Delivery confirmed. Shipping Labels Have Arrived on Listia


One of the hardest steps of selling any item has always been the last. Buying the shipping label. With our latest update we’re excited to finally make it one of the easiest! You can now buy and print shipping labels directly from Listia no matter where you are. Let’s go through how it works.


Once your auction ends with a winner, you can buy your shipping label in one easy step. After clicking to buy your shipping label, you’ll be taken to a simple page to fill in any details.


What are the benefits of buying a shipping label through Listia?

  • Get your credits faster. If your postage includes tracking, we will automatically transfer your credits three days after your item is delivered.
  • Affordable insurance. Insurance starts at $1 for up to $50 of coverage, and $1 for each $50 thereafter.
  • It’s super convenient. Addresses automatically appear on the label, and tracking information is instantly sent to your winner.
  • Save time. No more trips to the post office. Print at home and send your item with your USPS mail carrier!


Shipping labels are also live for Android and iOS! You can set up your labels and save them on your phone. When you’re ready you can print them from any computer. The Flat Rate Boxes are cheaper and more convenient than buying them at the post office!

We’re always working hard to make Listia better and we’re excited to know what you think! You can go to your dashboard and try it out on your next auction. What will you be shipping next with your shipping labels? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Sounds great! Just one question: How do we pay for the shipping label?

  2. It’s great that you now have the shipping label option for those that don’t already print their own postage, however I think it is very unfortunate that in order to get our credits faster we have to use your overpriced postage service. Providing experienced long time sellers with a quick release of their credits should not require them to use your services. In my calculations, what you are charging for postage is on average about $.50 more than what the post office charges. So, not only do we have to pay more for the use of a feature that most other online companies offer for free, it looks like I will no longer be looking forward to getting my credit release time frames reduced because I am choosing not to use your overpriced service. How about that you guys take away this credit hold policy altogether for those of us that have been shipping with tracking all along? Why do I have to use your service in order to get my credits faster, when I already ship 99% of my items with tracking anyway?! Come on Listia listen to your customers!

    • Gayle Bally says:

      I agree with you Kyle!!! I use and even though I pay a small monthly fee for the service, it’s all super overpriced even for an large envelope/flat –they’re automatically adding $2 for insurance!! NOT worth it!! Luckily my credits haven’t been held for several years because I’ve been on so long, but truly feel for those who still after being on for 2 or 3 yrs that get theirs held 😦 I don’t feel the Moderators/Listia owners care about what we have to say unfortunately, just my opinion.

      • I’ve been selling on the site for about three years now, and for the past two years I have seen no change in how quickly my credits are released. Despite the fact that I shipped twice as much merchandise, use tracking on 95% of my items, and get my items out The door within about 2 to 3 days of receiving a confirmed address. It is ridiculous that others get their credits released immediately and someone that sells in volume with 3 years in has to wait days and sometimes a week or more to get paid for an item that they already shipped out.

      • I agree. I used the service for “faster”. Release of credits. However, waiting three days after the package is shown received by the tracking is not my idea of faster delivery of credits. All that does is help with someone who has received your package, but doesn’t hit the “Got It” button to show it received. That does not give you your credits any earlier. If they hit the “GOT IT”button when they first receive it, the whole point of getting shipping from Listia is not only more costly, it is rendered moot!

    • Ok, just took an objective look and comparison on a shipment I’m making to NC from MD via USPS 1st Class Mail for a 3 oz package. The USPS retail rate is $2.62 and Listia is charging $3.07, which equals a $.45 premium to use their service (again, one that most others either don’t charge for, or pass on their bulk savings to make even cheaper for their customers). Both have Free tracking included in the price. I found similar premiums on Media Mail and Priority Mail. Not sure how these other commenters seem to think that Listia rates are cheaper than the post office, or even comparable for that matter. Why Listia, do you need to make so much money on us with this feature when you are already fleecing us on these ridiculously high credit to $ ratios? I’m really getting tired of having to raise my prices every few days to keep up, and even more tired of losing money after I’ve sold something because I have to wait about a week to receive my credits. PLEASE FIX THIS SITUATION, AS YOU KNOW YOU CAN!!

      • Gayle Bally says:

        I ship lots of envelopes and flats and refuse to pay the added $2.00 insurance Lisita is tacking on automatically. I already pay a small monthly fee for my, but I make up for it with a flat rate of $2.60 for 1 – 8 oz packages, whereas the retail PO gets more expensive with each ounce –and I have no wear and tear on my vehicle or extra gas $ spent, no standing in lines, and my mail carrier picks up everything I put out for him. I will reiterate it is not Listia fleecing us on the ridiculously high credit rate ratios —it’s the fact that they enabled the “Credit Selling” –SO it’s the PEOPLE who are buying and selling the credits that are raising the rate –not the owners of Listia or the Moderators. I believe it was their plan all along back in 2009 when they started that they would eventually get to this point and make money off the site.

        I agree with you on the holding of credits though, someone that has been a faithful seller for 3 years, doing volume shipping should not have to wait for credits to be released. I guess I got grandfathered in since I’ve been on for more than 5 years. Wish there was a rhyme or reason to the system to figure out how that ratio works. I know some people only get part of their credits withheld while other ‘sales’ go thru right away.

    • Lawrence John Hernandez says:

      thank you, I feel the same my is a dollar cheaper then listia postage

  3. Lower the prices to make it competitive. Listia is already making money on so many venues. I would definitely use if the prices are same as paypal/shipnow and we don’t have to pay additional charges.

  4. Nah.. Listia isn’t making any money at all otherwise why would they keep raising the $1 to point value higher and higher and pushing more and more sellers away?
    A New ALL TIME HIGH today and I don’t expect it to go lower because the only thing Lisita cares about is $$$$$.

    Current rate:
    19,700 Credits / US$1
    (as of Sep 22, 2016 at 11:49pm)

    OnCurrent rate:
    19,700 Credits / US$1
    (as of Sep 22, 2016 at 11:49pm)Current rate:
    19,700 Credits / US$1
    (as of Sep 22, 2016 at 11:49pm)

    What once was a good site will soon be a thing of the past.
    Too bad.
    Sure wish Listia would wake up and smell the Roses. or SH*T that they are doing to their own site before it is tooooooo late…

    • Gayle Bally says:

      Technically mac, Listia isn’t raising the credit rate, it’s the people who are buying and selling the credits that mandate the flux of credit rate raising or lowering. But, I guess in a roundabout way since Listia enable the credit selling they are to blame. I refuse to sell my credits at all!! I will not be apart of the insanity!!

  5. PayPal is cheaper & you don’t have to enter measurements for small packages. The same goes for Also, both sites automatically include tracking in their postage fee. I personally feel no matter where postage is brought from 3 days with tracking should be offered to all for delivery of credits. I must admit I’ve only had to wait once (recently at that) to receive my credits. I always use tracking. I feel better as a seller and I think the buyer also feels better. All, in all, for those that don’t use a postage service this is a great and useful service being offered by Listia.

  6. The way Listia keeps raising the $ to point value every day, it’s not going to matter that much about the New Shipping feature, because nobody will be using it because all of the sellers will have left Listia because they are killing the sites for sellers.

    FYI last Sept, the $ to point amount was 4950… look at it a year later !!!

    Current rate:
    19,900 Credits / US$1
    (as of Sep 24, 2016 at 1:53am)

    Things that used to be 499 and less are now selling for 50K-100K+
    And Listia care one bit or foresee what might happen down the road.
    Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

    • Gayle Bally says:

      Technically Listia Admin/Moderators/Owners aren’t raising the credit rate, it’s the people who are buying and selling the credits that mandate the flux of credit rate raising or lowering. But, I guess in a roundabout way since Listia enable the credit selling option to begin with they are to blame. I refuse to sell my credits at all!! I will not be apart of the insanity!!

      • The credit inflation problem on this site has been going on long before sellers were able to sell their credits for cash, so that is not the problem, even though it does exacerbate the issue more so than it did before. The same thing was said about gift card sellers prior to credits being able to be sold. The site inflation problem has been going on for the past couple of years and listia, despite what they say, has total control over it. Just think about it folks, this is a closed system where credits are doled out by Listia, this is their system and they have total control over it. They control how the credits move in and out of the system with the offers that they make, the ceilings and limits that they set for credit values, and other factors that none of us know nothing about. They could stop this inflation tomorrow if they wanted to!

  7. I agree that the $ per credits are highway robbery! We post an item to sell and by the time it gets sold for the amount of credits origanally posted, we end up losing money after shipping costs! Listia must regulate the limit of credits per $ so that everyone gains. Nobody is bidding on my stuff because the credits are too high. So if nobody bids, nobody makes money in the long run! Listia Staff, it is time to listen to your members complaints and lower the credits per $! Thank you

  8. How do you pay for the shipping, and what are the costs? The only cost shown is for insurance. How do you offer a service and not give rates or payment info?

    • That’s what I want to know! Well said!

    • ericklistia says:

      You’re right! We updated the post with flat rate prices for boxes!

      • I question why you use only the box rate? Most items shipped from this site are small and the package rate is lower. Also, why are you making insurance a mandate. USPS will not honor it if I’m not mistaken unless the item cost over is $50.00 or more. I think tracking is fine the cost is under a $1.00 and both shipper & buyer can see where their item is in the postal system. Offering insurance is great but making it a mandate is a turn off.


    And for those that think it’s the buyers and sellers creating this inflation and Listia doesn’t have any control over the inflation, think about it again.
    Listia has the option to raise and lower the point value and make it whatever they really want it to. Since it’s just points, what do they care how many credits they give out as long as they get the Cash coming in. When is the last time you could take your credits and bring it to a 7-11 and get something…. NEVER… on the other hand.. Listia gets Cash from the ADS and Cash from the people that Buy their credits.
    Sounds like a Win Win Deal for Listia and a Lose Lose deal for Listia Buyers and Sellers.

    Current rate:
    20,200 Credits / US$1
    (as of Sep 28, 2016 at 2:02am)

  10. not only is Listia getting rich off of yes the ones that made this app a success. They are trying to take everything we have built up for them when I started 6 or so years ago starting bids where 499 and you could get nice gifts. Now you can’t get much of anything like you used to. OMG the price of a 5.00 gift card is outrageous. you want us to pay you a monthly fee to get more credits who has money to buy credits everyday. you have taken the credit amounts we used to get for listing and decreased them to where it isn’t worth listing for them. 19,000 credits = $1.00 usa when I started it used to be 1000 credits = $1.00 usd your prices keep going up but the ones that are listing our prices are dropping. you want to give us 2000 credits but we have to list 3 to 5 items to get it and if we price the items over 499 we pay you for that then if we set gin we pay you again.. we seem to be paying you a lot and you give us a measly 2000 credits. I have to pay you at least 50 credits or more per listing buy the time I list 5 auctions I have paid you at least 250 credits just to list so actually you not giving us anything. you want us to list get 2000 credits and it cost 19000 credits per usd your not even giving us 10 cents. looks like to me the ones that helped you grow are the ones getting screwed. it just isn’t worth it anymore you took what used to be fun and turned it into a headache. we have to pay for shipping and you want to add to that too. you are really getting greedy ..that’s my opinion but I am sure you don’t care.

    • Amen Neecie, I agree, we’re getting screwed all the way around! People don’t realize that this inflation has been going on for quite some time. Many want to blame it on the fact that listis offered people the opportunity to sell credits, but the inflation was going on long before that. Listia allows this to happen by putting on artificial caps so that credits, once they go up, are not able to come back down like a normal open system would. Not sure why people don’t see that this is clearly happening here. They want us all to think that this is a naturally occurring thing where buyers and sellers in the marketplace determine the rate, but that’s a bunch of bull crap, and those of us that are smart enough to pay attention can see that they are clearly manipulating the system with some of the controls and mechanisms that they put into place. Like you said, this used to be a very fun site where you could get some great deals by getting rid of some of the items that you have in your household. Now, you lose money on most things that you sell, and when you do make money listia finds a way to snatch it back with all these fees and rate manipulation.

    • I am sorry to say I agree with you. I’ve only been on this site a few years but in that short time I realized that I was actually loosing more than I was gaining. It really seems that buyers only are benefiting from Listia. With shipping cost steadily rising you basically loose from the start of the auction unless you list gift cards by digital only. I would love to see the starting bid go up to 5.000 with no fee that’s not even $1.00. Unfortunately, for me I will have to stay on here for a year. I brought a lot of inventory that I need to rid myself of. I’m not going to bash Listia, but I do hope they can find a way to keep buyers, sellers and themselves happy.

    • I apologize for my very delayed reply. Even though I’ve been a big seller and buyer here since $1 US dollar was equal to about 1,000 credits, I never knew about or thought that there was a forum here for other users to express their opinions with the unbelievable, unfortunate changes that listia has put upon the very good, hardworking and loyal Sellers and Buyers that without them, there would be no listia. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what went down. Greed and money has clearly become their number one priority. But what they seem to forget is who got them here in the first place. Just this past week at least 7 longtime Users and Sellers informed me that they are leaving listia. Their reasons for leaving were all the same. I also found out that the Users/Sellers who are still on the waiting list for being able to sell their credit are in for another unbelievable disappointment which I can gaurantee you will result in a large number of users leaving listia for good. Oh and the fact that listia is being dishonest with their users is absolutely true. When listia started the option to buy shipping labels their service them, they state that by purchasing the shipping labels through listia, the Seller would receive their credits much faster. I decided to see for myself whether or not this was true. Now I’ve been a online seller for years on a couple different sites and I have always and still to this day use paypal to purchase and print my labels. I started to get frustrated because suddenly most of my credits continued to be held even after delivery was confirming through the postal service. So I decided to purchase a shipping label through listia (even though the cost was a little bit more expensive) in order to receive my credits in a timely manner. Well, not only did I not receive my credits for that order faster as they claimed would happen but it actually took longer to recieve them than any other of my orders shipped with paypal.

  11. I agree with Maria except the point she said the only one gaining were the buyers…. That isn’t really true if you think about it… The Buyers get a great deal when they purchase their points.. but for the point that they now purchase, even thou they are getting more points, there is hardly anything for them to buy because most of the sellers have raised their auction amount to try to offset the inflation price… so in all actuality the only one that really gains is LISTIA Itself… cause they get the cash up front, and give people points that they can’t use.
    Kinda stupid that Listia is SOOOOO Blind when there are plenty of smart people on here that are making suggestions that will help the site, but they just put their blinder on and keep laughing their way to the bank..
    sooooooo Sad…

  12. Just wondering if Listia Staff ever read these posts….

    • They read them, but they only reply to certain questions. If you look above, you’ll see that they replied to a question about the box measurements / flat rate pricing etc. They know what the rest of us are saying is true, so there is no need for them to respond and spur on the debate. I’m going to hang in their during the holidays and see what happens next year. If the ship hasn’t been righted by then, it will be time to reevaluate and maybe just move on.


    Current rate:
    20,400 Credits / US$1
    (as of Oct 18, 2016 at 9:21pm)

    Does anybody think Listia will ever wake up, or will this site go the ways of the old stores that went bankrupt?

  14. WTF LISTIA !!!!

    Current rate:
    20,800 Credits / US$1
    (as of Oct 19, 2016 at 2:13pm)

    Get ready for every auction starting at 1 M soon… lol

  15. Wow, another New Listia High !! When will it ever end or will the site go ker plunk ?

    Current rate:
    20,900 Credits / US$1
    (as of Oct 22, 2016 at 11:09pm)

  16. Current rate:
    21,300 Credits / US$1
    (as of Oct 23, 2016 at 4:58pm)

  17. Another All Time High. LISTIA DOES IT AGAIN !!
    When will they wake up and smell the cr*p that they are creating by raising the $1.00 to point value higher and higher every other day. I wish the Federal Reserve would be this generous with the interest rates in the USA… lol

    Current rate:
    21,600 Credits / US$1
    (as of Oct 25, 2016 at 3:03pm)

  18. Another All Time High. LISTIA DOES IT AGAIN !!

    Current rate:
    21,900 Credits / US$1
    (as of Oct 25, 2016 at 9:27pm)

    I am sad to say that this site is almost completely down the crapper. =(


    Current rate:
    22,100 Credits / US$1
    (as of Oct 27, 2016 at 1:49am)


    The ship is sinking fast !!

    Current rate:
    22,200 Credits / US$1
    (as of Oct 28, 2016 at 12:23am)

    No Surprise here…. Listia just doesn’t give a rats a** about the sellers and buyers.. all they care about is the CASH that they are getting before their site goes Kaput!! Oh well, it was good while it lasted…

    Current rate:
    22,300 Credits / US$1
    (as of Oct 28, 2016 at 1:46pm)

  22. Current rate:
    22,400 Credits / US$1
    (as of Oct 29, 2016 at 2:05am)

  23. When will this stupidity and greed ever end? Will it end before it’s too late?
    Tune in next time to find out if Listia is still here or is gone the ways of the 8 track tape player.

    Current rate:
    22,600 Credits / US$1
    (as of Oct 29, 2016 at 1:28pm)


    Current rate:
    22,800 Credits / US$1
    (as of Oct 31, 2016 at 12:26am)

  25. Current rate:
    22,900 Credits / US$1
    (as of Nov 1, 2016 at 1:48am)


    Current rate:
    23,000 Credits / US$1
    (as of Nov 4, 2016 at 6:35pm)

  27. Well, it is clearly obvious that Listia doens’t care about their sellers and ONLY care about the CASH they can get from people that buy their credits because they keep raising and raising the $ to point value higher and higher with no end in site.
    The only end is going to be when the site has no more sellers and no more buyers… and they will be scratching their heads wondering.. “where did we go wrong” DUH… people have been commenting on this problem for over 6 months but they just have their blinders on and just keep laughing their way to the bank as people cash in their points and also buy their points.
    Oh well, can’t say we didn’t try.


    Current rate:
    23,100 Credits / US$1
    (as of Nov 6, 2016 at 10:41am)

  28. Another ALL TIME HIGH… Just like the New President of the USA… We are all Doomed like Listia !!

    Current rate:
    23,400 Credits / US$1
    (as of Nov 9, 2016 at 1:55am)

  29. What a surprise… Trump for President and Listia has a New All Time High… !!!

    Current rate:
    23,500 Credits / US$1
    (as of Nov 10, 2016 at 1:31am)

  30. I think they roll dice to see how much to raise it since every time you roll dice, you will get a number. (It never goes down for a long period of time)

    Oh.. just FYI.. A NEW LISTIA HIGH AGAIN !!!

    Current rate:
    24,000 Credits / US$1
    (as of Nov 10, 2016 at 12:54pm)

  31. A New High again today!! When will Listia realize that they are only hurting themselves by making the Sellers leave the site.
    Eventually the people buying the points (Newbies) will realize that even when they buy the point, a day or week later, it won’t be worth the same amount as they paid because of the inflation. Oh well, Listia will just keep laughing their way to the bank until there is no more Listia. How Sad… !!

    Current rate:
    24,100 Credits / US$1
    (as of Nov 10, 2016 at 11:09pm)


    Current rate:
    25,000 Credits / US$1
    (as of Nov 11, 2016 at 6:36pm)

  33. Anybody else just here to watch the site dig their hole deeper and deeper into the ground? Maybe by chance they will dig their hole so deep they will come out on the other end of the world? But won’t they be upside down? LOL

    Sad to report that another all time High… blah blah blah…. you know the story

    Current rate:
    25,200 Credits / US$1
    (as of Nov 12, 2016 at 11:01pm)

  34. Current rate:
    25,300 Credits / US$1
    (as of Nov 13, 2016 at 11:12am)


    Current rate:
    25,500 Credits / US$1
    (as of Nov 13, 2016 at 12:40pm)


    Current rate:
    25,800 Credits / US$1
    (as of Nov 14, 2016 at 5:20pm)

    • It was at 26,000 at 3:02pm!


        Doh, thanks for the update !! I can’t catch them all, it seems to change too quickly.

        I guess im not the only one concerned about this stupid inflation !!

        Current rate: was
        26,000 Credits / US$1
        (as of Nov 14, 2016 at 3:02pmpm)

      • REALLY DISGUSTED says:

        That didn’t last long:

        Current rate:
        26,100 Credits / US$1
        (as of Nov 15, 2016 at 2:35am)


    Current rate:
    26,300 Credits / US$1
    (as of Nov 15, 2016 at 2:24pm)

  38. I found similar premiums on Media Mail and Priority Mail. Wholesale Snapback Hats Not sure how these other commenters seem to think that Listia rates are cheaper than the post office, or even comparable for that matter.


    Current rate:
    26,800 Credits / US$1
    (as of Nov 17, 2016 at 2:27am)


    Current rate:
    26,900 Credits / US$1
    (as of Nov 18, 2016 at 2:54am)


    What a joke, we keep asking for them to lower it.. and they just keep raising it..WTF !!!

    Current rate:
    27,100 Credits / US$1
    (as of Nov 19, 2016 at 2:34am)

  42. The higher it goes up.. the quicker more people will leave and the more money Listia will stuff in their pockets. I think they are stuffing their pockets for Christmas and will worry about Listia Next year 2017 if the site is still around…. So Sad… if things keep going the way they have been… by the new year… $1.00 will be worth 30,000 !!! What a JOKE !!.

    Current rate:
    27,200 Credits / US$1
    (as of Nov 20, 2016 at 2:28am)

  43. Current rate:
    27,500 Credits / US$1
    (as of Nov 21, 2016 at 2:35am)

  44. I can’t believe that Listia is sooo NAIVE that they cant realize that they are just going to kill their own site when they keep raising the point value without offsetting the other fees.
    etc, to help keep the balance. WTF !!! JUST FYI, $100.00 is now worth 2,800,000 POINTS if you buy your points. UN FRICKEN REAL for Sellers and the Listia members that build up their credits by their hard work.

    Current rate:
    28,000 Credits / US$1
    (as of Nov 21, 2016 at 11:35pm)

  45. Mac, I think your voice has finally been heard!! Although the cap is still very high, we will at least be able to have an idea of how much credits we should charge for our items!!

  46. They have finally listened to our combined voices and have put a 27,500 cap on credit selling. Still extremely high, but I guess it’s better than nothing. Unfortunately, it’s probably too little too late, as many sellers and buyers have gone already and are probably too disgruntled to return.

    Now Listia needs to work on releasing the credits sooner, as the 21 day wait time is just ridiculous for sellers with over 2 years on the site. Let’s recommend that they at least release the credits upon tracking showing the item as delivered, as that is more than reasonable, and is an industry standard.


  47. DISGUSTED With Listia says:

    A year late and 20K worth of points too late. Even if they Cap it at 27500, last year in Sept 2015, the $1.00 was worth around 5K. And now it’s 27,500 !! They would have to reduce it down 20K and im positive they won’t do that anytime in the near future. So right now we are stuck between a rock and a cow pie without a shovel to cover the sh*t that they created. It’s going to take more than a CAP to fix this problem that they created. I agree it’s a start, but it’s a start that should have started 10 months ago.
    Oh well.

  48. Fellow Listian says:

    Perhaps someone with the means would be willing to open another comparable site for Listia to have some competitive motivation to do what is right and fair?!?!?

  49. Lost in Listia says:

    Awfully funny how they say its like the stock market going up and with buyers and sellers buying, HOWEVER, now its capped, it has not moved from 27500 for a week or so now, Not once!! What happened to the rates going up and down?? I do believe they can and do control the cost of the credits and what everyone is paying for them. I just sold all my credits and received a bit over $200, which is fine with me, however, i am not even going to think about what i put in for shipping the items out and what i paid for them!

    • Kyle Johnson says:

      I think many of us have known for a long time now that the credit to dollar ratio is artificial and totally controlled by Listia. I agree with you 100% that they have total control on how these rates fluctuate, and when they sent that message out about the cap at 27,500, they said nothing about making it a fixed rate, which is what it has turned out to be. I too have noticed that it hasn’t fluctuated one iota since the cap has been in place. If the rate was so fluid and determined by the Market, surely there would be some peaks and valleys. It’s unfortunate that they tell us these lies thinking that we can’t see clearly what is happening here. I wish they would have just been honest and said that they were freezing the rate at 27,500, instead of calling it a cap. I’m glad that they capped it from going any higher, but in doing so, they also capped it from going any lower, which negates this whole idea they were trying to portray as some kind of free market type of system.

      I think we can all see what is going to happen next judging by the slowing activity on the site, the rampant complaints about customer support, and the lack of abundance of quality merchandise that one used to be able to find on this site. I’m trying to hang in there as long as I can because I really do like Listia, but I believe the writing is on the wall, and it will be a very sad day when this site closes its doors 😦 It was fun while it lasted!!!!

      • Frustrated says:

        To be fair, I did get a message informing me that the rate will be capped. I was actually happy about it because now I know at what rate I can list my items. Before the cap, I listed an item at a certain rate, by the time I actually got the credits to be sold, the credits were worth less than what I paid for the item!
        However, what is still unfair is to wait 20 days for the credits, 5 days for the credits to be sold and only after you have $20 reserved in Listia you can worhdraw the money. Which means I need to wait a full month to get my money out!!
        I currently have at least $500 or more stuck in Listia.

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