Journal Entry 001 from a Listia Miner


~Day 1 of the Listia Silver Rush~

Tens of thousands of miners set out to dig for Silver this morning, but few were able to withstand the grueling hours and constant reminder of the long road ahead. Tempers flared and frustration grew as the mining seemed endless while the Silver seemed unobtainable. I for one, will not listen to these naysayers, nor be beaten by down by the unrelenting auction listings that cause me great grief yet so much pleasure.

As the miners give up and go home, as they leave the digging behind, I am reminded that someone will find this Silver, and why not me? It gives me a great sense of pride and a renewed sense of enthusiasm as the field of miners dwindles and yet I remain!

During the first day of digging, I realized that there was no way I could dig through every single auction and hope to find silver, so I needed to narrow my search. Using the advice from my fellow Listian miner Jasonhcad I began to focus on auctions that will be ending within the next 4 days. To accomplish this, I first browsed “All Categories” in Listia, then sorted by “newly listed,” knowing that the silver auctions just went live today. Once I did this, I was able to see when auctions were ending, and speed up my digging. It also made sense to just look for the Verify badge first, instead of dig through all the images. The key is to narrow the search, think smart, and be efficient. While I was unable to locate any Silver today, I shall repeat this process tomorrow, as new auctions listings are sure to bring new luck!

I know the days are long, and the odds are longer still, but Silver Fever has taken hold. I know in my heart of hearts, that my will is stronger than most and my persistence will be paid in Silver. It is for this reason I remain a miner ….‘til the end.


  1. Comment Viginity! BOMB!

  2. I can’t do this. I don’t have enough bids to do crap. Of course most peopel are going to quit but of that fault. It’s kinda unfair but hey……

  3. Ut..I found silver.. but the v is on the eureka not the profile. Is this a real siver rush find

  4. derekwaite says:

    P.S. Dear Miner, found this outside you should really keep better care of this journal, lol, thank you for the helpful information, it will be put to great use!

  5. Can someone win more than one?

  6. Ooh, tippity tip, tip

  7. anybody find one yet? or one that was in an auction that finished just so we can get see it

  8. Michael Wells says:

    So how do I go about getting started¿? Do I have 2 sign up somewhere or sumthin 2 proceed in tha Silver hunt, or am I supposed 2 just jump on in a start huntin¿?

    • as long as you’re on listia already you’re set to go, if not then you have to register with listia. once registered just start searching through auctions looking for them…I know what to do and I’ve been searching all day but I just cant seem to find too many people with the verified badge and the ones I have found don’t have any of the coins on their auctions…silver rush for sure, only a few come out victorious

  9. Betty Worsham says:

    I would like to know the same thing Michael Wells asked, Do I have to register or just start digging?

  10. Is the auction free shipping?

  11. Wait, so if we find the EUREKA and The Verified badge, Is it JUST a random silver Auction? Or is it on an auction for a regular item of whatever is listed PLUS the silver, if won? Is there a way to post a screen shot so we know what it actually looks like? If not, an explanation would suffice. 🙂

  12. HI! Wondered what time the “Rush” ends on the Sat., 22nd?? THANX 😀

  13. I’ve had no luck…I’m on a limited time though because of work hours. This is sort of an uneven playing field.

    • Unless you have a lot of credits don’t worry about it. You have to win the auction to get the coin. I found three auctions today. Prices are already over 20,000 credits.

      • I’m seeing that…I was really hoping that on my weekend since there would be some time left on the Silver rush I would strike something…but the only thing I’ve managed to strike is Strike out! -_- The auctions are all way over 40,000 + credits now. 😦 Talk about totally alienated from the event I thought we were all supposed to have a chance, but by the time I even found a single item it was so overpriced I could buy a silver bar cheaper then the coin I was trying to find.

      • LuAnn Berg says:

        My experience with Listia auctions during the silver rush is their way of making money! Its not a fair auction for everyone.

  14. I found all the requirements and it is a Listia raffle. How fair is that? You still have to buy into the raffle. Slim to no chance there.
    Just sayin, I did find one.

  15. Katieallard says:

    So the Eureka pic will be just one of the images not the first right? Also how do you view badges before listing? I haven’t noticed that before during bidding, you would have thought I did! Oh well! BUT PLEASE MODIFIER, SOMEONE ANYONE LOL ANSWER!

  16. 1. Look for ones with images ending 3 days and is not a trusted seller. *I just Found three* Tip # 3 by me is that the item will most likely be low value

  17. How about adding to the fun listia? Who ever watches the most silver rush auctions wins 10,000,000 credits? Now that would be fun! I found about 30 so far. Once you you figure it out it’s pretty easy. Back to hunting!!

  18. I have sat here on my computer for 2 days now, 8 hours a day going through every item in every catagory and not one single coin! Listia needs to give better instructions on how to find them. Is it you look at an item and a silver coin appears? do you check out someones profile and find it there? MORE INFORMATION IS NEEDED!!!!!!

  19. christa stewart says:

    all you have to do is put your cursor over the browse and it will show you all catagories, and then you go to popular listings and click that, and it will take you to the auctions that have the highest bids, and when you see a piece of .25 cent junk going for 50,000+ credits you no that’s the silver auctions, lol, hope that helps!!

  20. Who picks these God awful videos….?? We should get some serious credit for those….lol!!! YUCK, Miley?

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