds of thousands of listings and then if you happen to find a listing you may just have to give up all your credits to win something that you wouldn’t want. Just my 2 cents not me being critical probably just a little tired from looking at the screen for 4 hours lol

    • well said, my eyes are hurting too…listia is a great community and I was looking forward to this silver rush a lot but with the vague details it’s too time consuming and I’m sure it would cost a bunch of credits that took time to accumulate…I still would like to just see one an auction

  34. Found one!

  35. Listia the best place to spend your vacation…

  36. im so confused about this silver rush thing

  37. they said on the fb page that it wouldn’t be the first picture, you’d have to scroll through all the pictures to find it…before that though you have to find someone who’s listia verified :/

  38. Ive been on the site, tryed looking, clicking no success!

  39. aaroncdjkd says:

    Can there be a bidding war? Or first to bid wins? What does multiple silver mean?

  40. Wow I am so happy maybe I will WIN something now I love Listia

  41. Rebbekca Bolhuis says:

    What is this?

  42. boom shaka laka says:

    i already found 3 , hahaha yess

  43. It sounds like they want us to spin all are points mabey that is why they have this event

  44. I need to bid the item to get the Silver Coin? Or just press watch or something? Please I want to know

  45. Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in anyway with Listia, I have been on Listia since 2011 and have really enjoyed the people I’ve met and the bidding process.
    I am not wanting to anger or offend anyone with what I am about to say so please read with a light heart and an open mind.

    Did you know… More than 90% of the world’s gold has been produced following the rushes of the mid to late 1800’s… Early discoveries of gold relied on the blind luck of someone spotting a yellow glint in a stream or in a crack between rocks. Thousands of people made their way to California or the Yukon in hopes of making it rich in the gold rushes that were happening at the time. In reality, only a few actually struck it rich and for some, well they were far less fortunate and actually loss their life while mining. From what history tells us, the prospectors/miners were not told where to look nor given directions besides “hey there is gold in California”.
    So what I’m trying to say here guys and gals, we have been handed an opportunity to get FREE silver, plain and simple. So for those of you that are the adventurous type and willing to put in the work I wish you the best of luck!!! And for the rest, that are not really wanting to put in the time and effort, begging and pleading for it to be handed to you is not the prospecting way and will most likely not going to happen.
    Now for each and everyone of us I wish you a joyful and blessed day!

    • the people that went in search of fortune knew that there were rules to where gold could be found, in the ground near water and that it weighed 19 tiems the weight of water. Now getting a claim back then especially in the wild parts was more or less how you lost your life. You must have watched the History Channel and saw the same thing that I did about the Youkon gold rush. Now one distinction, this is not FREE silver by any means, you have to win the auction, pay for shipping, etc. It is not like the gold rush where you put a pick in the ground and come up with free gold. If Listia was giving away free silver you would be able to find a hidden link that would enable you to get a free silver round sent to you for being the first one to find the auction. I have not found an auction meeting the criteria set by listia but I am looking but am worried like others that if a person with an auction knows that theirs is the one with a silver prize wouldn’t it make sense to tell people to get more for whatever you have put up for auction, also it makes other auctions less valuable because listia decided not to put a silver round in the auction. This SILVER RUSH is a great idea i believe but has shakey execution in my opinion which could be wrong. I hope everyone has fun and enjoys the next 2 days 23hours and x min left lol

      • You have the Right response here bro, Spot on. BEST comment to date !

        P.S. .. Hope Listia Reads this !

      • mystcxprns says:

        I’ve found 2 so far, both Listians are brand new with only 15 fans. The only badge they had were the “V”. Neither had any other auctions listed or finished. I’m thinking these are Listia employees that have set up an account just for the Silver Rush and nothing else.

      • I TOTALLY AGREE !!

    • Katieallard says:

      Well said…..

  46. Troy Alringer says:

    this is an awesome idea!!!!!!!

  47. Its been a long day looking with no luck but in doing so have come across so many amazing auctions~ and I am having a blast hoping to come across one! LOL…thanks Lista for some fun on here…love looking for “buried treasure”!!

  48. the ones who claim they found one just lie they want attention lol if they found one they would prove it listia sucked at explaining it hours and hours and nothing so to all that think they found one prove it if not your fake

  49. okay so can someone plz tell me what the hell im even looking for. plz

  50. What does the eureka symbol look like?

  51. im over this crap i looked literally all day and didnt find a thing

  52. So, how many people on listia are actually listia verified with the V badge, because i have come across 3 and none of them has any auctions listed. ?

  53. I spent hours today and yesterday looking for the V badge and I haven’t found nothing. Very disappointed and my eyes are killing me as well as my fingers from being on my tablet and almost missed my auctions earlier to check to see if I was winning or not.

  54. Jessica Adams says:

    I don’t understand….what do u win if you find one and win the action?

  55. iv been searching since yesturday and I still have not found a single one. Am I suppose to be searching for a particular item? Im confused and about to quit, this is not fun!! Someone help me find one, chances are I wont be able to afford it anyway!!

  56. Pieface5000 says:

    SEARCHED ALL DAY NOTHUN only I do admit I have found some pretty good deals from this so yeah I guess the silver rush thing is just a bonus to finding all this cool stuff. 😉

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    I am impressed! Extremely helpful info specifically
    the last part 🙂 I care for such information a lot.

    I was looking for this particular information for a long time.
    Thank you and good luck.

  58. I don’t understand all the complaints they said it would be a huge pain lots of hours and work mining for these hidden coins. if you don’t have the time don’t look. but its free silver im too busy to look myself but the idea makes since imagine listia as a mountain you expect to just see the silver sitting on top? or would you have to search the entire mt with hopes of striking it rich when most people leave broke and silverless. look up the gold rush see how much time entire families wasted after just hearing there may b gold in California. im just saying this makes since they warned it wasn’t for the faint of heart and its pretty much the same situation as the actuall gold rush were you peopoe expecting free silver just handed to you? after they paid to mint them? wouldmnt m,ake since you just have to search knowing most will fail at there quest its up to yall so please stop complaining about I haven’t found nuffin. its ridiculous. I haven’t found any either and am too busy for this rush so im simply not doing it but the coins are real ive found them I ve fiound v badges too

    • I found a bunch but it’s nowhere near being free silver. The auctions are in the thirty thousand mark range. I love the idea but it would have been cooler if there was a limit to the amount of auctions you could win and there was a low GIN so it would be more like the first one who finds it could actually keep it instead of looking on and wishing they had hundreds of thousands of credits to spend. There are a couple of hundred of us that are watching a lot of the auctions but only a few that are in the winning bid category. =/

    • it should have done this differently like the first person to find it won it but of coarse like listia isn’t making enough money off of us already they want to take all the credits we do have so we have to buy more or list more not fair at all!!!!
      how is it free silver when you are spending 100 thousand credits or more that’s =$100. that’s more then what the silver is worth to each their own but its cheaper just to go buy the silver out right!

  59. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Why not just auction off the silver coins instead of having people look though a bunch of auctions that they’re not interested in. Then what? Bid on something that you otherwise wouldn’t be interested in with the hopes of getting a piece of silver?

  60. So if you find one, then you have to bid and WIN the auction in order to win the coin? Are you actually spending your own credits to get this coin, or will the credits be returned to you if you win?

  61. Been searching about 4 hours only found 2. After I told my friend it was pissing me off and i was about to quit, i found them.

  62. No one say’s that any of you people HAVE to do this. Quit like cowards! If we all quit everything in life that was difficult, we would have nothing. No electric, food, cars, computers ect…! Life isn’t always easy, suck it up! Glad we didn’t have teams. I would be the lone survivor! hahahaha!


  64. Earl Handy says:

    So can these be found in any auction or only in Listia’s own?

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  66. Where is the eureka photo at?

  67. Michelle Schulz, aka M_elle_22 says:


    • I found 2 crazy points being bid crazy.
      One I was the first guy to find it, I think if were mining for silver, the first guy that finds it should get it.
      Just saying

    • James Frazier says:

      You do know you can charge for shipping don’t you…as a buyer you can shop only free shipping post…hint sell small items like cards and jewelery it only cost a dollar or so to ship.

  68. all this does is overload this site what a joke,, u want silver go dig a hole in the ground ,,its there


    here helping out everyone be sure to fan me

    • I Think you will get your credits back, this person has not signed in for 2 weeks now..the same with the lone_ranger_one…2 weeks only signed in once…

      • GraphicAngel says:

        Did it ever occur to ANYONE that maybe this is way for Listia to get credits (as in the raffle auctions) People will bib up to heaven to get a 1 oz silver coin. Ok, so all the coins I saw are on profiles that say 1 check in last 2 weeks. What stops Listia for making up new profiles, listing some random item, like Silly Putty, for instance, not having ANYTHING except this “V” thing, & getting mega bids? Think about it people, I mean really think it through…

    • smstrss001 says:

      phillip how do I get to your page so I can fan you?

      • sorry need bit more help than that is there a way to search ppl/ I have only been on cpl months or come friend me

  70. I’m not sure I want to spend all day or all week for that matter to try and find this and with no clues you could be on here for weeks looking for this so called treasure. Good luck to anyone that has nothing to do all day to look for this but my opinion I think it’s a hoax.

  71. nothing like bogging down a site..cant wait till this stupid idea is over… then you can move around this site very easy..with all the stupid people looking for silver..come here looking for silver then find it,, then find out they have no

  72. I am half blind with eye strain, stiff neck and have spent 20 plus hours having a blast!! This has been so much fun!! Only down side is that no matter how many I find, I still will not be able to get one….The auctions are going to go wildly high….I would not care if it was made of brass or stainless steel, I just really wanted to own a special coin that you can’t get anywhere else. Oh well, good luck to all of the high rollers! Remember, this is fun! Well, back to the mines!! 🙂

  73. The guy that finds the silver first should be the guy who gets the silver.
    The whole waiting for the auction to end, the guy with the most points wins.

  74. What’s the point of the coins?

  75. fareon hickman says:

    how do i win and wat do i do do i have to sign up some where or what

  76. smstrss001 says:

    can I ask those that have found them is there a specific search option you used and is there a way to narrow searchs to only ones that have the V?

  77. I’m frustrated because I haven’t been able to find any yet. I’m wondering if there is a bug or if it doesn’t work on certain browsers.

  78. After my first day in the Listia Mines I became overwhelmed and just couldn’t uncover any silver in the mines. After searching hundreds of caverns throughout the day and late into the night I still had no luck so being tired and distraught I decided to just bunker down for the rest of the night. When awaking the next morning I saw a little mouse staring me in the eyes as if it were saying don’t give up! I started digging further and further and then……Euricka!!! I struck silver!!! From there on I felt the fever starting to take hold! The deeper I went into the winding and twisting Listia mine shafts with the mouse leading my hand, I just kept following it when again the shiny bright silver started to appear before my eyes!! It’s been two days now and into my second night in the mines. With all of the long hours that have passed I have uncovered 28 caverns that hold the wealth of pure silver in my grasp…..Woo Hoooooo echoes are heard from behind me and in front as well. There must be more hunters in the mines!! I must decide which cavern to harvest as to reap the rewards before all is gone!! For now it’s time to bed down as to get a little shut eye for the early day to come. I shall not stop searching!! Who know what lies in the caverns ahead! Bwahahaha!!! hahahaha….hahaha…haha..ha……!!!

    • Well the night has closed in again and my miner lights are getting dim. The mouse is very tired but, we have found what we were seeking. I now have several prospects within my reach. I must now use the tools of my strategy to get the silver out of the mines. I have heard hundreds and hundreds of footsteps stomping through the caverns! They have stolen the silver from my reach in some, and in others I have been battling to keep hold of it, reclaim it and protect it from getting away from me. The hours upon hours have been countless in this long and treacherous journey. I just have to guard one or two mines very closely. I plan on sealing one up so the rest of the searchers can’t get to it. I can walk away with the silver from the dusty clouds in the mines! With all of the findings that I have unearthed I am now in close watch and I do believe I will prosper in the end. Bwahahaha!!! hahahaha….hahaha…haha..ha……!!!

      • Another cold day in the Listia Mines. In the confusion of the dark dusty Listia mines I believed that I had discovered 58 veins of silver wealth. After tracking all of my steps the tally is 49 veins but, what a large discovery of silver! Now the task of excavating is at hand. Some will be more tedious to acquire while others may fall right into my hands. I still have time to claim this treasure that I have searched long and hard for. There are so many, many prospectors in the mines now, so I must keep vigilance and close watch on my findings. Bwahahaha!!! hahahaha….hahaha…haha..ha……!!!

      • Just walking through the Listia mines trying to decide which claim I will spend my Listia life savings on… I think I may have to pawn or sell all of my mining tools to help fund the extraction my found wealth.

    • After a long and weary day, I too must head for my tent and bunker down. Yesterday was a hard day. Didnt find one piece of silver. Today, I have found 14. Im on your tail, freestuffforyou but am rooting you on as well! I shall not stop till the last second! BWAAHAHAHA…

      • Bwahahaha!!! hahahaha….hahaha…haha..ha……!!!

      • I am totally exhausted, After traveling miles upon miles into the deepest point of the Listia mines!! My findings have been plentiful! Of the 50 caverns that I had discovered holding silver, I was able to protect and extract five. It was a battle till the end to protect them from the other prospectors. I diligently held my ground! All of my tools are lost are mostly destroyed and the mouse that stayed with me through the rough terrain is resting in my torn shirt pocket. He has became a close friend to me through the last week of my travels. My miners light is flickering and almost consumed of energy as myself and the little mouse. We are in desperate need of water and food! I am heading out of the mines now with my burlap that holds the silver from the five veins I was able to extract. I can see a glimpse of daylight ahead of me as I drag my feet to exit the cold dusty underground. As I get closer to the outer world that I have forgotten for 6 days and 5 nights, I see that I am covered in filth and my cloths are tattered. My hands are beaten and I can almost feel the bare cold ground through the soles of my boots. The closer I come to higher ground I am starting to feel the warmth of the sun! I can smell the fresh air and feel the mouse moving about. Now that we are safely out of the mines I have noticed a small tear near the bottom of my burlap. I will tally up my findings when I arrive back home after I have showered and tended to the little mouse and myself. I may find that I have lost a piece or two of the silver while exiting the Listia silver mines. If this is so, I will leave it for another miner to find down the road!!! It has been a long and treacherous journey and I do not wish to return!!!

      • I have listed some lost silver from the Llstia mines. Please stop by on Listia and check it out! Listia member since 2009, Freestuffforyou.

      • I have listed some lost silver from the Llstia mines. Please stop by! Listia member since 2009, Freestuffforyou.

  79. What is the Official word on Coin value? And also Dear Listians, 🙂 I’m Looking for: Tango & Cash, Superman (Reeves any), Batman (Keaton), Ferris bullers day off, Live free or die hard, transformers 2-3, real steel, terminator salvation, back to the future 1, Beverly Hills cop 1-3, tremors 1-3 or 1-4, national lampoons vacation (early Chevy chase ones) — DVDs or UV / iTunes codes, if any have any lol put them up on Listia, Thanks, Aaron. 🙂

  80. I FOUND IT !!

  81. This game is too expensive for me. When you do find one, the people are bidding unreal amounts.

  82. Susan Swarthout says:

    That was a good hint. Look for small items with high bids. I found one – – if anyone wants to bid. Too rich for me. Be sure to look at the last photo in the group to see the Eureka badge.

  83. Ok I have not found nothing I have looked through high price low price , from Condoms to apple rings lmao the only thing I have came across is some weird stuff..hahah I normally only search for the things i want so if anything all this searching has giving me a big laugh..:P

  84. Angel Cagle says:

    Found 33. All are or will be bid for more than they are worth. In looking, I have found many people who have put up for auction 1ounce silver coins that have the same value as the Listia coins, except they have fewer people watching and much lower bids. One ounce of .999 silver is worth about $19.00 right now. Some people have bid as much as 45,000 on the Listia coins with over 2 days still left. So, not worth giving credits to Listia team members for these and some foreign junk.

  85. Hey

  86. christa stewart says:

    this seems like a SCAM!!! I think listia is trying to collect as many credits as possible by listing there own auctions and throwing in the so called silver coins…. nobody has a V badge except the auctions that listia has put up with the coins in them!! this is just another way for listia to get your credits people!! the coins are not worth it and listia knows that!! listia is laughing at yall for actually bidding all your credits on there auctions and giving your credits to them!! this is such as scam!!!

  87. Lisa Biladeau says:

    I have been looking since this thing started… LOOKING LOOKING LOOKING FOR HOURS AND HAVENT FOUND A SINGLE thing~ coin or whatever, I dont know what I’m missing? I am looking for both the badge and the wooo whooo picture but haven’t found a thing and I have put at least 20 hrs into hunting now! It has starting to make me more mad than anything! 😦 I am calling BS on anyone who claims they have found something because I don’t believe it~~~~~ And most people on here are more into hunting, then buying now~ so I will be happy when this ends!!!

    • Michelle Schulz, aka M_elle_22 says:

      Look for dollar store items for huge amts of credits, and I have noticed none of the listings show a location its being sent from. Once you find one, you will find several others in the same section. Ive found 24. It doesn’t matter though. The lowest bid is over 20,000 with a day to go. Siver is only 13.00 per oz. Its not worth it, even if some listing show two coins.

  88. masterseamen says:
  89. What a scam. Listia is taking all the credits & its taking credits from those who actually work really hard listing auctions on here. I think it’s time to go back to selling on ebay. They don’t do **** like this :o)

  90. wow, I am finding them all over now..however, I can see how it is a big SCAM by listia and I am appalled..when I get out of the hole and spend what remaining credits I will have, I am OUT of here for good. This is so not fair to all the people who have put so much time and money in free shipping and effort into listia. if you go to popular auctions and look at the 1.00 itmes going for 40 to 50 THOUSAND credits, you will find the EUREKA and coins….it’s ridiculous really and I am not happy at all with listia for such a deceitful action to people who have been faithful to this site. I have spent hundreds in shipping costs and this is unfair to ALL listians. I saw a coupon folder going for over 45,000 credits…that obsurd….

  91. I haven’t found the first one of my own but this is a blast looking for the coins. Hope you have more in the future.

  92. the silver gold rush was nothing but a LIE LIE LIE i found all and can’t afford to bid since the lowest one is over 15,000 credit and still has 1 day and they didn’t add any yesterday the 2/20/2014 so you do have to be credit wealthy to bid on any of them it was a waste of my time and effort and I’m not a very happy person because of the lies that where told

  93. I finally found 17 of them, but they are going for too many credits, oh well.

  94. I found 36 of them so far! We’ll back to

  95. Notice how its all NEW users with no feedback? are all of these profiles created by Listia?

    • Polly Tracy says:

      Your right Brooke. I am not wasting my time with this SILVER RUSH… I think it has actually hurt Listias reputation…

  96. joeurbanc5 says:

    Glad ur all having a good time…i lost my account cause of this silver rush shit…it hasn’t let me login thru facebook since this silver shit started….total bummer…contacted twice and still no fix…done with listia…totally feel rip off…..

  97. mike greathouse says:

    Like it a lot

  98. mary butts says:

    Listians will start on an even footing – credit wealth won’t necessarily help. To become a successful miner, you’ll need your wit, endurance, and a little luck a long the way. I am very mad because this statement is a LIE you do have to be credit wealthy. the lowest bid right now is over 20,000 on all of the items

  99. Listia where is your up dates?? You only have 2. .Found a V but thats it and to bid on anything is for the people who has a lot of points. Even and far?? NOT Even when you say the get it now is a low I don’t think that is far to anyone that is not at a computer all day. Nothing is far about this game .

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  101. So from what I gather, you have to buy the auction stuff for the coin find to be counted?

  102. $100 Amazon Gift Card/Code instant digital delivery to your email LOW GIN, take advantage now

  103. well 9pm and the mines will be closed and we all must return to our homes without the silver so hang tight all listia all will be better after 9pm and the life and times of the ole miner will come to an end, thanks listia for a great confusing but wonderful contest to bad all the auctions with the silver went way over what the plain every day buyer or seller could afford to bid on, but I STILL LOVE LISTIA AND WILL CONTINUE TO LIST AUCTIONS AND BUY FROM LISTIA SELLERS SO TAKE CARE ALL SEE AT THE NEXT CONTEST

  104. 25th one…boy its been a long day “mining”…I even forgot that the sun had went down as Im on the quest for silver….but I would take gold…oh wait…thats the olympics…lol…my weary bones are tired time for me and the little
    <—–miss roxie to find our cot and tent and call it a night …the lantern is burning if you need to rest your weary head….as I sneak out to find more…lol

  105. James Frazier says:

    So I spent two days searching and what I found on my own was 6 of them and then I looked at the few links on here..but what was interesting is that every one of them were auctions listia made up..they were all brand new with 0 feedback and a history of 1 auction only…Maybe I misunderstood them but I assumed they were actually going to place them in peoples auctions and we were going to help out a few listians by bidding high on there stuff which in turn they could use the credits to bid on other fellow listians stuff ,and we get a neat coin in return. Instead we lined the pocket of Listia for a coin worth $21.90. Oh well lesson learned

  106. The first Silver Mine auction ended at 90,000?

  107. Laverne Tornow says:

    To find Listia Silver, look for the cheapest crappiest items up for auctions that all have bids in tens of thousands and higher, look for “members” and I use that term loosely, that have NEVER auctioned anything AND have no badges other than the V. What a SCAM. Listis should be ashamed of itself!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Once you’ve followed these steps, you’re a member of Xbox Live and can access the internet services appropriate for your level
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  109. They also keep updating every number of hours or so which doesnt happen in printed news.
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  120. beba2510 / Jessica says:

    Will the badge and the image be in the Sellers badge case or somewhere on the auction page?

  121. Excited to seek out the buried treasure!!

  122. ATTENTION! says:

    Has anyone heard of looking for a needle in a haystack???
    Well I guess I will just have to look in every auction, look at every photo posted, every comment made, every member’s profile, every badge list. And then still need to bid on the real auction item posted along with everyone else who found it and win the auction to get the silver coin. Simple!!

  123. Listia you should have MADE a Video showing how this Works…then you would NOT have so many people commenting what to LOOK for..

  124. How about a hint

  125. I found it – I think
    come … I show you ^_^

  126. website overload Cyber Monday all over again bummer I’m out not going through that again lost so many credits bummer

  127. its in the badge case

  128. It will be right under there screen name. “under fans”

  129. how did you lose credits??? I don’t want to lose any credits lol

  130. Just don’t step on that needle….LOL

  131. That’s right needle in the haystack. I’m done wasting my time!

  132. Fun Fun

  133. that would have SERIOUSLY helped. but the are just trying to get us to spend all day on listia for nothing,its like searching for jesus…its marketing thats all lol

  134. Actually, finding Jesus is much easier. I see my neighbor Jesus Gonzalez all the time!

  135. Lisa Biladeau says:

    Did you find something because I am having a hard time believeing all those who claim they have. I have been hunting on here about 20 hrs since this started and I havent found a thing!!!!

  136. i haven’t found any thing and i feel like you , hard to believe them

  137. Hello,
    If you set your search to include Canada, Free shipping, and you look for cheep items going for ridiculous # of credits…With no place of origin, and have only the “V” badge, it most likely is a coin auction. The Eureka pic is the last pic. The coin or coins are in the pics. Try home and garden and health and beauty…I found many there. Good luck!


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    The Listia Silver Rush is On – The Listia Blog

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