Listia Stories: They Are Just Like You

Listia Stories features you, and all of the Listia community members. Tell us about the friendships you’ve made, or why you love Listia. Members whose stories are published here on the blog receive a unique Listia All-Star Badge, 5 Listia stickers which will arrive in the mail & 1,000 bonus credits deposited into your Listia account. Email your entries to

allstar1_102115(Peace2yaa) I joined back in December 2010. I joined after a friend had posted on Facebook an auction she had won and I have been hooked ever since! Some of the people I’ve won auctions from (and some that have won from me) have become dear friends on Listia and on Facebook. The people on Listia are genuine and they are REAL people. I say this because I have family members who are constantly telling me: “the people you meet online are not “real” people. You just cannot trust anyone you meet online”. Well that is true in for some you might meet, but I have found that the people I have met on Listia ARE real people. They are just like me. They are just like you. Yes, we are all different in some way, but when it comes down to it, we are all the same. Most are kind and will do what they can to help and offer advice. And I appreciate that a tons. Thanks to all the mods who work to make the site a safe and fun place to be!
allstar2_102115 (Rosalynb7594) This site is amazing! Back in 2013, I went through an awful break up that resulted in me having maybe three outfits in good condition. So here I was, in my mother’s house, relying on her charity, but even that wasn’t enough to buy the clothes that I needed. Then I found Listia! In those early two months, I was able to build a basic wardrobe, in addition to buying several jewelry pieces and home items, for less than $30 out of my own pocket! Not only do I get great new-to-me items in amazing condition, but the moderators and users are more helpful and friendly than on a lot of auction sites!
allstar3_102115 (jenniferhulse77) I just really wanted to say thank you to Listia. Since I have been on here, I have met some of the most kindest, sweetest, greatest people I’ve met in a long time. I have found that these people who don’t even know me tell me how sweet and kind I am and praise me for being what I’m supposed to be..I’ve had two woman in particular that have been a heaven sent. One has given me help when she didn’t have to and the other we bonded over an auction she won because it was her father’s favorite. Both of our family members had dealt with cancer and my item was her dad’s favorite. I love making people happy and love that people in this world still care. Thank you for showing me that life is still a good place where strangers will open there lives to you!


  1. I have the biggest Christmas card lot currently running on this site.

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