A Slight Change To The Rules

Every day, more and more people join our community, and send us notes describing their incredible experiences on Listia. We are dedicated to growing a positive, healthy environment where members enjoy listing, bidding, socializing and winning items.  In an effort to maintain a safe & healthy climate, we are implementing two new rule changes, effective October 1, 2014.


Creativity is encouraged, but certain kinds of photos are no longer permitted.

Yes:  Photography of artistic / scenic quality, at Listia’s discretion
No: Selfies, ordinary photographs of other people or everyday items


No coupon listings of any kind are permitted, after October 1, 2014. We don’t allow coupons because it violates the manufacturer’s terms of use.

As we grow, we take all of your feedback  into consideration.

Note: New rules go into effect October 1, 2014. Listings prior to this date are subject to the original set of rules, prior to October, 2014. For a complete set of rules, please refer to listia.com/rules


  1. Oh thank you . This is one of the BEST changes ever !

  2. Finally!! I love photography, but was so sick of seeing selfies and photos of people’s phones. I want to see Half Dome or the Grand Canyon!

    • Agreed!

      • Leonard b says:

        I hate this rule. vintage photos (40 to 80 years old) are highly collectible. to lump these with selfies and photos of phones is totally unfair

      • I totally agree, I get so annoyed with these so called slight changes to the rules even to other items as well. I would relist it as some troll is mad because there selfies get removed. They should be able to list these as they are collector items, so if there going to say you can’t list those people selling old coins as well! They need to make there rules more clearly as isn’t this sight for getting rid of items we no longer use? They allow makeup, who know whether any of it has been used, there rules just really seems to have no clear understanding of what it meant,,,,This kind of thing just makes me tired and not so happy that I’m here. This used to make me so happy, I’m still happy about the people whom I have made friendships with but the site itself not so much anymore!!

  3. No More Pics Of Me Auctions !!!!

  4. Ambré Adams says:

    You guys need a app for smart phones!!!!!

  5. Photos I agree with you but NO coupons???? YIKES!! My family relied on some of those coupons when our cupboards were bare. So I will surely miss those 😦

    • Agreed Sue…

      • kdluvs2quilt says:

        A “SLIGHT” change to the rules? who are you kidding Listia? this is a major change for all of us who depended on the coupons to stretch the family budget and/or get more credits! Slight??? I’d hate to see what you consider a major change!

    • Same here, coupons were one of the best features b/c they are so easy to list and worth decent credits, and are cheap to ship

      • How auctioning off coupons violates the Manufacture terms of use is beyond me, so I guess clipping coupons and giving them to another person violates the Manufacture terms of use…Really? Seriously we aren’t auctioning them off for cash, so really what is the point, except another flipping rule. I thought Listia was a site to get ride of items we don’t want or need for free, then with those credits, that are not worth money can bid on something we can use. Right…Are we having the most fun, that we could possibly have? Which I believe is Listia’s PassPhrase…Right….

      • aresunrise says:

        exactly. and tons of credits that were brought in from giving coupons away, that could have been circulating here for the past weeks, are lost

      • It violates the manufacturer by letting you profit and the store profit they want it all

    • Discontinuing coupons is a BIG mistake.!

      • Agree 100%. I LOVE getting coupons from this site and being able to share ones I get with others> 🙂 It helps our budget so much. I even had two to post this week… Actually got one in the mail TODAY that I was about to post. *sigh*

      • kdluvs2quilt says:

        I agree! Someone at Listia needs to pay attention to their users and re-think this new policy.

      • I totally agree, just another rule that listed has to stick us with because they not making any money. Most people who were either auctioning them off or winning them were not going to buy credits to win them, so anything that doesn’t make Listia money, they will eliminate them! Really Sad but Remember you having the most possible fun you can have. I must sound like a disgruntled member…Yep pretty much

    • I’m okay with the photos, but NOT THE COUPONS!!! come o
      n…Those were great!!!

    • The majority of the coupons were counterfeits and if you read the back of any coupon it says “void if sold or auctioned” so it was technically against the law.

      • They were not fakes, most were in fact real manufactuerers coupons. Just so many peole were starting to list coupons for cents off, etc that was allowed and posting coupons for prohibited items as well.

      • aresunrise says:

        Not the coupons that I auctioned. Don’t generalize.

    • They need to crack down on thoise breaking the rules and end 2 and 3 day auction which allow them to break the rules due to the fact that it takes moderators at least 2 days to check a auction that has been flagged.

    • aresunrise says:

      agreed. Not every coupon exchange will violate manufacturer’s terms of use, I think

  6. Does this mean FREE stuff coupons are out?

  7. too bad you dont implement a mandatory verification before anyone can list an item for sale… so many scammers

    • I agree Crisis, I am sick of winning auctions with some of these new people who never respond to e-mails and never ship out the item you have won and then have to wait to long to receive your credits back.

    • Crisis and Jolie, I am in such agreement with both of your comments, and for myself, I to have taken chances with new people, and in a year’s time, only 3 new people have honored what I won and I have won 268 auctions and when I see that many, and have given at 50+ newb’s a chance it is so infuriating, because we aren’t allowed to require people being verified before placing bids, we can’t ask how old they are, and it just becomes a job. Listia just states anyone who has created a account has the right to bid! So to me all listia cares about is getting subscribers in numbers, and if they were to implement total verification before placing any bids, plus stop giving these people credits the minute they lank on this site would tremendously! But again if listia did that then they would lose members which in turn would cut them in there pockets, as it’s mostly these newb’s do is buy credits with real money! I also know there have been alot of A++++++ Listians have left Listia for these same reasons, so where just fighting a losing battle, so you just find another way around that issue at least on my auctions! Now bidding on a newbe’s auctions, I just now trying going with my gut and intuition…It really just sucks


  8. People helping people is not allowed I guess. Some of us rely on sell I my coupons and some rely on receiving them. So a few bad apples spoiled the bunch. Great.

    • So since Box tops for Education are coupons ,,guess those are off now too huh? The Schools thank you Listia!

      • I don’t think so… They aren’t actually coupons. I list them under All Categories > Other Stuff > Other . I really hope those don’t go – that’s one of my main ways to get credits, and I like knowing for sure that they are going to get to a school for use!!

    • Tesha Long says:

      I totally agree. I’m a single mother and the coupons were the listings that I bid on most often! They are very helpful!

  9. Perhaps you should do away with recipe and stolen DIY listings way before coupons. This is just my logical opinion.

    • Agreed I hate seening the DIY auctions when you can take 10 secs and search on google and find that DIY with the same photo.

    • Sharon Eft says:

      AGREED! I personally have seen and received them that were on Youtube! had I known I could have received that same info on a DIY on youtube, I would have saved 500 credits

  10. I would like to see all the auctions for DIY instructions be prohibited. All the instructions can be found it you do a web search for yourself….free and you don’t have to spend credits to have them.

  11. bad things can happen in any category. i have bought things before that people never even shipped to me. they were fake listings because the person probably never had the item at all. i wonder what they are going to do about that problem. maybe they should hold a small deposit of money for the new people who come on and refund after so many days once they prove they are good honest sellers on here.

    • I HAD MY POINTS ON A AUCTION GIVEN TO A SELLER WHO SHIPPED WITH TRACKING AND DID NOT SEND WAS STATED ON HER AUCTION OR PHOTO. I PUT IN 5 TICKET COMPLAINTS ON ( bube777) the seller. listia does not listen or have real humans to chat online with.

  12. Listia..You are worried about selfies and coupons??? How about Forcing all these newbies and children to verify everything before they can list an auction. And i don’t mean just facebook! And make it to where paypal is the only method of payment accepted (Whether people like it or not) when they want to charge shipping costs. Paypal is the ONLY safe way to protect buyer or seller. Plain and simple. Make it to where they have to be paypal verified before allowed to charge shipping costs! These things are more important than selfies and coupons…OMG. and you have made a mistake by not allowing coupons. Big mistake for the site!

    • Great idea for shipping/paypal. There have been a few auctions I have been extremely interested in and they would only except cash or money order for shipping. I sure as hell ain’t paying $4 to send my payment in a certified envelope so I just don’t bid! Pay a fee to pay for shipping is crazy.

    • Stephanie khalifa says:

      100% agree!!

    • Newbies need to be verified somehow and not with fake facebook accounts and anyone under 18 yrs of age shouldn’t be allowed on Listia…there are too many people/kids getting on listia and posting paperclips, pens, toothpicks, expensive electronics and they are all fake. If someone happens to win an auction from a newbie, I don’t think they should have to wait so many days to get their credits back either if they don’t receive the item or it isn’t sent out within the time frame that listia has put in the rules.I agree with the only form of payment being paypal, no cash, checks, money orders ,etc. I too think that doing away with the coupons is a mistake. I think that DIY and recipe auctions need to be gotten rid of. I think that some of the shipping costs are outrageous as well and should be limited. You can look up the postage on UPS and put limits on what it costs to send packages. Just my two cents worth!

      • TOTALLY in agreement with you here. I’m tired of non verified newbies listing auctions. I have brought this up to Listia a couple of times.

        Try living in Canada with postage. While I offer free shipping I pay through the nose on some auctions. I have even flagged some that were against Listia policy or way off the mark. Someone somewhere is laughing all the way to the bank on that one!

      • i totally agree i am so sick of that and your right kids 18 and under should not be allowed on the site for real i hope something happens soon cuz its irritating

  13. Angela7112@aol.com says:

    Need to reconsider the coupons. I really enjoyed getting the items I needed 😦

  14. Probably on the minority but there are alot of fake coupons on Listia and many of you dont realize it. Diaper coupons for a legit free package of Pampers will contain a hologram, a persons name and three distinctive verification identifiers. Yet most listed that show the coupon do not have these. All free P&G products have a hologram and identify protective features. If a seller has 3 to 4 of these coupons up and just closed out 6 of the same auctions in the last two months more than likely they are fake. So I completely agree with this policy. There is a very real reason why Listia has done away with coupons. Most of you dont realize when you have a fake to begin with. Just because they scan at the register it doesn’t mean they are legit either. It means the store wont get paid and you have paid credits to steal from the store. Good job Listia. It is about time you did something!

    What stinks is that I was told to send back coupons that I did not have and that were given to the police or I could not get my cedits back. So I lost out of 30,000 credits and you lost someone who had 100% feedback and had bought credits which put money into your pocket.

  15. Wooohooo! ! Yes!! Thank you!! Finally!!

  16. How do you decide what is a artistic photo when that’s a matter of opinion

  17. Free product coupons is a big part of my list? How do you hold everyone responsible for a few wrong doers? If a seller has good standing and feedback they should be able to list these items. I joined Listia in 2011, and I used to love it, but that has dwindled considerably in the last year …maybe it’s time to move on…

  18. Does the no coupon rule start the 1st or after the 1st – as stated above?

  19. I’m really happy about the no selfies rule, but no coupons? That is *not* good! I hit a very bad spot financially this summer, an my pets would not have had any food to eat if it would not have been for all my credits and the great pet food coupons on here! Please reconsider this. I also love getting my Victoria’s Secret coupons when they hit, too!

  20. no more recipes either! when I search for books, there are like hundreds of them!!

  21. The no coupons rule needs to be revisited, Listia. If the problem is counterfeits, then there are easier ways of verifying the coupons, like someone else said there are identifiers on all legit coupons. Also you could limit the amount of coupons a seller is allowed to list in a 30 day period. This would help prevent fraud. Many of us really rely on those coupons in times of need and with the holidays right around the corner it isn’t right to do this at this time…..

  22. Tesha Long says:

    I totally disagree with the removal of coupons. If the seller has been listing them for a long time, then there should be no need to worry. I’m a single mother and these have really helped me. I even pulled articles up on the internet on how to determine if coupons are real. When compared, all the coupons I’ve received have looked to be legit. I think Listia is wrong for doing this. And, I read several replies up that the school coupons aren’t going to be discontinued. That’s not right. If one goes, they should all go. And, I have turned both the Campbell and Box Tops for years. My youngest daughter graduated this past May and we still turn them in anyway. As long as I’m on my soap box, I’m going to comment on the people that don’t send because the account is fake or they are just trying to get credits. I always pay to ship my packages and they aren’t all small and cheap. I hate to see a listing and open it just to see that I have to pay the shipping. I don’t even like or fan them–I just move on! If people want to use PayPal that’s great, but I think if you are providing the item, you should provide the shipping! Aright, I’ll stop there. It just really bums me out that Listia has taken away a good thing with the coupons–especially with all the other things you can list–like condoms, recipes, DIY projects, etc. With all the disagreements, I hope Listia will reconsider the coupon listings!

  23. Sorry, but in my opinion it’s the people listing scam coupons that ruined it for everyone. It’s not Listia just making up a new rule, the rule came out of a need to stop the scammers and in order to do that they had to stop the listing. As far as the photos, I’m glad they are limiting that. I would really like to see limits on the DIY and recipe listings as well. I spend way too much time scrolling through looking at dozens of DIY listings and recipes listings that I can find for myself in a cookbook or online. I also dislike the people who post photos of their items that are not representative… people who post a photo of 5 skeins of yarn only to find out by reading the fine print that in fact you are only bidding on one skein. Photos should have to represent the exact thing you are bidding on…

  24. Big Daddy Mack says:

    No selfies, or risque auctions? Finally. I been here a month and tired of seeing questionably young ladies being auctioned.

    Coupons? I get the counterfeit angle, but it seems a lot of people rely on couponing here. Please reconsider Listia?

    Maybe focus on kids accounts?
    Then work on free stuff being duplicated massively like, diy, spells, and e-books?

    This is a great site, and I am happy to see the rules change for the better.

  25. monkiedoll says:

    I’m happy to see the no selfies rule. It seemed like a good portion of those were of girls under the age of 18.

    Coupons, I’m not so sure about. If there was a way to show the coupon wasn’t counterfeit or limit it to only certain kinds of coupons?

  26. This is on every coupon.
    Void if reproduced,altered, transferred,auctioned,exchanged,or sold. Aside from Counterfeit coupons , they just can’t be on the site anymore .

    • Very upset, I save tons of money on my family’s grocery bill weekly just by trading my items and points for coupons. Why is this happening? no concern for the thousands of people affected. Not cool

      • There’s a new push by consumer product manufacturers to shut down coupon sales online . It violates the terms and conditions that are on every coupon.Manufacturers are filing suit against online sites for allowing the sale of coupons.According to them it`s all considered coupon fraud and threatening to shut down sites that continue to allow the sale of coupons. The manufacturers hold all of the cards, and they’re also free to change the game at any time if they don’t feel people are playing by their rules.
        Manufacturers are hitting back hard. I guess you can really blame the Extreme Couponers – from what I read that is really what got the in an uproar. Tons of bogus coupons being used /stacking …manufacturers losing money. In the grand scheme of things , it makes sense that the manufacturers are cracking down. Talking coupons worldwide , not just Listia. My self I will happily take not having coupons on the site , over having no Listia at all.
        Not only they going after the sites , they are going after individual sellers and buyers. Sellers on Ebay have been contacted, told they will face charges if they continue . So if you are willing to take a criminal and/or civil charges brought against you for coupons, more power to you .

      • Melinda Solotko says:

        Talked to a lawyer friend and the only way listia could legally bring back coupons is if they no longer sold credits or did the reward credits for surveys and offers. Since Listia accepts money (even though we just trade) it is considered a for profit site and faces legal action if it continues to allow us to swap. Best advice make a face book page and trade them there. But do not take actual goods or money as that is selling but you can give them away or trade them for other coupons.

    • well the coupons that dont have a name on it, cannot be considered transferred or sold because how do you proove ownership? Walmart and Food lion still accept the ones with holograms…LIstia should reconsider….

  27. janet funartt says:

    Good job Listia… i agree with others great and thanks
    Now do away with DIY stuff….recipes are ok but put up a separate section.

  28. I totally agree with the selfies, But to do away with the coupons is heartbreaking many of us use them to feed our families when time are hard. I could understand doing away with the DIY that have been STOLEN from others and used to gain credits at another expense. I had a tutu boy holder I created and gave DIY instructions for and was told even with my pictures and finished products that I was listing that I couldn’t do that. Why is it then that you can steal recipes, make-up, hair, and nail DIY , etc.. and list them is that not fraud. If you can do coupons, then can LISTIA at least list get it now for gift cards for Amazon, Walmart etc. where people can redeem them for a FAIR amount to feed their families. I have several friends who depend on these coupons as a way to be able to sustain a half way normal meal for their families. They work hard and budget but couponing allows them extra money to be put towards bills instead of food. Please reconsider and if a person is caught with fake coupons just boot them. Have a blessed and wonderful day.

  29. all those jail breaking items and game cheats need to be removed and not allowed either as it is considered hacking which is against the law, just my thoughts on it

  30. To those complaining about box tops “coupons” those are NOT coupons. Box tops is a rewards program just like coke rewards and pampers rewards. That one code or box top is not going to get you a free item. You have to build up points or in the instance of box tops “collect” them and then after you have so many your school can turn them in for rewards. You, yourself and personally can not turn in box tops and get anything for free.

  31. Marlene Harkcom says:

    Why in the world are coupons not allowed??????????? Some of us make the majority of our credits with those! I totally do not understand this!

    • Marlene Harkcom says:

      Okay knee jerk reaction there, however I stand by the comment- I have berm on here over a year. I’ve sold over 50 coupons. Not one problem. My coupons do not say anything about not auctioning them. If people offer fake coupons it’s up to listia to police that, not forbid it altogether! Ban the ‘picture I drew’, recipe they copied from the internet, porn picture where they’ve covered the breasts, DIY that you can find yourself, auctions that show 50 items in the picture but are only for one, single piece of toilet paper to transfer credit auctions. For crying out loud… One person had recipe auctions that still had the watermark from the site they copied it from! You punish legitimate sellers yet let all of that crap stay on?

  32. Robert Bitto says:

    “No: Selfies, ordinary photographs of other people or everyday items”
    No photographs of everyday items? What does that even mean?

    • rose Wulf says:

      I have a question about that too. Sometimes I list every day items for auction. I’m confused… May be there’s an explanation somewhere.

  33. Aura Petrusel says:

    Apprarently the manufactures do not want Listia to sell coupons. I don’t see the big deal. if I get a coupon and don’t use it why can’t I give it to someone that can? so stupid. They removed my auction today for listing a free L’oreal hair dye box. If the coupon is real, why not let it be? Listia is becoming eBay and that’s why I don’t deal with eBay too much anymore. I guess there is going to be another site next that will allow these things so we can move on.

    • Manufacturers are filing suit against online sites for allowing the sale of coupons.According to them it`s all considered coupon fraud and threatening to shut down sites that continue to allow the sale of coupons.
      So you would rather contribute to the site being shut down rather than to just not list the items that are not allowed?

  34. Listia is now on the list from the CIC. Its very plain and simple. Nevermind the fact that we all violate the coupon redemption policy buying or selling coupons. It opens Listia and ourselves up to civil suits. Find another way to make your ends meet. Coupons are not meant for that.


  35. NO COUPONS??? I hate it!! BUT…………….. whadayagonnado??? Leave it to counterfeiting, unethical, dishonest people…. who care more about the almighty dollar, to ruin a good thing for people who REALLY NEED coupons to help our families meet our BASIC needs! Thanks SO much for that!!!

  36. I think no coupons are great. I wish you would also include no discount codes too. I’m in a dispute now with a lady a bought a movie discount code from that was suppose to be valid til Jan 2015. Well it didn’t work. I googled the code with is from Nestles and Nestles stopped them because people were obtaining them fraudulently. So I filed a dispute. The seller is accusing me of using it and now wanting my credits back. Really? I have excellent feedback and wouldn’t of even thought of doing that. Plus I have over 100,000 credits now so……then she says it’s been over 14 days but if she sells something and guarantees it’s good for til Jan 2015 then she should stand behind it. I just want my credits refunded. If she were honest, she would say sorry and refund them. Now I am questioning how she obtained them.

  37. Devona Fryer says:

    Not cool about removing free coupon items Listia! They aren’t being auctioned off for real money, so that whole thing about not being able to auction off or sell the coupons doesn’t apply! Please RECONSIDER!!!

  38. There’s a new push by consumer product Manufacturers to shut down coupon sales online . It violates their terms and conditions .Manufacturers are filing suit against online sites for allowing the sale of coupons.According to them it`s all considered coupon fraud and threatening to shut down sites that continue to allow the sale of coupons.
    ***Coupon usage is a privilege, not a right.
    The Manufacturers hold all of the cards, and they’re also free to change the game at any time if they don’t feel people are playing by their rules.

    • If it is the manufacturers who say Listia can’t allow coupons, then Listia can only abide by the rules/laws.
      I just wish that Listia would look over some of the other items that people put on the sight and not allow those items. Recipes, DIY, using pictures to make it look like people are getting more than what the description says, people advertising to send pictures of themselves to people, items that you know are fake that are advertised by mostly newbies just to get the extra credits for putting up an auction (a piece of paper, a toothpick, paperclip, a picture of themselves, the list goes on and on).

  39. Hello Listia,

    Are you reading? Did you see how many said they would like to do away with DIY auctions? I know I have some proof of some of the ridiculousness you can run across when browsing the website. Lets start with a browse of the All Categories > Health & Beauty > Makeup > Nails At one point if you list that section by most recent you WILL run into this: http://i.imagefra.me/152jtb9g This person has 33 of these auctions up and all end within minutes of each others! Split between only a couple of sections. Nevermind they have done no work at all in creating this DIY. It came directly from this website… picture and ALL! http://crazynaildesigns.com/5378-the-best-step-to-make-glow-in-the-dark-nail-polish-design/the-best-step-to-make-glow-in-the-dark-nail-polish-design… there is more! Part two is be continued in the next post.

    • Now lets go to All Categories > Baby > Diapers and again by most recent you get this: http://i.imagefra.me/18bjtb9i Which shows out of 24 listings you have 20 DIY auctions in a section for diapers. Come one now and how many are repeats so close to each other? Is there really a need for someone to post the same exact auction over and over and over and OVER again?

    • Thanks for the feedback, we do read all my comments and we are taking a look at all auction types, especially digital. Stay tuned for more updates 🙂

  40. What I don’t understand is if Listia advertises that we’re giving things away for free (which seems to be their primary marketing ploy), how can that violate the exchange of coupons? We aren’t selling them, and couldn’t you get around any rules about auctioning by saying that the credits are to pay for the person’s time and postage? I didn’t buy or sell a lot of coupons, but I always thought it was a great way for new Listians to get their feet wet and build up some credits without having to spend a fortune on shipping some heavy items.

    • Maryann Cote says:

      I totally agree with Coreen, This is a barter site, give away your stuff for free, get something else for free. I think you should reconsider coupons. I know that there is some fraud out there, but I people have been sharing coupons, both free and cents off one way or another for a long time. I buy a Sunday paper, I should be able to do with it what I want. I paid for it. Or is the newspaper also selling coupons?

      • There’s a new push by consumer product manufacturers to shut down coupon sales online . It violates the terms and conditions that are on every coupon.Manufacturers are filing suit against online sites for allowing the sale of coupons.According to them it`s all considered coupon fraud and threatening to shut down sites that continue to allow the sale of coupons. The manufacturers hold all of the cards, and they’re also free to change the game at any time if they don’t feel people are playing by their rules.My self I will happily take not having coupons on the site , over having no Listia at all.

  41. awesome go listia bout time something changed

  42. Debbie Seamandel says:

    I am so happy about the picture rule. There are some very young people putting pictures of themselves on here and inviting all kinds of trouble. Thank you Listia for making this a better place to be. I love the Listia site.

  43. Elliott Nunez says:

    What about giving coupons as a Free Gift if you are auctioning off another item? Say I am auctioning a candle for example and in the ad I say The winner of this candle auction will also get a coupon for Blah blah blah as an extra free gift and to say thank you for bidding and winning the candle??? Is that against the rules?Cause youre not auctioning the coupon..Its an added incentive ????

    • Would you add something else not allowed on the site as an incentive? That way people can just list any item and say and +bonus I will send you a beer, pack of cigarettes , nude photos, a counterfeit Coach purse, ect. Because technically you aren’t auctioning the item that is against the rules ? That door can not be opened.

    • Good question… It’s always fine to throw in freebies into an auction, but they cannot be expected by the winner of the auction. For example, if you say I’ll throw in coupons if the auction goes over 10,000 credits, that would not be allowed because the seller would be expecting them and if you did not deliver, they could file a dispute against failed delivery. BUT, if you phrase the auction as, “I might throw in some freebies to winner of my candle auction,” and you add some coupons in there, that would be alright. Hope that helps.

  44. A letter or announcement or an email with the changes would of have been nice, I just listed a Free Item Coupon and got a letter and the auction removed.
    Thanks for allowing me to go through the whole process of listing my auction on Listia without prior notice.
    Starting to be more like Ebay, wasn’t this site suppose to be all about “free stuff”

    • kdluvs2quilt says:

      I agree, I posted two auctions thinking they were fine, because I’d listed several previously. An announcement would have been much more professional. And what about all the current coupon auctions, why aren’t they being cancelled and credits returned?? Completely unfair policy!

  45. I dislike this new coupon policy…

  46. Stephanie khalifa says:

    I agree with what everyone is saying.
    I listed picture auctions, but I understand why they are banned. 99.9% of them are inappropriate pictures being sold, no doubt about that. And there were many underage girls selling “selfies”, and men selling girl pictures, but COUPONS?! Really?
    I love buying coupons 😦

    How about getting rid of all the “digital delivery” diy directions and recipes (and jailbreaks) like everyone else is suggesting? Get rid of these newbies listing their iPhone 6 auctions months before the iPhone 6 was even released! These kids shouldn’t even be allowed on the site, they aren’t allowed on the site. You can tell when someone is underage or scamming and yet their auctions don’t get removed??

    Bring back coupon auctions or I promise you will lose members left and right…

    • There’s a new push by consumer product manufacturers to shut down coupon sales online . It violates the terms and conditions that are on every coupon.Manufacturers are filing suit against online sites for allowing the sale of coupons.According to them it`s all considered coupon fraud and threatening to shut down sites that continue to allow the sale of coupons. The manufacturers hold all of the cards, and they’re also free to change the game at any time if they don’t feel people are playing by their rules.
      Manufacturers are hitting back hard. I guess you can really blame the Extreme Couponers – from what I read that is really what got the in an uproar. Tons of bogus coupons being used /stacking …manufacturers losing money. In the grand scheme of things , it makes sense that the manufacturers are cracking down. Talking coupons worldwide , not just Listia. My self I will happily take not having coupons on the site , over having no Listia at all.
      Not only they going after the sites , they are going after individual sellers and buyers. Sellers on Ebay have been contacted, told they will face charges if they continue . So if you are willing to take a criminal and/or civil charges brought against you for coupons, more power to you .

  47. “No more coupons” is ridiculous, so long listia.

  48. I Love Listia, but whats sad about it is, all the Jailbreaks, Game cheats, DIY auctions and Pictures hogging up the browser section. they need to be removed and not allowed on listia. i can say this much, the cheat code ones you have to join a site and dont always get codes, the Jailbreaks dont always work and can do harm to your item if you do not do it right, also it is considered hacking which hacking is against the law. and its the same person posting it 20+ times where they end within 10 seconds from each other. People browse to find things they want to bid on, not browse to see that crap all over the place. I think you need more mods on the group who are on it most of the time to remove these posts, but thats just me. i run resale groups on facebook and trust me, my groups have been add free and stupid crap free as well 🙂

  49. What about taking off recipes & DIY? You can google search them for free.

  50. need help on subm
    itted request on auction noones replyed in 11 days?

  51. I was told that my coupons would stay on here, then they took them off. That make me mad. 😦

  52. I think they need to remove the following: Morning Glory Seeds (This is a DRUG and is illegal in some states). Recipe that are not part of a book (anyone can print and mail). Diet plans, 99% of them do not work and you can find ever one of them for free online. Any DIY where they send you something they print from the internet. Anything that produces a flame (Candles do not). Used hat (You do not know if they had a head problem like lice). Used pacifiers. And everything listed must state Smoker or Non-Smoke. 🙂

    • Also what about things coming from china purchased on Ebay? Example: I can go on Ebay and buy a Black Paracord bracelets on the GIN for $0.99 free shipping. Post to listia, then whom ever wins, they get it from china 30 days or more later. That has happen to me. Still waiting on a toy for my kids.

      • Now let us talk about money and point. Here is a break down on what you are selling or buying: any item that is
        1 – 3000 X item by $0.00166666666666667 (Exp: item is 2563 points = $4.27)
        3001 – 6600 X $0.00151515151515152 (5637 = $8.45)
        6601 – 14400 X $0.00138888888888889 (11250 = $15.63)
        14400 – Max $0.00125000000000000 (125550 = $156.94)

  53. littlebit says:

    i understand the coupons but i thought restaurant.com were gift cards but i had one deleted. im confused ??

  54. mud_shovel says:

    Gotta add my 2 cents since I’ve been “trading” coupons on here for “credits” a good long time…FYI, coupons are sold on eBay for real $ so this change doesn’t make good sense at all. On here there wasn’t even any selling going on, just a swap. Selling means you make real money. There is no “cha-ching” on Listia. Some families will have a tougher time now who were using coupons to supplement their income and get things they need. I personally don’t use many coupons, I give them to my fellow Listians. What am I suppose to do with them now, throw them in the trash?

    • I hear you! I was just saying the same thing in a posting I just placed. Coupons are NOT SOLD on Listia because Listia even says their credits have NO CASH VALUE. So I do not see where the issue lays.

  55. Melinda Solotko says:

    Let me get this straight no coupons gut gift certificates are still ok right? I got an email today saying coupons are not ok anymore but I haven’t listed any coupons. I listed Krispy Kreme gift certificates for one dozen free at any Krispy Kreme outlet. These were purchased for a school fundraiser and no where say they can’t be sold or auctioned just can’t use at retail stores. Are these still allowed?

  56. joann tompkins winborn says:

    Please get rid of DIY ads.
    I understand the coupons as non transferable is on just about every manufacturer’s coupon, but I like many others will miss the ability to list and bid for them.
    I do appreciate the email you sent informing me that my recent listings no longer qualify and issuing a warning instead of simply penalizing my account for something I did not know was now against the rules.
    And as I understand the other new rule, photos of everyday objects only applies to photos that are being listed for auction – not to our posting photos of everyday items we are listing.
    Please confirm that I am understanding this correctly thanks.
    Have a blessed day.

    • You are correct the photos of your items are not what the rule is about. The rule is for those that post a pic of an Xbox ( the pic of the Xbox is for auction not an actual Xbox) or pics of me , pics of my wall, pics of my foot – for auction. If you have for example again an actual Xbox up for auction then pictures of the item you have for auction would be fine . This rule does not apply to photos in listings for items . Just pictures that are for sale themselves.

    • weirdstuffantiques says:

      Please get rid of DIY’s.

  57. COUPONS ARE NOT A CHOICE FOR ONLINE RETAILERS – this is going to happen to all sites , not just Listia.
    There’s a new push by consumer product manufacturers to shut down coupon sales online . It violates the terms and conditions that are on every coupon.
    Manufacturers are filing suit against online sites for allowing the sale of coupons.According to them it`s all considered coupon fraud and threatening to shut down sites that continue to allow the sale of coupons. The manufacturers hold all of the cards, and they’re also free to change the game at any time if they don’t feel people are playing by their rules.
    Manufacturers are hitting back hard. I guess you can really blame the Extreme Couponers – from what I read that is really what got the in an uproar. Tons of bogus coupons being used /stacking …manufacturers losing money. In the grand scheme of things , it makes sense that the manufacturers are cracking down. Talking coupons worldwide , not just Listia.
    Not only they going after the sites , they are going after individual sellers and buyers. Sellers on Ebay have been contacted, told they will face charges if they continue .
    So if YOU are willing to take a criminal and/or civil charges brought against you for coupons, more power to you .Just do not expect Listia or any other site to do so.
    Myself I will happily take not having coupons on the site , over having no Listia at all.

    • But that is just it.. coupons are not being SOLD on Listia. Listia states themselves that Listia credits have NO CASH VALUE. Thus the coupon is only being TRADED… not SOLD.

  58. can you all do something about the Jailbreaking and game cheat auctions, they are hogging up the site. ive gone thru 3 pages of browsing and seen about 40 to 50 auctions for this crap. all by the same people posting it 20 to 30 times within mins. its stupid

  59. The TERMS of a COUPON is it CAN NOT BE RE SOLD… Listia credit… and LISTIA EVEN U SAID IT YOURSELF .. has NO CASH VALUE… hense the COUPON is NOT BEING SOLD… it is being traded which is DIFFERENT then being SOLD. Thus you can not state the because of Manufacture coupon rules cause it states is that a COUPON can not be SOLD.

    • I am looking at a coupon now – Not to be reproduced,altered,TRANSFERRED,AUCTIONED,EXCHANGED or sold.
      So AGAIN -if YOU are willing to take a criminal and/or civil charges brought against you for coupons, more power to you .Just do not expect Listia or any other site to do so.
      Myself I will happily take not having coupons on the site , over having no Listia at all.

  60. I have been trying to find an IPod touch for months now and if you type that in it will come up and say there are like 800-900 listed but in actuality there may be only 5 and the rest are for jailbreaking which I would think the would against the rules. They also try and fool someone by saying New Working IPod Touch and then in small letters it will say jailbreaking how is that legal? So frustrating and same goes for trying to find a cookbook, it will say there are 2-300 listed and all you see are recipes that anyone can find on the internet (same with DIY stuff). When I first signed up for this site there was a rule that said one person could not list more than 2 of the same item at the same time and for some reason that rule was removed and it was so much more enjoyable to be able to go to a category and actually see lots of different listing for the item you were searching for. This site is starting to look more and more like that “other” auction site where there is page after page of the same identical thing from the same seller. It is like looking for a needle in a haystack to find what you are looking for.

    • i agree i go to a category and am looking for a certain thing and get a bunch of other crap not even what i typed in and i also agree with the same things in the categorys like say beavis and butthead find some and the same person has like the same thing 3 times with different bids not cool

  61. you know, you guys are a joke, your rules state 1 account per person 4 accounts per house hold, then it states, 1 account per computer. you do realize that some house holds only have1 computer that everyone in their house share? then you ban their accounts because they use the same computer…wtf? then when you try to explain why, you dont reply back and i have to make another ticket just to get the same reply everytime, i broke one of many rules which is bullshit int he first place…. Yet you allow people to post hacks which is against the law in the first place on your site and nothing gets done about it, ive been a member for 3 years and i get kicked and banned because i use 1 computer and family members use it as well… why? cause i had the most credits then the rest of the family members? i run 24 groups on facebook in resales and i atleast warn my members to help them get what they wanna give away or sell on my groups, i dont just ban them without letting them know first what they are doing wrong so they can fix the issue….yall need to get your act together before there will be lawsuits filed!

  62. Amen on that. Completely agree.

  63. Chavonne H says:

    Not every coupons says no auctioning, in fact only a few say that. Like the Cedar’s coupons I had said nothing about auctioning or selling and neither did the wholly guacamole coupons. Anything could turn out to be fake. You could get a gift card from this site and there be 0 on it but how do you prove who’s telling the truth. You could win an auction for jewelry that turns out to be fake. Get toys or clothes that are damaged. It’s not just coupons. We are trading points for coupons not actual cash so it’s too bad some manufacturer’s look down on that.

  64. Chavonne H says:

    This isn’t towards Listia but to the companies, what’s wrong with people trying to earn a few extra gift cards or items for themselves or family? Times are hard and if you win some free coupons and wanna sell or trade them you should be able to it’s not like you are making thousands, probably 10 to 20 bucks but sometimes that’s all you needed.

  65. aresunrise says:

    I’m a mother of two young kids. I always give my Victoria’s Secret coupons away on Listia, because I don’t care about getting free perfume or lace underwear anymore, I care about getting stuff for my kids now. While I don’t care about those free items from Victoria’s Secret, a LOT of people would watch and bid. They LOVE getting the coupon that I don’t want, and I love not to waste $10-$14 worth of a card –plus $10 off of a purchase that I always include for the winner. That is $24 right there, if they do use the $10 off card (that was not even auctioned and didn’t get any credits for). So everybody gets what they need. Nothing is wasted. Nothing is violated as the VS coupon never state anything about transferring it to other people by giving it or auctioning it being illegal. Then tons of credits from a lot of VS coupon auctions was circulating on Listia, were used to buy more things on Listia. I don’t understand why Listia has to give same treatment to different situation. Very disappointing. Please review this rule, Listia.

  66. I think the new rules are great.I hope Listia continues to refine the site.But will they be able to enforce the new rules.The new rules about selfies & pics of ordinary things started on Oct 1 2014.But I have seen plenty of them still put up.I just left 11 pages where there were such photos.The new rules also include “no coupons”,yet I still see them.They get away with it using short auctions,so by the time it gets reported & a moderator gets to it,the auction is over.I also strongly believe that all scam artists and the people who open fake accounts to bid on their own auctions should be banned from Listia.JessicaJude information is correct.I find it amusing if not somewhat lame that people keep asking the same things about the removal of coupons when it has been stated not only by Listia,but JessicaJude repeatedly.Furthermore I hope that Listia will continue with an active blog so listians can express their veiws,good and bad.and ask questions that the more experienced listians could help out with.Many Listians have a wealth of information and wisdom and there should be an open forum for everyone to share.I myself am somewhat new to Listia,although I do not like many things that go on,I still love Listia.If Listia continues with improvements to their site I believe it will progress to a legitimate site.At the moment it doesn’t get very good reviews.For the people who say it is becoming like ebay,don’t you mean that you still want to get away with illegal activity,misuse of the site and scam the innocent? I have met some wonderful people on Listia and just as many, if not more,horrid people.Change is good!

    • Thank you ! Also when you see auctions that are against the rules (pics of me , coupons- ) flag them . That way a Mod can get to them and remove them. If you suspect some one is bidding on their own auctions open a support ticket -so Listia can investigate. The ones who insist on breaking the rules repeatedly will soon be the ones who will be crying on Listia’s FB page about how they were wrongfully banned( even though they continue to post pics of me , coupons ect. ). Listia is doing their best to clean up the site and make it better . I agree Change is good !!

  67. Karen Singrey says:

    The selfies always bothered me. I’d flag the when I saw them!

  68. OK, so a little less then a week ago I had an auction shut down. It was a Monopoly McDonalds free food game piece. It has around 12 hrs to go and shut down. Listia tells me it is considered a COUPON and as of 10/1/14 these auctions can no loner be placed. Well, since then I have seen over 30 some auction with McDonalds Free food ganme piece auctions that even tho were flagged by members besides me and even as much as 3 to 5 days before auctions end… COMPLETED!!! Listia did NOTHING to those auctions and in fact there are still a bunch active and ready to end in the next 24 hrs. I GOT A FEELING they are singling out ONLY CERTAIN USERS. So far from what I am seeing… it is more of a Listia harassing certain users who question some of their rules more so then it is a RULE FOR ALL! I did re-message the MOD who closed my auction with links of ones that completed along with proof of all the flagging I and others have done to auctions that were given a BLINDS EYE. ANYONE else as MAD as HELL about this?

    • i agree with u i just wish they would stop that stuff (coupons)all together i have seen so many coupons but i dont flag them cuz im afraid of what they will do to me

      • No one knows you flagged but you and Listia, so not sure why ur afraid. The ONLY reason I knew about eh flagging is because the user stated so in a common on the auction page.

      • Sharon Eft says:

        Kimberly said no one no’s you flagged someone except for listia and the one who flagged the person: Well guess what I just received a first level flagged Badge, so if people are looking at my badges or anyone else’s then they will see that your a person who flags auctions, right there for everyone to see, Geat job Listia, I could have been just fine without that badge. so Angeleyes2012 yes people can see your a flagger. I thought that it was a confidential thing as they don’t ask your name or any other identification!! My Bad

      • People actually know you flagged them. In the email subject, you can see the name of the user who reported you to Listia.

    • I’m upset about it as well Kimberly. I didn’t realize they weren’t allowed and my first batch of 3 food items winning game pieces sold and closed without issue. I listed more and all 3 of those were removed and I was given the below message stating why. My first thought was okay, I messed up because I didn’t know about the new rule that took effect Oct. 1st. So like you I went and looked to see how many other like auctions were out there and there are quite a few. I even found one where a different mod that shut mine down commented on the auction recommending they add a picture to their auction. So, in this case a different mod realized what the auction was for but didn’t shut it down like they did mine. If they are going to remove based on the new rules they need to be consistent and remove all. Not pick and choose. I replied to the mod that shut mine down and sent me a message as to why. No reply as of yet. Frustrating to say the least. Here’s the message I received from Mod FireCat.
      Hello akspades,

      We apologize for the inconvenience, but we would like to notify you of some recent changes to Listia policies. Coupons are no longer allowed to be auctioned due to manufacturer’s terms of use. Please visit our blog and the updated Prohibited Items section of our Rules page for more information: https://blog.listia.com/2014/10/01/new-rules-photography/ and http://www.listia.com/rules#prohibited.

      (REASON: McDonald’s winning game pieces are considered coupons for free food, and are no longer allowed.)

      Please don’t list any coupons again after this message or your account may be negatively affected.

      I hope this information was helpful and thank you for your cooperation.

      – The Listia Moderation Team

    • Sharon Eft says:

      I agree, and it is not just coupons, Listia does retaliate when you question there rules either by shutting down auction or with holder credits in a pending state when with a perfect 100% feedback, and then tell you they were never pended in the first place, because there new credit spreed sheet does not show that credits were pended after they were finally released. So those who have not had auction deleted maybe they need to find another comment to post to. Yes I am, MAD as HELL with Listia, They also add in new rules but don’t tell you about them, If you know of me you know what I talking about. All Listia is is a racket only here now to make money off of unverified new people who are not here to be a productive member there just here to buy credits that the rest of us EARN then buying up items that many of us may have bid on, but loose the auction because the new person just keeps buying up more and more credits. Listia should make it mandatory that before you can start bidding on auction they themselves need to complete there verification and complete at least 1 auction of something other than pics of me, that is tangible~!

  69. Lindell Dean Strout says:

    trying to discover why I cannot login to my account

  70. so a website that has a rep for subjectively banning people at random with few explanations is now going to decide when a photo is or isn’t art and add marks/bans against accounts for that interpretive policy? no idea how that could possibly go wrong.

  71. As far as coupons go. I use coupons too, the way I feel is if it is against the manufacturers terms of use, then why do other sites like eBay and Craigslist allow their usees to sell coupons. I have sold coupons on this site the people are paying for me to cut, sort and send them my coupons.

    Has anyone considered starting a petition to listia to overturn the coupon rule

  72. I am still seeing coupons for Auction and I just got flagged for putting mine up when they were manufacturer. I have Hologram coupons. That would be hard to print since I have no idea to do that. I don’t have a lot of money for shipping and I would rather do paper items. Listia you have to reconsider and let those using Hologram coupons do these auctions or all take my coupons, time and Help to others elsewhere. I thought Listia and I where friends but seems like Listia is Big brother Don’t feed the hungry they might get full. That is why good samaritans get arrested because Big brother doesn’t want others to help each other out.

    • I GREE WITH YOU THAT THERE SHOULDN;T BE ANYTHING STOPPING THE TRADE OF COUPONS, BUT ITS NOT JUST FEAR OF FAKE ONES THEY STATE THAT ON Those coupons… that there is NO SELLING of them or auctioning them off. Listia states that Auctioning them off on this site is against the coupon rules per manufacture and that they can be sued for it as well as the person auctioning/selling them off. Now I stand here and say that Listia is NOT really auctioning or selling coupons because the credits have no CASH VALUE and even listia has said that. I too have had many auctions shut down because the item was considered a coupon such as MCdonalds FREE FOOD game pieces. Sadly, I have seen 60 or 70 of those game piece auctions complete even after being reported. I even re-worded an auction to match what these others had done but I still got shut down. I think anyone who gets their auction shut down is just being singled out.. because not everyone’s has been shut down. A lot they let complete even when they were notified by a few members that the auction was against the terms and Listia had 3 to 5 days to act on it but never did.

  73. Stephanie Summarell says:

    I happen to love the rule chance,however I do see a lot of people on here within the last couple of months putting items on listia with free shipping and show receipts of how much they paid for that item and try to get eather the same amount of credits that it would cost for that item and say if they pay so many credits for that item then it would be free shipping.I personally think that should not be allowed on our site because these are items we ate giving away and its suppose to be fun.This site is not a retail store and that is what some are trying to turn it into.These individuals should be banned from our site because when regulars look at that,I have read the comments: do not put free shipping if the item is not going to be shipped free if ypu do not get the credits you are asking for.We are going to loose people who have been here for uears by others doing that sort of business on our site.

    • Stephanie Summarell, I do see where you are coming from but I disagree with you. If you have say a DVD movie you are posting on Listia and the movie has a winner, but its only for say 50 credits… that 50 credits just cost you $3! How, well think about it… your already giving up a DVD movie that would probably sell for around $3 on ebay or a yard sale or more… and your also offering free shipping in hopes that people will bid enough credits to make the listing worth it. Not to mention some sellers pay up to 3,000 credit to list and item… they want to make sure as many people see it as possible. Also, Listia SELLS credits… if Listia didn’t SELL credits then people wouldn’t put such as much value into them as they do. Point is… the ONLY people who are bothered by the FREE SHIPPING IF IT HITS so many credits or above are the ones who refuse to read a listing completely before bidding. In mine (only a few have I done this) I state up front Shipping Cost of… but in heading and in body of auction I state that if someone uses GIN, then shipping fee is cut… the item will ship free of charge. I see no real issue with that UNLESS they are out right stating it is FREE SHIPPING but when u get into the posting of it… it states UNLESS I GET 10000 points or more for this item there is a shipping fee of… then YES that would be a bit wrong.

  74. What do you mean by every day items?

  75. First of all, I wish to go on record as saying, I have over all, enjoyed my time on Listia. When the rule came down that digital deliveries were no longer allowed, I didn’t like it, but understood the reasoning … sort of. I complied, and started delivering my e-books the only other way that was left to me, mailing out coupon codes for a free download of the customer’s choice. A different code was assigned to each book and so far, it has been working just fine. This is the main reason I have stayed a Listian this long. You were the one site I was able to promote my books without a lot of cost. You have now banned all coupons and certificates. That effectively ruins it for me. Now, I realize you can’t make an exception only here or there, but banning all coupons and certificates is not a good answer to your problem. My certificates are issued by me, for my books only. I wrote them, published them and have all rights to sell or distribute them in any way or form I choose. In effect, I AM the manufacturer. How can banning my certificates solve your problem with fakes and infringement? It can’t. You have penalized me (and I’m sure many others,) for someone else’s misdoings. I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but as soon as I finish giving away my stash of seeds and paintings, I will then spend all of my credits and close my account. I have been a consciencious member of this site and will certainly miss the friends I have made among other members, but this ruling leaves me no other choice. I will have to find another site or possibly go back to ebay, but I am through being lumped in with the ones who cause these problems and being punished right along with them. I’m sorry, but I feel that y’all have not done right by me and others like me.

  76. Ok I understand coupons for stores not being accepted on here but if your moderated Denise had bothered to read the post he would have see that my auction is hand made personalize coupons for the fun use in families to get your children/grandkids to help out and do nice things!

  77. Dawn Terwey says:

    Listia has violated laws, and I will be taking them down. Nationally. They have left inflammatory feedback on my site but removes mine against others big discrimination. Large lawsuit coming up against them and Michelle and Richard.

  78. Chester Foley says:

    Listia has violated laws, and I will be taking them down. Nationally. They have left inflammatory feedback on my site but removes mine against others big discrimination. Large lawsuit coming up against them and Michelle and Richard.


  1. […] holiday season with continued efforts to keep the Listia community safe and happy. Last month, we revised our rules surrounding photography and coupons. Today, we’re introducing additional measures to build an […]

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