Introducing Our Brand New Listia iPhone App!

At Listia, we’ve always strived to be the easiest and most rewarding way to turn your unwanted clutter into things you’ll love and actually use. From DVDs to clothing or toys, Listia makes it easy to unlock the value laying around your house whether you are on your computer or on your phone.

Today we’re excited to announce we’re making it even easier to declutter with our brand new Listia iPhone app. It’s the culmination of nearly a year of work and we couldn’t be more excited to show it to you. New features include:

  • Rebuilt from the ground up to be faster and easier to use!
  • Improved Messages! Messages appear as conversations now allowing you to talk to other members easier and more quickly
  • Notifications! Now you can see all your recent activity in one place.
  • Credit Activity! View all your credit activity in one single view
  • Saved Searches! We’ve now brought your saved searches to the app
  • Badges! We’ve improved your Badge view to be more descriptive and show your progression.
  • Gallery view! You can now view your search results in gallery or list view
  • Scheduler perk! When listing you can now use your scheduler perk when posting from the app

You can download the new Listia app for iPhone today to start decluttering and discovering!

listia_browselistia_auctionlistia_profilelistia_rewards_storePlease let us know what you think in the comments. Enjoy!


  1. if you have the old one on your phone does it have this upgrade or do you have to download it again, getting rid of the old one

  2. I love the old app somehow the new version is now on my phone so ive been using my ipad cuz im not diggin the new version. The old one is a lot easier to use for me. I know i dont have a choice but is there anyway to put the old version back onto my phone? Sorry guys, im sure everybody else will like it. The font is too small for me. And each auction seems cluttered now. Too much goin on, on each page

    • ericklistia says:

      Thanks for the feedback Allie! Can you play around with it for a couple of days and let us know if it doesn’t feel any easier to use? If not, send us feedback in the app via “Help” > iPhone Support in the sidepanel. We really want to make this app easy for you to use!

      • Allie Luckow says:

        I have been playing around with it for 3 or 4 days now & its making me frustrated. So ive mainly been using my ipad. Theres just way too much going on. I do however love the new feature that there are recommendations. Its very similar to ebay. I did test out all the features & the searches. Is there anyway to customize what the home page is showing you? I have been on listia for going on 4 years now & have grown with the company & all the great changes. I remember when i 1st got the app. You could basically bid on stuff & that was it. Then, you could get your messages then Gin’s and i was soo excited for each new addition & i rarely ever use the web site anymore. I have loved all the new iphone features until now. It is too much for me. There was nothing wrong with the app except i wish we could see peoples feedback. Im sure ill get usedto it but the app had come such a long way & now its a bit much. Listia is pretty much my sanity on a day to day basis lol but im not real happy about this change. It doesnt feel like Listia anymore. I guess it is what it is & im just 1 opinion out of the millions who are on here. I wish we had a choice tho, if we liked the new app then use it, if not, use the original.

  3. Shelli1017 says:

    Yay!! You guys finally updated the app!! I use the website and the app, but mainly the app for bidding and’s easier to snap a photo with my iPhone/iPod and list it quickly straight from the app. They were a few things I have been hoping you would add to the app, like being able to see sellers feedbacks and ended Auctions, and blocking comments. I’m excited to see if any of this is in the new update!! Yay!!
    Though, before I update, I need to ask a few things TO LISTIA and anyone who has updated already… how is the new update?? Does it work better, or is it confusing,cluttered or slower??

    Also TO LISTIA ——, i have a iPod touch 4. The ios does NOT update any father than ios 6.1.6 WILL THIS BE A PROBLEM WITH THE NEW LISTIA UPDATE????!! It’s very important to know before I update. About a month ago I updated a few other apps that I have, and three of them stopped working!! They were no longer compatible with the ios 6. And after contacting their support, i did have one app developer fix their ios 6 issue, but the other two apps I had to get rid of. Bc they only worked on ios 7. If I would have known that prior to using it, it would have never updated and the apps would have continued to work, lol. So please LISTIA tell me, is the new upgrade compatible with ios 6??? Once i update it, i can’t go back.
    And to any other app users, how do you like the new update?? Would love to know what everyone thinks before I update it.. if it’s not easy or too hard to use I’ll keep the version i have now
    Lol thanks!!!

  4. Shelli1017 says:

    Ok I just did some research after i was curious why the Listia app was not in my UPDATE section of the app store. I had to research it in iTunes, which was strange. But please read!
    The new app, is compatible with IOS 7!! Which means if you are using a iPod touch 4, the app will NO LONGER WORK if you update it!! IPod touch 4 only goes up to ios 6!!! I had this issue with different app and didn’t know until after i updated it, and it was no longer able to be crashed instantly every time. So I suggest if you are going to update or download the new listia app, check to make sure your ios is 7 or higher. To do so, go to your settings on your iPhone iPod iPad, and click GENERAL, then click SOFTWARE UPDATE. It will tell you what IOS you have!

    Super bummed!! Really was excited about the new listia app-!!!-, I sure hope listia support fixes this, so that we all can download and use the app, and not just people with New Apple devices. =(

  5. I have an android – my app has quit working completely. Even unistalled it and reinstalled it. All I get is a message that says “Unfortunately, Listia has stopped……” I want access from my phone. This is so aggravating. I use Listia daily!

  6. Listia Techs need to fully disclose information on their app in the blog and not let people just download it because it says new please support your product better thanks

  7. My listia app keeps crashing every time I click on it. It closes and says it has stopped. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it but it keeps doing it. How can that be fixed? I really hate going through my browser to go to listia. Tx

    • Hi, i heard the new annoying app only works with ios 7 & above. If you dont have a newer iphone your pretty much screwed. Personally, i think they shod have left well enough alone & just updated the old app. This new one is way too cluttered. Sorry, just went on a rant lol im not even using my app anymore im only using my ipad cuz it has the old app on it. Good luck

    • ericklistia says:

      Are you running on iOS or Android? Can you send us feedback at

    • Shelli1017 says:

      If your using this iPod 4 or iPhone 3, the new app won’t work. And once you updated to the new app there’s no way of going back…So essentially you will not be able to use the listia app anymore!!!
      This new update only supports ios 7 and up. The iPod 4 only has a ios of 6!
      Go to your phone settings, of iPod settings. Than click on, i think it’s, General, than software. It will tell you what your IOS is.
      If you using the iPod 4, like me—- DO NOT UPDATE LISTIA!!!!!!! The new app won’t work, and since there is No way of going back to the old app, you will no longer be able to use listias app any more!!!

      I found this out, by another app having the same problem. I Use a app called REMIND, it is a app that some school teachers and coaches use at my daughter’s school to send parents and students homework reminders or practice times, important information etc. Then one day i seen the remind APP had a new update, so I updated it. It did the same to me, as your saying your listia app is doing to you, it crashed instantly every time.So i messaged their support, and they told me that there New update did not support ios 6, therefore would not work on any device with a IOS 6 or before. – oh I was so mad!! I sure did my complaining with them.. Lol. Bc not only did i rely on that app to keep in touch with my daughter’s teachers and coaches, but over half the student body at our school did too…And not everyone can afford to buy a brand new iPhone 5 -6 with ios 7 & up.. Anyway, about a week later, the app support team contacted me and said that they fixed they issue and to re-update it again. So I did, and now Luckily it now works.

      So if I ever see a new update for any app i always look into it, to see if the app supports the iPod touch 4 (iPod touch 4 won’t update any higher than a IOS 6), So when I seen the new listia app i looked into it before updating, and seen it only supports ios 7-8’… So if you have the iPod 4 it isn’t going to work. And once you have updated to the new listia there’s no way of going back to the old app.

      I suggest ANYONE AND EVERYONE WHO HAS A IOS 6, (the new app won’t work on!) To message support, maybe if they get enough of their users who use a ios 6, then they will fix their new app to be workable on ios 6. I know it’s possible, bc like I said I went through this with a separate app.

      Not sure about androids, this is pertaining to Apple devices.

  8. TimothyOwen50 says:

    IF you’ve downloaded the app and don’t like it, here’s a way to get the old version back.
    If you’ve synched your iphone with your computer on itunes, then the previous version might still be available to redownload. Here’s how you do it:
    1.) Make sure to turn off “auto-update” on your iphone, or it’ll automatically update it again after the redownload. Make sure to keep it off for good.
    2.) Delete the Listia 2.0 app from your iphone.
    3.) Plug your iphone nto your computer and open itunes.
    4.) Go to your iphone and then go to the Apps tab.
    5.) There should be a list of apps that were synched from your iphone. Look for Listia app. If the Listia app icon is the previous grey color, then that’s the previous version. Yay! 🙂
    6.) Redownload the app. If the app gets updated again, then start from step 1.

  9. Can you guys tell me this: Why isn’t there a quick “Relist” option? On the app I don’t see it anywhere and on the website you have to go to “Show All Ended Auctions” before you can see the realist button. Am I just missing something?

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