Listia Stories: My Life Has Changed

Listia Stories features you, and all of the Listia community members. Tell us about the friendships you’ve made, or why you love Listia. Members whose stories are published here on the blog receive a unique Listia All-Star Badge, 5 Listia stickers which will arrive in the mail & 100 bonus credits deposited into your Listia account. Email your entries to

My Life Has Changed Dramatically by kaylaRrogers


I have been a member since August of this year and from the time I started, my days have been full of Listia!  I check on friends I have made, items needed that all other Listians so graciously post, and I try to return the favors myself.  I am disabled due to a very traumatic and unforeseen event.  This caused me to be a little bit of a shut-in and my motivation went down.  Once I found and got into Listia, my life has changed so dramatically!!  I have ambition now, love talking to the people I meet on Listia, and most of all, Listia gives me something important to do.  I take it seriously, as I would a job, and being a part of Listia has made all the difference in my life.  I am definitely addicted to Listia!! And loving every day of it!!!  Thank you so much to Listia and all my Listian friends who have helped me and been so kind just to brighten my days.

When I’m on Listia. . . by kristykayadkins

I joined Listia in August of this year. I have had a lot of health problems for over 20 years and 4 surgeries. My last surgery was a few months ago. I found Listia and it has helped me get through this hard time when I can’t do much. I can’t take care of my house and animals by myself right now. I am supposed to have another surgery soon and I know that Listia will help me through that, too. I have met some truly nice, caring people. When I’m on Listia, I don’t think about my health problems or my pain. I just have fun and enjoy the fact that people like the stuff I list and make. I am so thankful for Listia and the kind people that are a part of that community.  I will continue to be a member even when I am healthy and active.

Listia Changed The Way I Use The Internet 
by Androgynous14u

Androgynous14u on Listia

I joined Listia a few months ago. . .I have done over 25 auctions, have over 20 badges and made some honestly remarkable friendships with other Listia [members]. There is nothing that can usually stop me from hopping on here for hours out of my day, besides my health! Even then, I went to the Google Play store & it’s such a perfect application. Not too big or small & is right to the point. I’ve truly given up on eBay, and Craigslist is an afterthought. This right here is the way to go. The member Support Team is the friendliest and most helpful I have found anywhere!!! I plan to be on here as long as this site is available. If I could change one thing, it would be that I would have joined years ago! I’m up to 1873 experience points so I MUST be doing something right 😉  I just ask that this site stay up and NEVER EVER take it down. So many great, smart, helpful people on here who would literally give the shirt off their back for you. . .and they can actually do that here! It has changed the way look at & use the internet altogether.  I’m a Listia addict all the way.  Keep rocking. . .you’ve stolen my interest away from all other auction/bidding sites. I LOVE IT  “and  live it”  HERE!

Go Away, I’m Bidding 
by debrabenyshek

debrabenyshekI joined Listia March 29th 2014.  I do everything on my cell phone, [the] Listia website and app. I am so addicted to Listia that I am bidding while at family functions, at a restaurant, no matter what I’m doing or where I am. I have received so many beautiful things, functional things and have listed some things too. I’ve met wonderful people too.


  1. List is, oh listia.. I loved you. I got sick and than I lost alot and couldn’t fulfill orders or I wouldn’t be able to eat so it ended up costing me alot of money to send people stuff for points I still haven’t used on anything but refunding people just to get more bad feedback. I feel like this site has many disabled people like myself and it should really consider that because I became too ill to leave my house for months plus mental illness it was fun at the start I felt alive like I could help all these people until I realized it was too much for me and by than I’ve gotten negative feedback that was out of my control esp after I couldn’t access the website considering the app is very limited I just really think if I were to fully use this site again they need to put in place some sort of “I’m too sick to work for listia ATM” type of thing like eBay had “the seller is away” even something that simple would help for us poor people who are sick but who enjoy the website just end up getting screwed cause we arnt always available 247 we just get trampled on.. I did once my life changed from listia since listia started to change me I had to just say no to people and it was just sad I made friends and alot of nice people but it wasn’t worth all the stress of people harassing me like I should want to pay for their shipping but ya whatever I doubt this will even get posted..

    • Melinda, thanks for the idea. I think you have a good point and would be helpful for many people. I’ll bring it up to a few people and see what they think. Keep the good ideas coming.

      • what about refunding the people who BUY merchandise to list? how about refunding us when you refuse to un suspend our accounts after 1 year a. over 250000 credits?

    • listia do`s not look after seller, if a seller do`s not say tracking how can it be the seller fault … if a item dosent arrive and lose credits plus item in that case. if this is the case then set the rules all items must have tracking ..easy fix … very unhappy lost 21000 credits and 10 dollars in item cost , thank you listia

      • yep over 1 year and they stole over 250000 credits of mine. i bought merchandise to sell. new at that wholesale. 1 year and they still ignore me. contact the better business bura and file a complaint also let trashtia know i sent you

  2. I like listia, but major issues with not getting stuff from people. Lost $10 to the last person I won something from.

    Also got ripped off because I mailed something out that was exactly what was posted & showed the pictures of exactly what I was mailing and they still said I was trying to deceive my bidders. So lost the points and the shipping I paid…

    So in conclusion you really have to be careful not to get screwed over on this site

    • Sorry you had a bad experience. When this happens, please contact support and just let us know. We like to know about all our members so we can keep close eye on everyone. I hope you give Listia a second try and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

    • I won a semi-mystery auction and got completely screwed on it. I opened a case and it was no help. There wasn’t near as many items, most items were old and/or dirty, there was trash in the box, everything stunk really bad and some weren’t even the type of items she had said they would all be. I will never do mystery auctions again. I wasted a lot of my credits that I earned by using my money to send and my items to get. It really disappointed me. I thought I would be protected. I even sent pictures of all the items and box she mailed them in, and still was expected to mail back the box to her, on my dime. I just took the hit, what else could I do? It’s sad that there are people like that. I would never do that to anyone for anything. Otherwise, Listia has been a great experience for me. I do wish they would change a few things like how we view feedback (be able to see all negative, positive, etc. instead of having to go through them all to find them) For the person that said tracking protects you, it doesn’t always. I have heard many stories of people getting screwed over even with tracking. I am very picky who I trust to bid on their auctions. I am lucky so far that no one that has won my auctions have done me wrong. I am on SSI and can’t afford to lose my money, items and credits just because someone doesn’t even want to pay with their credits. I do think if they close your account for some reason, Listia should owe you something because it is like they are taking your money away from you. (For your items and mailing them and/or buying credits) I have spent a ton of money on shipping alone to get the credits I have now.

  3. hey Listia, since your rules say 4 accounts per house hold and 1 account per person, maybe you need to fix that rule, i have 1 account my wife has 1 account, yet you full suspended me because you say i had more then that. thats bull… now granted i may have more then 1 email address, it says nothing about email addresses, it says ACCOUNTS! i use my account email address when i do the surveys, when i dont get my credit i try it using another email but still on my account. if you cant do that then you should state it in the rules instead of just suspending/banning people.when a survey says new users then ok i understand that, but if it doesnt say new users then it shouldnt be a problem,… if that is the case, then remove my ban and let me back on the site and i’ll just use my account email. I got no warning about this or a message letting me know it was a problem. if i knew it was a problem i would have stopped. but was never told i couldnt use more then 1 email address in the surveys… seems tech support isnt wanting to answer me, im bringing it to you here. please help me get my account back active.. Ive been a member for a few years and never had a problem, 100% positive feed back and all

    • ted dont expect an answer from Adam. he is trained like the rest to ignore the mass of people like us. over 1 year and no real answers/. lo

      • yeah they then expect us to rate their response, its ok i have my lawyer involved now, if they do not activate my account back with what credits i have, i will have him setting everything up, this isnt my first rodeo with a site that banned me for no reason what so ever. and im sure its not gonna be the last, and they can try to change the rules, but i already have them printed out and screen saved with the date i signed up

      • keep me in formed as he can do a class action suit. I am not a lawyer but have been studying law for a number of years. no i am not affraind to pass out my e-mail

      • I plan on informing all of facebook members who are using listia, as well as myspace Gmail and yahoo and twitter as well, I had problems with AT&T in Baltimore MD back in the late 80s and early 90s, they had to leave that state because i put out one hell of a campain against them, Im disabled and have been most my life, so i have nothing but free time on my hands and the time to make a company fall to the ground, so im not worried about him or anyone pulling a class action suit on me, they wont win it

      • i also am disabled. i used disability money to ffund listia. i would buy cells and laptops and repair them as a supplemental income. 650.00 a month dont go far. then get 250000 credits wraped up is theft ps i am in pa

  4. also with all the complaints ive printed out from their blog, their site and other places, this is going to be so funny,

  5. Brendon Burriola says:

    I cant get back on the website at all…what is going on it keeps saying error with page like its not there anymore and I just started it and now nothing…any advise? plz message me on FB my name is Brendon Burriola. the one with the white hat. *plz only notify me on FB for I can not always check this or other sites.*

    • Brendon Burriola says:

      this is the error I get

      This error (HTTP 400 Bad Request) means that Internet Explorer was able to connect to the web server, but the webpage could not be found because of a problem with the address.

  6. never receive it ubs ,fake site looks to me here seller a crooke no send after get criets never got it don’t play games now remove your fake site

    • no listia is the vrook. the locked me out and stole over 250,000 credits that i bough and paid merchandise tolist. they stole my money ahd refuse to respond to me about it 1 year later

  7. jameseversva (110) 87% is a crooked seller sells no receive needs to get off site hes takes but you receive nothing he owes me a ubs 2gstick

  8. i feel for you but i got burned for 250,000 credits from merchandise I BOUGHT TO sell here. 1 year later they refuse to reply to any mailings. so… contact the BBB of California and report them as a scam.

  9. Daydreamcaster says:

    If people are so unhappy with Listia, why not just delete your account and don’t come back? SMH, don’t complain about it, DO something about it. Just leave…;)

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