Cyber Monday Mystery Starts at 8am PST / 11am EST

Cyber Monday Mystery


All the official rules, prizes and directions will be posted at 8am PST Monday morning on this blog. Keep checking back throughout the week for tips and FAQ to help you win.


  1. Nice Stuff On Here!!!!

  2. love listia my husband said he was going to get a tatoo that said listia and maybe i would give him some time lol i spend all my time on the sight i just cant help myself love it i have meet so many nice people there so sweet and kind to me

    • Shelli1017 says:

      Lol!!! That’s too funny!! I hear that all the time too! Even if I pick up my phone just to check a simple text message– I hear “oh boy… guess it’s LISTIA time again…see you in four hours…” Lol !!
      I can’t help it, ha LISTIA is really addictive!!

  3. Shelli1017 says:

    I’m excited for listias cyber Monday!!! Got my alarm set!! Wish we had a hint of what’s going on, so I know whether to log in via the App or website!!! Lol I’ll just use the site, just to be safe. =) don’t wanna miss anything!!

  4. System WILL crash…SO be prepared to wait and NOT get anything…

  5. Bruce Bennett says:

    Listia does this all the time when they run something like this, never have the info on time !

  6. Wassup

  7. man i wanna find a puzzle piece but it seems there mia

  8. this is fun folks

  9. I love lista and I am crazy over this things… 😊

  10. love Listia awesome new pass time THANKS

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