Journal Entry 002 From A Listia Miner


Silver Rush Day 2

~Day 2 of the Listia Silver Rush~

Finally, “EUREKA!” The Listia mines exploded with Silver all across the auction valley as Eureka was echoed through the hollow mines. The long hours, the frustrating night and cold morning brought both silver and a sense of accomplishment to the dwindling, yet unstoppable miners of Listia.

I take this moment to reflect back on all the fallen miners, those who gave up, quit or otherwise lost all hope in the pursuit of the one thing they loved the most, Silver. As Thomas Edison once said, “many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” While the journey seemed impossible at times and unfair to some, it proved gratifying knowing that Silver didn’t get the best of me, “not this time, not today, not ever!” When I shout out, “Eureka,” I do so with a heavy heart; knowing not all were as fortunate as I.

But I cannot dwell on my accomplishments nor claim victorious, as striking Silver was only half the battle. The war for Silver wages on in the minds of many, in the hearts of few and in the greedy hands of all those who wish to sneak in and steal MY silver! The fight is on, I scoured these auctions in search of Silver, now I must fight to possess it once and for all.

With only three days remaining, and a small fortune of credits to fend off these greedy blood-suckers who prey on MY silver, I am left with very little recourse at my disposal. Yet, there is always something that can be done… something must be done! In order to build up my war chest quickly, and defend my silver, I shall list some of my mining equipment from around the camp, while placing a low Get It Now price that someone will win for sure. At the same time, I will remain vigilant for more, well hidden Silver that may be lurking in yet unknown locations, where competition is lacking.

It would be easy to give up now, it would be simple to walk away, but my spirit remains unbroken. For I am a Silver Juggernaut, an unstoppable mining machine that will stop at nothing to claim what is rightfully mine!


  1. jessica wilhite says:

    has anyone actually found any yet?

  2. I have not found any. But, I thought i was understnding the hints.

  3. Minnie Stumph says:

    I have found plenty….but, come on Listia release some of my pending credits so I have a chance here. I have built an excellent reputation for the last year on this site so there is no reason to hold that many credits in the pending status….especially during a silver rush…LOL

  4. I have found 3 verified silver auctions, 2 of which I share the find with hundreds of silver seeking souls but atlas the 3rd only 30 have found. I have found several fraudulent auctions but Listia has shut them down as they were made public. Good luck to all you miners out there.

  5. I have found 27 so far. Most too high for me to bid on at least 80 other miners watching each one. It is fun trying to find them even if I cant afford them – lol . A hint though, if you find one or two, you can see certain things that help you find more. Good luck everyone. I also have enjoyed reading the journal entries, they are very cute. Have a blessed day!

  6. susan babcock says:

    i have found nothing .!!!!! ;-(

  7. I’m not really getting the hints at all. -_- I’ve tried looking at auctions that were recently listed as of the silver rush starting. I’ve tried looking at camping and hobby stuff, been through all the GIN items I could find ending in the next few days….*Sigh* Nothing. The only coin I’ve seen was posted by some one else and their was no way I could afford it. So far this miner is a bust, I’m going home penny-less, thank god its not the gold rush days or I might have starved to death without ever staking a claim to anything. This event has allowed me a lot of time to look at other cool auctions but the event itself has not been a big favorite of mine.

  8. Chris Schab says:

    Listia now makes you refresh your page when the bid changes. So if you are out bid with 30 seconds to go, you’re screwed. The time their servers take to do the refresh plus accept another bid is now about 45 seconds. As far as the silver rush, doesn’t matter to me.

  9. Listia is the best website every

  10. I found some but they were like 33000 and 35000 I just gave up because I don’t have that much.

  11. derekwaite says:

    I got 1! and I know one guy that got five, FIVE!!!!!!!!………………………so many points, I bet it will be weeks before they ship

  12. After the 5 days ended is there still going to be silver

  13. It was fun to do and thanks listacorey for your journal notes my “mining” buddy! Wish you had journaled every day…loved reading how you wrote your “mining” notes…lol…and thanks for the fun…I found auctions I never even knew were a auction and I was able to bid and win a few items…but I did go “bust”…your lista fan and friend,

  14. Nanette Tron says:

    Sounds interesting. I would like to win an auction on some ounces of silver.

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