Points and Props are Live on Listia!

Listia is taking another big step in our 11 year long journey today, and we are extremely excited to launch the addition of Listia Points + the new Props rewards and leveling system!


Listia Points are completely re-designed to be a simple, stable, in-app currency for buying and selling goods on Listia. For users that loved our old Credits system, but hated the fluctuating value of both Credits and XNK, this will be a HUGE upgrade and a welcome change for all. You will of course be able to continue using and spending your main XNK balances, including both deposits and withdrawals, but for the actual trading on Listia, Points is the new in-app currency.


We are also introducing Props to the marketplace! Props is a brand new rewards and leveling system for all Listia users. You earn more Props for activity such as leaving feedback for a purchase or earning positive feedback after you sell something. The more Props you have, the higher your Props Level, and the higher your Props Level, the more bonuses and incentives you receive. Rewards such as lower transaction fees and bonus Points when you buy can be earned just for being an active Listia member.

Here is a quick video introducing Props on the Listia app:

All users will start off at a Props Level based on all of their previous activity, positive feedback, old XP system, balances, and social status on the site. In addition, all users that are placed in a Props Level will also receive a number of grandfathered Props to start. You will also be able to upgrade existing balances (coming soon) and continue to earn even more Props by successfully buying and selling on Listia!

In addition to Listia-specific rewards, Props also gives users a financial stake in the very networks they are contributing to. In the case of Listia, buying and selling earns you more Props, which gives you a larger and larger stake in the overall Props network. Props tokens are earn-able, withdraw-able, and usable in several other social apps too, with even more coming. Please take a look at the Props Project page for even more info and to find out what else Props can do for you!

More Details

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THANK YOU for all the support over the last 10+ years. We are continuing to iterate to make things better, and while Listia has experienced it’s fair share of ups and downs, we are very excited about the future!

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