Listia Stories: I’ve Made So Many Friends on Here

Listia Stories features you, and all of the Listia community members. Tell us about the friendships you’ve made, or why you love Listia. Members whose stories are published here on the blog receive a unique Listia All-Star Badge, 5 Listia stickers which will arrive in the mail & 100 bonus credits deposited into your Listia account. Email your entries to

081915_allstar1(jabulonestar) I have been a member of Listia for 3 years now and I have met some wonderful friends, given away items that I no longer need, and have gotten some items that I have always wanted but couldn’t afford (like a kindle that goes with me everywhere now). I love getting a chance to win raffles (I have not won one yet but I can’t win if I don’t try), getting badges, and finding interesting items to buy with the credits I earn. I didn’t think it would be this much fun when I became a member. Now I wish I had been here when it started 6 years ago! Happy (belated) Birthday Listia 🙂

081915_allstar2(curtisintarsia) I have been a member of Listia since 2010. I was waiting on some Halloween children to knock on my door. A friend of mine invited me to check out Listia and I did and have been here every since. I have made so many friends on here. I have been a scroll saw artist for many years. Art has died in so many other places but here in Listia. There are so many wonderful people who love art. Listia have helped me with so many of my Christmas needs and gifts to give. What can I say…. I am so in love with Listia. You will too! Can’t wait to meet more new friends. Thank you Listia members for making this happen!!

081915_allstar3(azdiamondkat01) I joined Listia the end of 2013. I stumbled upon by accident and been so happy that I did 🙂 I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff and received so much needed items for where I work. And met absolutely amazing, sweet people on Listia. I love all of my friends I have befriended on Listia they are all added bonuses to being on Listia. It is truly amazing that you can bid on almost anything on Listia for free. I thank the founder of Listia for such an amazing website. Awesome job Listia 🙂


  1. I had something REALLY special happen to me on Listia in my first year up here. I was bidding on something and ran out of credits so I wrote in the comments section of that auction “oh well got outbid and I haven’t no more credits to continue to bid.” Well the person who bid me out took over and kept bidding and when she won she sent a message to the seller telling her she wants her (the seller) to get my address and make sure I got the prize. “That she new I wanted it so she continued the bid to make sure I got it” OMG I was shocked! I didn’t know the seller or the bidder. I was a total stranger. I sent that bidder a special “thank you” as well as the seller who made it possible to have it sent to me without a LVSA her reply was just pay it forward and I have. That was so special to me. I have met and befriended many people on here some of which we went on and continued a friendship. Listia is fun, friendly and helps to trade your unwanted items for some things you REALLY want and all for FREE!! YOU CAN’T BEAT THAT!!
    I come up in the early afternoon and check back on the site throughout the day into the wee hours of 5 am or 6 am every morning. I have a true Listian addiction!! Love it !!

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