The 100 Hour Cyber Monday Mystery Event – Official Rules

Cyber Monday Mystery

This Cyber Monday, every Listian has the chance to win thousands of credits on Listia over the course of 100 hours during our Cyber Monday Mystery event. Starting December 1st, at 8:00AM PST and running until Friday December 5th, at Noon PST, one lucky winner will receive 1 MILLION credits! View your own personal Cyber Monday Puzzle Board here (must be logged in to view).

Official Rules and Information:
In order to participate in the Cyber Monday Mystery Puzzle, all you need to do is find and earn puzzle pieces. The goal is to find all 100 puzzle pieces before the contest ends on Friday at Noon. As you begin to fill in your puzzle board with pieces you have collected, an image will take form to reveal a phrase that must be unraveled. Once you find at least 75 out of the 100 puzzle pieces, you may attempt to solve the phrase hidden in the puzzle and complete the mystery. Everyone who solves the puzzle will win at least 10,000 credits in addition to the credits being awarded for each puzzle piece!

You can earn puzzle pieces by completing daily goals or finding and clicking on the pieces hidden throughout the website. You can also enter raffles, refer friends to join Listia or even buy puzzle pieces. For each puzzle piece you earn, you will also receive 100 credits. Make sure you follow the rules regarding each of the daily goals to earn puzzle pieces. Puzzle pieces can be taken away or removed from an account if goals are not completed correctly. If you find all 100 puzzle pieces, you can earn 10,000 credits, plus a BIG prize once you solve the puzzle.

When searching for hidden puzzle pieces throughout the site, look for this image:

Cyber Monday Mystery on Listia
Click on it and you will be awarded one puzzle piece. Puzzle pieces can be found and earned all week long when browsing website (not while browsing on the mobile apps). If you use an ad blocker, you will also need to turn that off while browsing Listia in order to see these puzzle pieces.



Grand Prizes and Winning Conditions:
Winners will be notified of the place they finished and awarded final credit prize after the end of the contest on December 5th at 2:00PM PST.

The first person to solve the puzzle will receive 1 million credits.
Those who solve the puzzle 2nd through 10th will receive 100,000 credits.
Everyone else who solves the puzzle will receive 10,000 credits.

All participants will also receive 100 credits for each puzzle piece they earn throughout the week.

There is no limit to the number of people that can solve the puzzle. Puzzle must be solved before December 5th at Noon PST to be eligible for grand prizes.

Q. Is the puzzle available on the Listia smartphone app?
A. No. The puzzle is only available on the main website desktop browser, however, you can earn pieces by completing goals such as listing auctions or referring friends on a mobile device.

Q. How do I get more puzzle pieces?
A. Check your daily goals to see new ways to earn puzzle pieces each day. Also check the raffles page and search around Listia for Puzzle pieces hiding throughout the site.

Q. Can I earn more than 100 puzzle pieces?
A. Yes. You only need 100 pieces to complete the puzzle board, but you may earn more even after it is complete.

Q. Why can’t I solve the puzzle yet?
A. You need to find at least 75 puzzle pieces before you can attempt to solve the puzzle.

Q. Can I purchase puzzle pieces?
A. Yes, but you can only buy a maximum of 10 puzzles pieces per user to make it fair for everyone.

Q. I had more puzzle pieces, then my count went down, where did they go?
A. You can have puzzle pieces taken away if you didn’t complete the daily goal correctly or didn’t follow the rules. For example, if you earn a puzzle piece for Listing an auction, but the auction is deleted, the puzzle piece will be granted then removed.

Q. I earned a puzzle piece, but didn’t see it appear on the board, what should I do?
A. Double check to make sure you completed the goal correctly and read all the rules. If you still don’t see it, contact our support team with all the details surrounding the issue.  We’ll need to know exactly what you did along with the date/time of when it was done so that we can address it quickly for you. You can fill out support ticket here:




Cyber Monday Mystery Starts at 8am PST / 11am EST

Cyber Monday Mystery


All the official rules, prizes and directions will be posted at 8am PST Monday morning on this blog. Keep checking back throughout the week for tips and FAQ to help you win.

Update on the Way Sellers Leave Feedback


072_081_positive_feedbackSellers: Have you noticed a change in leaving feedback to your winners?

Let us explain: Feedback was originally put in place for users to leave comments once an auction has been completed. From now on, the ability to leave a feedback for winners will only take place when the winner receives the item or the transaction is complete. We strongly encourage everyone to leave feedback after the auction is complete, and not before, as you are unable to change your feedback once you have left it for the winner.

We hope this change makes the entire community of Listia a better marketplace by offering more accurate feedback for all Listians.