Listia Points & Props Launch August 31!


Here we go! We’re finally ready to bring you Listia Points and Props on August 31st! Thank you for all of your patience over the last few months in anticipation for this exciting new experience coming to Listia. We’ve outlined a lot of the product features in previous blog posts, but here is a short recap along with some launch day details. For more information feel free to read our old blog posts linked below. As always, feel free to send us a ticket if you have any questions!

Launch Day 8/31/20

On Sunday night (8/30/20) we will have downtime scheduled for a few hours. You’ll see a banner at the top of the website with the exact time window. When you log onto Listia on Monday morning, the upgrade should be be completed and you’ll see all the new features in the marketplace.

  • Open listings and unpaid listings will be converted to Listia Points
  • XNK store credit will be automatically converted to Listia Points
  • XNK main balance will remain as is (XNK is still 100% supported and can be used at checkout and withdrawn)
  • Legacy Credit balances (if you still have one) will be automatically converted to Listia Points


Props Tokens will be the new mechanism for powering our rewards, loyalty, and bonus system on Listia. We’re super excited to be partnering with the Props team. The first time you check in to Listia either on the web or our mobile apps you’ll receive your grandfathered Props grant which will be based off your account status and history with Listia. Existing XNK balances can optionally be upgraded to Props as well (coming soon). This is a one time grant for being a member of the community and everyone will get a different amount based on your account status related to your feedback, badges, items sold, balances, etc.

After that, you can earn Props in a few different ways on Listia, such as: receiving positive seller feedback, giving a feedback to a seller, earning certain badges, and sometimes completing daily goals. The more Props you have on Listia, the higher your Props level will be and the better your Listia benefits will be (lower transaction fees, offer bonuses, Listia Point purchase bonuses). Props also aims to give users a real financial stake in the network, so the more Props you have, the larger your stake becomes (see for more details).

There are also some more advanced features with Props that will be documented in our  knowledge base if you have any other questions!

Listia Points (PTS)

Points will be the new in-app currency used for the Listia marketplace! Buying, selling, bidding, etc. will all work the same way as it has for many years. Of course, XNK will still be 100% supported at checkout and for withdrawals as well, but having a stable in-app currency for the actual buying and selling will help improve the marketplace considerably and shield it from outside fluctuations for the most part. We are also bringing back in-app currency purchases to make it easier to reload your Points balance. You’ll also be eligible for purchase bonuses based on your Props level!

1 More Week!

The team has been working hard on these changes and we’re excited to bring them to you! Once again, thank you for being a part of the Listia community and we hope you are staying safe during this unprecedented time.


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