Listia Stories: A Great Way to Shop for Holiday Gifts

Listia Stories features you, and all of the Listia community members. Tell us about the friendships you’ve made, or why you love Listia. Members whose stories are published here on the blog receive a unique Listia All-Star Badge, 5 Listia stickers which will arrive in the mail & 100 bonus credits deposited into your Listia account. Email your entries to

I’ve been a Listian since… by croakdesigns

allstar_110414 I have been a Listian since February of 2010!  It has been a great way to clear my drawers and shelves of unneeded knick knacks, jewelries, books, and all kinds of things, and it’s been a great way to “shop” for holiday gifts.  For the last few years, I’ve been able to do a good majority of my gift shopping via Listia.  I’ve been telling my friends about it, but so far they don’t seem to understand how amazing trading can be.  I got my daughter hooked though.  She currently has 30+ auctions running.  I think Listia is great as it is, but I think adding a “wish list” could make it even better. I would love to find a Trix Rabbit Pez dispenser to complete my cereal box Pez collection; I know it is out there somewhere 🙂


I joined on August 2013… by traceylynnmunkomba

0929142303I can not even begin to tell you how much Listia has changed my life. I joined on August 2013, and have been hooked ever since. On April 1st of this year (April Fools Day – and not a very funny one I might add), our house caught fire and we almost lost everything we owned. The outpour of love that I got from my Listia family was tear jerking. We now have a new home (and I even have my own “Listia office”) and my friends and family who were skeptical of Listia, are now believers! Thanks so much! (Here is a picture of my new Listia office).


  1. Cell Phone Are They New? Or Very Old To Bid On Please Help?

  2. Hello, I need help with situation. I sold a Android Nokia phone for 16,050. We exchanged email. After auction was over. I decide mail it on ieighteenth of November. But suddenly Love2Design Girl want it mail as that day. I say okay I mailed the item on fifteenth of November. Now she didnt want any more. Now that crazy she cost me for not mailing it fast enough. Bragging about the phone. Now she wont stop email my phone every hour on hour. The auction was over on fourteenth of November. It not fair. She will have phone and the credit. Stuff and shipping is not cheap including evelope, bubble wrap, gas and stamp. Can you help

  3. Wayne Hansen says:

    Since I have been a member on Listia I have made some pretty good contacts with other collectors and am making a bigger name for myself in the sales world. I am a collector and seller by trade making lasting relationships to ensure either a good price or security for others during a sale is what I like to pride myself on. Thanks to listia I am able to branch out and connect with others that I probably wouldn’t normally be able to. Now with cyber Monday coming up I really hope that I am able to win something to commemorate my time on listia.

  4. #Listia I just fell into this Amazing Site due to a Freak Accident that has left Me now “NOT” to be the Person I used to be. I went to the Post Office and the Banister that was made from a thin Aluminum had a Circle at the very to of the landing of the 12 or 13th step, when I held onto the Banister at the top of the Steps, the Banister leaned towards Me, I was scared to Death I was going to Fall backwards down the marble Steps, so with nothing in My Hands My instinct made Me Grab on to the Banister with My Left had as well, in doing so at that point the Force I had put on the Banister was to much for the Banister and it actually “Pulled away” from Me and Flung Me through a 15′ Plate Glass window. So Several Cuts, Stitches, Fractures Broken Ankle and a Severe Concussion has kept Me down to the point I barely can walk. so I took to the computer and “”I FOUND LISTIA””…. I love it, I’ve made so Many Friends on here, and being Native American, I can’t believe the Folks who want the Things I want to share. Awesome Site, Great Rules, No Nasty People, but Boy can We ever have FUN! Just to let You All know I’m “DONE” with My Christmas Shopping and I got it ALL from Listia, {oops} I Lied, I Need Wrapping Paper… Many Blessings to All of You Great Folks…..

  5. Hello everyone, why u buy or get lista things for Christmas gifts ? There have some new and not open yet.. Grab it and look it.. Come join us and won’t hurt you and why not try… Nothing cost u for member, let you know that I love it, since I joined lista for around two yrs. come join us 😊

  6. Hi, it s me aloha, I only love being spend with family for Christmas gift.. It really cherish moment memories together.. That s what my wish list…. That s what God does to us and also Jesus would does same this…

  7. If u want wish write or send me words, I will happy listen from you. Aloha tackett 10960 beach blvd lot 185 jacksonville , fl 32246 hugs everyone

  8. why do you let people who are clearly scammers able to leave feedback.they PUT things up for auction,TAKE your credits,NEVER send you ANYTHING,or sometimes dont even REPLY,you have to wait five days to get your credits BACK,then those people are able to leave ,NEGATIVE OR NEUTRAL FEEDBACK ON YOUR PAGE……WHY?????

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