Listia Marketplace and Rewards

There’s something new in town and it’s called Listia Rewards! You may have seen a post or two on social media about it, but we wanted to formally introduce and talk about it. Moving forward we’ll be adding another core concept to Listia, creating two platforms called Marketplace and Rewards. All your account settings, Points, and Props will be the same across all of the Listia platforms of course. Listia Marketplace will be what many of you are familiar with which is our buying and selling platform. Listia Rewards will be home to our earning and redeeming platform, starting with surveys, offers, and Amazon gift card redemptions!

Why the addition? We felt like the main Listia website and UI has gained a few pounds over the years and decided it was time to go on a diet! We built Listia Rewards in hopes to bring more offer companies, ways to earn Points, and ways to redeem Points without having to worry about squeezing everything into the existing pages. If you visit Listia Rewards you’ll see a light weight version of our old Listia offers page where you can navigate through all the ways you can earn Points on Listia. You can also see your Points balance, transactions, settings, redeem Points for Amazon gift cards, or continue spending Points in the Marketplace, etc.

Same account, same login, same Points and Props. Worried about a new login and account to manage? Fear not, both Marketplace and Rewards use the same login, and all your account settings and balances are the same! You can hop back and forth between both products and your account status remains the same. On the website, you are always just a link click away from either platform. If you’re wondering about Props bonuses for earning Points on offers, your Props level remains the same on both products as well!

More to come! We have a lot of plans in store for Rewards so stay tuned (more offer companies, different ways to earn, new ways to redeem, maybe a new app)! You may see some things from the Marketplace move over to Rewards just so we have a clear separation of what should go where, so don’t be alarmed! Send us a ticket if you have any questions or even a new idea, we’ll be happy to have a chat!

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