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Listia Stories features you, and all of the Listia community members. Tell us about the friendships you’ve made, or why you love Listia. Members whose stories are published here on the blog receive a unique Listia All-Star Badge, 5 Listia stickers which will arrive in the mail & 100 bonus credits deposited into your Listia account. Email your entries to

allstar_111914_1I joined Listia in January 2012 … by HannahLeighAnn

I joined Listia in January 2012 and It’s the best thing I’ve ever found on the internet! I’ve met so many amazing people from all over the world on Listia; it really is a great community. I love trading things, and finding that perfect item. My heart still pounds when I’m trying to win an auction. My latest and best score was 36 Forever stamps, that I wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise, so I can get started on making holiday cards to send to all my Listian friends 🙂 Thanks for this amazing site!

 I browse Listia everyday … by tonichaunceyDigital Camera

I have only been a member for two short years. I browse Listia everyday. I love just looking and finding something that catches my eye. I have won many auctions for Christmas gifts. My most prized find was a gift for my son. He wanted so badly to own a Darth Vader face mask. I priced this item on several sites and it was just ridiculous in price. I searched Darth Vader many times on Listia with no luck, but then one day there it was! I won it for him and he loved it! As a collector of many items, my son treasures this find like I spent a ton of money. But ssshhhh… he will never know that mom got a wonderful deal thanks to Listia. I love Listia!


  1. I found listia by accident, on Facebook,I was bored and kept seeing this site pop up,i kept deleteing it and one day I just click on it, and told my self there has to be a catch after reading all the rules and what not,I decided to give it a try,after all they started me with free credits and after 15 months on this site,no lie listia can verifty this,I must have won over 1000.00 dollars worth of stuff ,
    and not once did I BUY CREDITS NOT 1 Thank you listia this is by far the best site on the web.

  2. I never got anything I won they took the creits and I got nothing

    • animagus_erudite says:

      I would put in a dispute for something like that. If the seller cannot prove they sent the item to you (tracking info) then you will get your credits back.

  3. I was introduced to listia about 3 plus years ago through a facebook page. I fell in love the first time I was on it. Listia has helped me and my family out in so many different ways. We live on a fixed income which is very little and with the help of Listia I can provide my family with things that normally I could not afford. I get my kids games, movies, jewelry, just anything that is of interest to them I can find on here. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this website you are heaven sent to people like me and not only that it helps me and my family I have met some really nice people on here. Thanks Listia ❤ April ❤

  4. I dont know how I found Listia… it was probably from another site that led me to this site… When I first joined I was kinda ify and wasn’t on much then one day I saw a message in my yahoo mail from Listia and I thought why not check it out again and see what is happening. So I started playing games and watching videos and doing everything I could think of to earn Credits. The first thing I bought on here was a book my boyfriend wanted. Without this site I wouldn’t have been able to get all the things I got for my family for Christmas… The things I have bought on here you couldn’t go to wal-mart and go to an aisle and say “Hey I found what I know my brother would love”. Here you can search out anything. I am a person who is on a limited budget so for the last 3 years I wasn’t able to give my family anything for Christmas (and I felt horrible) now I can finally give them the Christmas I wanted to give them all those 3 years Without having to go to the store and spend hundreds of dollars all I have to do is bid or do a GIN and wait by the mail. Listia has made my life easy and I have found things that I have looked for and finally have. Thank you Listia

  5. This is probably the most sweet letter I have ever received from a complete stranger, who I dealt with..I had 2 people really wanting to win one of my auctions so in the end end this person bowed out, I decided to send her the exact same package just because…this letter is from her….

    I finally got my laptop back from the shop and the very first thing I couldn’t wait to do was to let you know how deeply touched, not too mention surprised, I was to receive a little square box in the mail~from YOU !I figured it was something I won from Ebay or Listia… I don’t really pay attention to who sent it because I’ll know all the details when I see the item itself…I opened the box and thought “This isnt my order, it had to be a mix up”…I couldn’t believe how I would have picked each of those items for myself… I was amazed that there was someone out there with MY exact taste & likes… I was disappointed that I was going to have to fix this mistake and send it on to the correct person…So, I opened the letter hoping, I could find a clue on who this box was meant for…By the end of the letter, your letter, I was in tears !!!!It was a total shock…Im the one who notices; im the one who takes action for others sake; im the one who thinks everyone deserves a little joy; i’m the one who tries to keep it fair; im the one who cares; im the one who believes smilies make a heart sing…It was really strange to be on the receiving end !!!Thank YOU, just doesnt have enough meaning to let you know how I feel !!! I don’t think there are any words that could truly describe how grateful, amazed, overjoyed, thrilled & happy you have made me… Next time, you start to lose Faith in HUMANITY…Just look in the mirror…You will see; a right, for all the wrongs…A good, for all the bad…A give, for all the takes…A joy, for all the sorrow…A smile, for every frown…A blessing, for every wish…Special people come into our life for a reason, even if they stay for only a moment=they change us FOREVER…Thanx for being MY reason…♥♡♥

  6. I absolutely love this site. I am on it everyday, and enjoy bidding on things it’s excititng. I recently got one of my daughters to start using the site, she likes it as well. I have recieved everything I have won so far and in a reasonable time frame, some quicker than big shopping sites. I am able to get things that I normally wouldn’t be able to and alot of things are free shipping as well. Will soon be posting my first auction, I am excited to try that aspect as well. Have not been met any rude people. I reccomend this site to all I talk to.

  7. I enjoy Listia because of the opportunity to find collectibles. I began a stamp collection with Listia unaware of their value. I have always enjoyed history and the listing made available through Listia help give me new areas of study. From the Gadsden Purchase to the Antarctic Treaty. It’s really neat to be able to get to learn this stuff. I understand more of the hobby now. I have also met other collectors through Listia even a gentlemen from the U.K..

  8. My password and user name?

  9. cassandra delp says:

    I got listing through Facebook I haven’t done much on here yet but what I have I love it. It’s my new favorite sight. Awesome love it

  10. I found out about Listia when I got a job doing home health care. The lady was not able to get around much so she spent lots of time on her computer. She told me about the site she was always on and and she did it to collect coins for her grandson who was just a little thing at that time, but was saving them up so he could cash in when time to go to college. She later sent me a request to join and I did. I had no clue what it was about, but I quickly learned the ropes n started bringing in the credits, I finally held an auction and bam I was hooked. You can find things on here you can’t and won’t find anywhere else. And that’s the best part. Its people from all over the world putting their little piece of design, inspiration, inginueity and treasures into one fun place. And people helping others they don’t know but somehow feel like they have been friends for years. There are a few Debbie downers out there who want to cheat, lie, steal, and bring down the fun but if we all report it right away n show them they can infiltrate this site they will stay at a small number. Their are great things I have won and given away and we all end up happy with what we need or want and don’t have to spend a fortune. Listia is a fun way for me as a mom of 4 and home daycare provider to unwind and zone out at the end of a lo g day. And I love the anticipation of the last few seconds ticking by and I’m winning n waiting for someone to outbid me at the last second. Then it hits 0 and it says congratulations amber your the high bidder. Yah I get so excited I almost wake the whole house up. And I can finally go to sleep, or can I, maybe there’s something g else I want to bid on…. Haha its so much fun. Love it and the people I have “met” thanks for some harmless late nite mom fun.

  11. Debbie Grove says:

    I started with Listia approx. 2 1/2 yrs ago and have won over 2000 auctions….This is the best site by far…….I absolutely love, love, love it……Ive won so many different auctions is unbelievable……My whole body shakes when I see that ive won another auction…..My grandkids love everything that ive won for them as well as other family and friends…..Plus
    ive kept a bunch of stuff for me too……I dont know what I would do without Listia…….I am totally obsessed with this site…..Ive also made a lot of new friends all over the country……
    Im on here 24/7 and cant get enough of this…..Ive won so many unique and homemade items……Thank you Listia……

  12. well i started it back in 2012 and i just freaking love it its addictive, very very very fun and pleasing, keeps me calm and i just look at just about every category there is and the best part about it that i love the most is everything is free i have gotten so much stuff its crazy, i have alot of friends on it and some referrals, i will stay on it til it gets shut down or i die lol thanks again

  13. Jacqueline Myers says:

    I have been a Listia member for quite some time. I have used it for several years now to get Christmas gifts. I am so disappointed at the way the prices have doubled and tripled in the Rewards store!!! I have given up trying to save credits to use there. It’s easier and cheaper now to just go buy items….sad:(

  14. I been a listia member on here quite some time love it have some great friend on here I get gift for family and friends of mine , looking forward to many more years to come

  15. I don’t recommend Listia. My account was hacked last month and I only know this by trying to log in and being told my account was suspended. Listia refuses to tell me what was being offered from my account, how there was a security breach and if the person now has access to any of my personal information. I highly recommend not verifying with any of your personal information because there is obviously a safety issue at this time. Has anyone else experienced this?

  16. Kimberly Gilmore says:

    I found this site shortly after losing my job last November. It became my lifesaver to making ends meet. I was taking the spare time to get rid of things anyways and find how I could earn credits to get gift cards to Walmart for groceries, clothing for interviews. I started doing well enough I was able to start keeping up with the grandkids growth and to treat hubby and I to date nights with dinner and a movie. I am since back to work with a lesser paying job and still can rely on the site to keep things easier. I have already started Christmas shopping for the family and gotten the grandkids their outfits for a Christmas picture! Thank you Listia!

  17. Reagan Redington says:

    I found listia while searching boredly for free auction sites earlier this year. The site turned out to be one of favorite sites.:-D

  18. My personal experience with Listia has brought new friendships. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with people all over the world! It is an exciting experience to bid on glamorous, quality items that are offered by generous sellers. I LOVE MY LISTIAN FAMILY!!!

    • I too have made a few new life long friends through this site. It would start with a little note about a grandchild gift and a comment would come back I could relate and we got into full conversations of our lives and related so well. I have two very special new friends that relate so easily with me, my life and situation in life and it’s really hard to find people you can open up to unless they really do understated your situations. I thank Listia for my hobby and very good new friends!

  19. i found listia while browsing on my facebook page a few years ago i never really did anything with it in the begining but in the past 6 months i have become a avid user.i look at the site at least three to four times a day if not more im so addicted i love searching for things i can use or i need and getting new badges also it gives me something to do while my 5 year old is at school.this is the best site i have ever used.if im not able to get on daily i throw a fit lol,and beside who doesn’t love stuff for free?also i love to get rid of the things my family and i don’t need or use to someone who can really use them it makes me feel good to know im a part of a good thing.there are so many people i have fanned and become friends with since i have been using listia it’s crazy.i have reffered all of my friends and family to listia because i don’t want them to miss out on this amazing site.thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the awesome site.

  20. I became a member I believe it was 2012 might have been 2011. Can’t remember. But if it hadn’t been for Lista I don’t know what I would have done with myself. As I am in a wheelchair and on oxygen and I spend my entire days on my couch cause I can’t do anything else. So I signed up for Lista and away I went. It was time for a shopping spree. Better than going to any store. You don’t have to wait in a line and worry about bumping into people in the aisle. And you can have so much fun doing it. I remember getting bonus points for my birthday and I got on and bid on this teapot and I won it with my first bid . I couldn’t believe it. And it was such great guality. I loved it. And not only that I met a lot of great people from all over the world and everyone was so kind. It made me feel right at home. You want good friends and great bargains go to Lista.Yah♥♥♥♥♥

  21. Lori Suddath says:

    I came upon this site by mistake, Iam so glad I did people are great like a family I got some neat you listia😍 thanks to everyone.

  22. Marie Tedder says:

    I have been a member of Listia for a couple of years already! I have had so much fun meeting and chatting with people all across the country. I have a great time listing things I acquire that I don’t need and finding things that I do! Actually, I often find things that I didn’t know that I wanted or needed until I saw them on Listia like coyote teeth or flying houses! Yep- I have found both on Listia,lol! Almost everyone I have dealt with on the site have been friendly and supportive. I am an artist and I love to share my creations with my fellow Listias because they are enthusiastic and supportive. I am able to get so many things I wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise by making and trading here on Listia!

  23. Hi everyone, since I joined lista few years ago, I love it. I feel that they are part of my family.. I always watching lista things or earns points from video and etc.. Some of I do buy lista s things.. It’s cool than store…

  24. I joined Listia this year on the 4th of July by accident and I am glad I did. It has been a God send and a joy to say the least. I have won many auctions and the best thing about winning is the time my fellow Listians take out of their day to carefully package up their auction item and spend postage to send it. I have only sold 12 items so far, but plan to sell many more items as my budget allows. It is exciting to win something you really need or want and to receive it in your mailbox as well as sending something someone else really wants or needs. The positive comments, Listia goals, badges & raffles as well as charity auctions keep me engaged on this website daily. I have been telling everyone about Listia by word of mouth, Facebook & Twitter. Thank you to the creators of Listia for creating a POSITIVE online community. Listia rockkks! 5 stars from me ☆☆☆☆☆

  25. Elizabeth Edwards says:

    I joined and It is the worst sight. I join 2012 looking for a crib for my newborn daughter and couldn’t understand it then. Now I have to bid. I have tried logging in and keeps rejecting me. The only way to get in is hook it up with Facebook. I’ve bid several time even when it was down to the last minute and no one else was wanting the item. Then all of a sudden here comes some one to out bid. It is just a big waste of my time. I can do better on Craigslist and eBay.

  26. Listia has been such a positive experience for me. I was sent the link through FB by a friend…didn’t think much of it and let it sit for weeks. Curiosity got the better of me and in boredom one day I fooled around with it, tasted the addiction from right off the start. Sat there over three hours till I had signed up, filled in all the info I possibly could and obtained every credit I could get my hands on. I listed auctions, bid on items, won something….oh, but when a demand for my verified address was made…scared me half to death. What had gone wrong? I had no idea who had emailed me and if I had enraged the powers that be…but it was the most courteous man. He explained all the steps to help me verify my address and why. “Took me under his wings”. When feedback was given, he called me a “Great Listian”. To this day, that is my most cherished expression I give out when passing out feedback. Listia is truly a wonderful auction site, but a great social medium as well.

  27. Hi. stroke health. assisted living, NY. Dolls, .01–5.00!! thank you.

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