Final Week! – Listia Five Million Credit Giveaway

Listia Goals

It’s the final week of our 5M Credit Giveaway and all of the goals are out! Here’s a summary of what you should see on your goals page:

  • 5M Credit Giveaway: List 5 listings that sell for 100k or more (week 1)
  • 5M Credit Giveaway: Refer 15 friends (week 2)
  • 5M Credit Giveaway: Buy 25k credits (week 3, option 1)
  • 5M Credit Giveaway: Earn 25k offer credits (week 3, option 2)
  • 5M Credit Giveaway: Win 3 listings (week 4)

Six random people that complete at least one of the above goals will win 500,000 credits. One lucky person that completes all 4 weeks of goals (there are two goal options for week 3) will win 2,000,000 credits! Increase your chances of winning by completing more than one goal! Be sure to check your Listia inbox to see if you’ve won!

All 5 goals expire on 10/28/15 at 12:00am PST so that gives you just under a week to increase your chances! Good luck and have fun!

Update! – November 5th 2015

Thank you everyone for participating in the Five Million Credit Giveaway! After thousands of entries, we’re excited to announce the winners below!

  • Jean E.
  • Riah D.
  • Rebekah D.
  • Terry S.
  • Misty R.
  • Brody M.
  • Nichole B.

Thanks again! Keep an eye out for the next one!


  1. Hi, this is not related but I wanted to make a suggestion/question. I have had a couple of people purchase my items and then immediately re-list them and riase the price..that is annoying but not technically against the rules. My problem I have is that they steal the photos from my page when they relist the items and it makes me mad..many times my hands and other parts of my body or my family’s bodies may end up in the picture..not to mention my home, and the time it took me to take the hundreds of photos I take. Is this against the rules, to steal other people’s photos and post them as your own??

    • Edit them with your name in the picture like make a copyright name on it not just a hand written note in the picture edit the pictures

    • Allen lawrence says:

      I agree with you it’s frustrating. Our work and they use it. When you take the picture make a watermark on it if your program allows or print your Listeria id on a card and include it in any picture. When the item goes out it’s there’s.
      Just make sure the Picture has your id from Listeria in it. I think I would put it so my picture could never be used again

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