Coming Soon: Get More From Your Listia Credits

feedback (2)Over the last year, we have been working hard on ways to make Listia more valuable for the community. Through many product iterations and feedback from everyone, we have found that a great way to grow and improve the quality and amount of cool items on Listia is to give buyers and sellers more value for their Credits. Up until now, only a handful of Listia members have been able to sell their Credits, but we want every member to enjoy these benefits. So today, we are excited to announce a new currency, called Ink!

Ink will bring a much needed upgrade to the Listia Credit system that has been in place since 2009. Once completed, members with Listia Credits will be able to exchange their Credits for a new, improved currency called Ink. Ink will still function almost exactly like Credits on Listia today, but with one huge difference: You will be able to move your Ink in and out of Listia. Soon after its release, we plan to have payment apps for sending/receiving Ink, allowing you to use it much like how you would use PayPal with services like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. We are also working with existing marketplaces to support and accept Ink, as well as exchanges that would allow you to sell Ink directly for cash.

Our vision is to turn your Listia Credits into a new currency that is useful not only on Listia, but also outside of Listia. Over time, you should be able to exchange it for real money or use it on other marketplaces. We also want to fix the long running Credit inflation issue once and for all. The total amount of the new Ink currency is capped, so nobody can create more out of thin air.

Although it is not quite ready, we are announcing this news publicly today so our entire community knows that Credits will receive a big upgrade in the near future. With the exception of purchased Credits, all other existing Listia Credits and any new Credits earned through selling items, offers, and promos from now until the launch of Ink will be exchanged for Ink at a rate that guarantees everyone’s value and buying power remains exactly the same. Purchased Credits will remain as Credits and can still be used for anything on Listia with no limitations. We will also be announcing new ways to earn even more Ink just by buying and selling on Listia.

Don’t really care about Ink? Don’t worry! Rest assured that besides the name change, you can use it just like you use Credits on Listia today, and your spending power will remain the same. The transition will be seamless for all Listia members.

We will keep everyone updated as we get closer to launching the upgrade, but in the meantime you can read more about the project here.

Thanks again for all your continued support and feedback over the years! We think it’s time Listia gets a big upgrade and we want to start by rewarding our own Listia members with what we hope is a new, more valuable currency to replace their existing Credits. If you have any questions or comments feel free to send us a ticket:


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