Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Listia is all about helping people be more green by letting them trade things that might otherwise turn into waste.

We should all take a few moments today (and everyday!) to give mother nature a big hug. Go ahead and recycle that empty soda can, turn off lights that aren’t in use and list all your old stuff that’s collecting dust.

You can also check out this great article (with a Listia mention!) that provides more tips on how to smartly donate, dispose of, and recycle your unwanted things:

Photo Reordering is Here!

We’re continuing to spruce up the listing form, and today we’re unveiling a very cool feature that lets you easily reorder your item photos!

Once you’ve uploaded two or more photos, you’ll be able to change their order by simply dragging and dropping them within the ‘Add Photo’ section of the listing form. This makes it particularly convenient for you to pick a main photo after you’ve uploaded all your pictures. The first image spot holds the main photo that appears in search results, and is denoted with a white star. Just drag the picture you want as your main photo all the way to the upper leftmost spot!


Keep in mind that reordering is disabled for old photos once someone bids on your auction, but you’ll know which photos cannot be reordered because a small lock icon will appear on them. However, you’ll still be able to to reorder any new images when you update your listings:

We hope this feature makes your listing life much easier. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Trade Your Way Up to a Vacation or New Car!


After a few weeks of beta testing, the Listia Rewards Store has officially launched!

The Rewards Store is a shop curated by us where you can redeem your credits for brand new items at fixed (Get It Now) prices. We’re adding more listings all the time, so you can check back every day for new surprises.

To celebrate our official launch, we’ve added a new Premium category which includes:

If you don’t have enough credits for Premium Rewards, don’t worry – you can start saving up now, or you can shop from a long list of other items. We stock the Rewards Store so there’s something for everyone.

Let us know in the comments what kind of Rewards you want to see added to the Store. Happy trading!

Listia Local – trade with your neighbors!

Today we officially launched Listia Local – a set of features that make it easier to trade stuff with your neighbors. We’ve been testing it for a few weeks now, and the response has been so great that we’re releasing Listia Local in four exciting cities.

Why Use Listia Local?

1) Discover Free Things Near You
Nothing is better than free stuff…except maybe free stuff in your area! With our new Listia Local filters, you can now browse all listings near you.

2) Get Your Stuff Faster

With the Local Pick Up option, you can get your items from the seller as soon as a listing ends. No more waiting by the mailbox to collect your winnings.

3) Save Money
Forget about mailing costs. Pick up your winnings locally from a seller, or avoid shipping fees by listing your unwanted stuff for Local Pick Up only.

4) Give and Get Big Things!

Now you can earn credits for that big couch no one uses at your house. Or win a new lawnmower from another local Listian. With Local Pick Up, the possibilities are endless!

How Do I Get Listia Local?

Listia Local is currently available in the following cities, and should be enabled automatically for you if you are in one of those cities. If not, please contact us and we can enable it for you. More cities coming soon!