The American Apparel Listia Track Jacket

Story time! The iconic Silicon Valley startup company swag was always the company t-shirt, but for a lucky few, it was the track jacket (maybe hoodie). Listia was lucky enough to be able to get some of these made back in the day and they were ever meant to be released to the public due to their higher than t-shirt cost. Employees would get a navy blue track jacket on their first day at the office and you’d often see half of the office donning the jacket indoors because the air conditioning was always on full blast in every single one of our offices. If you ever ate lunch in downtown Mountain View, you’d often see the Listia crew eating at the various restaurants on Castro Street (Red Rock, Pho To Chau, Subway, Xanh, Shalala, Sushi Tomi, Stein’s, Totoro). A few navy blue track jackets eventually made their way to some Listia members, but for the most part they were an employee only swag piece.

The BLACK track jacket is a completely different item that only a small number of employees ever got their hands on. Throughout the years we would run office contests and competitions and the winner would likely earn a black track jacket. To say this is a rare swag item is an understatement as only a small percentage of employees ever got their hands on one!

For the first and last time, we have some of our last track jackets up in the Listia Rewards Store. Once these are gone, they will be gone forever and you’ll likely never see a new one pop up unless someone has been saving one (I may do that now that I think about it). After searching on American Apparel it also looks like they no longer have this exact style so you’ll have your chance to own a piece of Listia and American Apparel history! Only 4 black track jackets (S, L, XL, 2XL) and 4 blue track jackets remain (XL, 3 x 2XL)! (ends 12/1/20 2:30:00 PM GMT-0800) (ends 12/4/20 2:30:00 PM GMT-0800) (ends 12/8/20 2:30:00 PM GMT-0800)

Only a few sizes remain, apologies if we don’t have your size, but there’s nothing wrong with warming up in on your couch with an oversized Listia track jacket this winter! What should we make next? Hoodies? Joggers? Socks? Throw blankets?

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