Making May A Brighter Month By Giving Back


As part of our Charity Program, this month we have two new charities to help you give back to your community. With our monthly Charity Program, all members are encouraged to donate funds to charity without spending any money whatsoever.

Members are able to donate a few of their Listia Credits to any one of our monthly charities. While members donate their Credits, Listia matches those credits with real money which is then donated once the month is complete. Over the years Listia members have raised more than $50,000 USD for a wide variety of charities around the world!

The two charities for May are:


Foundation Communities

Listia and Gridmates are on a joint mission to Improve People’s Lives. In the US there are 48 million people who cannot afford to cool or heat their homes, cook for their children or even have light during the night. You have now the power to Energize People’s Lives. By providing the gifts of energy, Gridmates will help power 7 Learning Centers, an initiative of Foundation Communities that provides after school activities for children of low income families in Texas.

Foundation Communities operate 7 Community Learning Centers that are home to free after-school programs for 700 children. By contributing to this campaign, you’ll be helping us keep the PCs, lights and heating/cooling on. We need your support to keep the knowledge going and help children chase their dreams!

Be part of this great cause! You have the power to Empower Students to Dream Big. Click here to learn more or donate today.



The Lung Cancer Alliance

The Lung Cancer Alliance is the leading and highest rated lung cancer nonprofit in the country. They initiated and continue leading the fight against lung cancer playing a critical role in every major advance since their founding in 1995. Every dollar provided to them is used effectively and efficiently to accomplish their lifesaving mission to:

  • Offer personalized support, information and referral services at no cost through a team of trained, dedicated staff members to help patients, their loved ones and those at risk.
  • Advocate for increased lung cancer research funding and equitable access, coverage and reimbursement for screening, treatment, diagnostics, and testing.
  • Conduct nationwide education campaigns about the disease, risk and early detection

Let’s show support for these charities and help make the world a brighter, safer place to live. Donate today to help make a difference.


  1. Listia has stolen over 1/2 mill in credits and does not reply to e-mail buyer beware

    • Sharon Eft says:

      Go to sitejabber and leave a review and what your situation is and most times Tom F will reply and will ask you to email him, but you need to be clear with what your situation include. Hope this helps

  2. I have 100% feedback and over 40 badges. I have worked very hard to earn that. In March I was in a horrible car accident in which im injured. I let all of my shoppers i would be longer before im able to ship their winnings. I gave the option for a refund or whatever they wanted. Everyone was so nice and everyone is happy. Listia has DELETED MY AUCTION! Because im not shipping like in the rules. All of my shoppers are happy. Why should my account be completly gone????

    • they stole over 500000 credits of mine. I list all new items bought in auction lots. good luck getting hols of them. this is a scam auction.

  3. Sharon Eft says:

    Like I said it is pointless to deal with CS but if you go to a site that you can give Listia a review speak you mind and let them have it otherwise all you will get is unhappiness and from CS and could even get to the point another great Listian leaves Lusatia because you won’t get what you you deserve as a Listian. Plus every message you leave for CS is saved and can and will be used against you in small ways like making you wait for credits when normally you received them with no question. Honestly go to or just goog;e siyr jaabber and your there. You might have to create an account but who knows how many times you will have to go there just to get, and most if nit all issues get changed on your behalf! It’s only the people you have really bad feedback and then youse people don’t deserve a conclusion. Us honest sellers work to hard to be treated like that and you honestly and your feedback says it all. These mods only are above therer rules above the rules but gold help us if we have to do a dispute against a new user, they are not only given the time frame Listia allows the the Mod will give them even more time to prove there that listia doesn’t follow there own rules asks tracking number when it;s so clear there isn’t one and it \s just redicquiouslus. So stand your ground and give Listia a bad review and see how fast it get it gets taken care of. But you need to very stern ans to the point! Hope this helps you out!

  4. Well Listia Does it again, a New All time High !!

    Current rate:
    18,500 Credits / US$1
    (as of Sep 21, 2016 at 2:43am)

    Enjoy the site while you can, because it’s going down hill on a rapid decline.

  5. Current rate:
    19,800 Credits / US$1
    (as of Sep 23, 2016 at 11:40pm)

  6. Current rate:
    20,100 Credits / US$1
    (as of Sep 28, 2016 at 8:00pm)

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