Listia Points & Props Coming Soon!


First and foremost, we hope everyone is safe and healthy amidst this unprecedented time in the world. The Listia team has been working from home, practicing our shelter in place routine for just over 4 weeks now. A big thank you goes out to all the essential workers out there that are helping people get what they need during this time. An even bigger thank you goes out to all the health care professionals that are fighting for us all on the front lines, doing their very best to help people in need.

With that being said, we’ve been working hard on getting Props to your doorstep! Our previous post had some details, but we wanted to let you know a little more about what will happen around launch day along with a few other tidbits!

Say Hello To Listia Points!

Our new in-app currency is going to be called Listia Points (PTS)! Credits, Ink.. now Points? YES, we think we’ve finally landed on an in-app currency name that embodies everything Listia is about. You’ll be able to purchase, earn, and redeem Points as well and you won’t have to worry about anything else other than your Points on Listia! For the veterans, Points will behave more like credits and hopefully bring back some of that old school feel.

Launch Day

When we launch Listia Points & Props we’ll likely need to have a scheduled maintenance window where Listia will be offline. As usual, we’ll try to perform this scheduled maintenance when most of you are asleep.. or should be asleep! Mobile apps will also have a required update since there are quite a few changes. We’re trying our best to make the changeover as seamless for the community as possible, but below are a few things that you can expect when we launch.

XNK listings that are open or unpaid for will be automatically converted to Points. We are doing a direct conversion from XNK to PTS so you’ll simply see open listings use “PTS” instead of “XNK”. Closed listings that are unpaid for will use a checkout with your updated balances (see below) so you’ll still be able to pay for your item(s).

We’ll automatically convert your Store Credit balance to become your new Points balance. You’ll only have one balance to manage on Listia and this is where all your Points from selling, earning, and buying will go.

Your Main XNK balance will remain as is up until launch day. Afterwards, you’ll still be able to use your XNK at checkout and we’ll automatically convert your XNK to Points for you. You’ll also continue to be able to withdraw your XNK to your own external wallet for a limited amount of time.

Listia Points VS Props

Listia Points are the in-app currency so what are Props? Props are the new reward token that you get for certain actions such as earning positive seller feedback, badges, etc. We’ll be introducing a new badge called your Props Level and this is directly related to how many Props you’ve earned on Listia. When you reach certain levels you get better benefits on Listia like lower transaction fees, and bigger bonuses! Even better, you own your Props and you’ll be able to connect an external wallet to withdraw and manage your Props!

For more information on Props visit:

XP Update

With the introduction of Props, we’ve decided to retire the XP feature. Only some of our current members have this feature today, but in a few days we’ll be removing it for all users. If you collected a lot of XP over the years don’t worry! We’ll be giving out Props to our old users and we’ll take your old XP balances into consideration when determining how many Props you’ll start off with. When we first heard about Props we were really excited because it reminded us of our XP feature.. except on steroids.

Thank YOU!

Finally, a thank you to the entire Listia community for sticking with us for over 10 years! We’ve learned so much from the community and wouldn’t be where we are without you all! We’re super excited to you bring you this new iteration of Listia and we hope you have fun with it as well!

More updates will come as we approach launch day!

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