Photo Reordering is Here!

We’re continuing to spruce up the listing form, and today we’re unveiling a very cool feature that lets you easily reorder your item photos!

Once you’ve uploaded two or more photos, you’ll be able to change their order by simply dragging and dropping them within the ‘Add Photo’ section of the listing form. This makes it particularly convenient for you to pick a main photo after you’ve uploaded all your pictures. The first image spot holds the main photo that appears in search results, and is denoted with a white star. Just drag the picture you want as your main photo all the way to the upper leftmost spot!


Keep in mind that reordering is disabled for old photos once someone bids on your auction, but you’ll know which photos cannot be reordered because a small lock icon will appear on them. However, you’ll still be able to to reorder any new images when you update your listings:

We hope this feature makes your listing life much easier. Let us know what you think in the comments!


  1. This is really great !!

  2. nice feature

  3. Nice addition! Another good feature to have would be if we can select the amount of credits that we want to give back as a refund to some of the winners instead of having to give them all of the credits back. Sometimes, the winner are willing to negotiate the amount of credits they want back and do not feel you have to give it all back to them.

  4. Rick Martinez says:

    Always like New & Improved

  5. Seems easy enough for me!

  6. sounds great

  7. hi everyone

  8. Stacy M Durland says:

    This is “GREAT”!

  9. Glad its here.

  10. Paris w. says:

    hello is anyone having problem with listia today because i just used GIN button and the item still on the bid list and i try to contact listia but it keep logging me out

    • you know what im having major problems, 2 auctions of mine ended over 4 hours ago and are still listed as on auction so i cant get info for shipping and when trying to get ahold of listia it keeps kicking me off of the site

  11. you know what im having major problems, 2 auctions of mine ended over 4 hours ago and are still listed as on auction so i cant get info for shipping and when trying to get ahold of listia it keeps kicking me off of the site

  12. also it keeps logging out my winner when she is trying to find out why she cant get her item

  13. Can’t find any info on when this change happened, Why wasn’t it announced it the blog like all other changes?
    “As a seller, how do my pending credits get transferred to me?

    When the buyer indicates that they’ve received the item, or when 20 days have passed since the auction ended, the credits will be transferred to the seller.

    As your reputation as a seller gets better, the credits from some of your auctions may be immediately transferred to you, bypassing the pending state. Over time, as your reputation continues to improve, the amount of credits that immediately transfer increases”
    “Please read over our support page on pending credits, We no longer use the trusted seller badge to transfer credits automatically to user accounts. It’s not me it’s Listia that made this decision as a company. I cannot transfer your credits to you sooner.
    We want to provide the best possible customer support for our Listia users, and to ensure that you continue to enjoy the site as we keep making it better and better. Thanks for being an active member, and if you have any further questions or concerns, please let me know.
    We appreciate your help in making Listia the best free online marketplace in the world!
    Listia Customer Support Team”

  14. I can’t uppluaded an image in m’y auction

  15. Very nice new feature! Thanks Listia 🙂

  16. I LOVE this new feature. I keep having issues where my pics upload in an order different than I picked and now with this it doesn’t become an issue anymore. Thank you for this! ❤

  17. I love this and the multiple picture uploading is perfect!!
    Thank you!!

  18. Sandra Goldsmith says:

    So far, I can say this site has only gotten better with age, (like a fine wine), I have only been a member for a short time, but I feel like I have made myself at home here! I love the new feature, but I truly love how you commend the good doings of ALL your members. I love to see e-mails that tell me I have got a nice surprise from Listia for being a good member. Your great doings, is what makes members like me, great members! You are so apprecated!

  19. Your effeciency and response time to reply to queries has drastically decreased and that is not acceptable.

    My 5 requests have been submitted from past 3 days and no replies yet.

    This is not done.

  20. LISTIA… I need to speek with someone incharge.. i won an auction and the seller recieved the credits but i have not recieved the item.. the seller will not respond to emails thanks

  21. I have placed too many listings for about 3 or 4 items. I didn’t know how to take them off. People had asked me to put a better picture on it so I thought I would have to relist them. I am so very sorry. Please tell me how to remove a listing. Also, this is my first time using Listia.

  22. How many pictures can we post on an auction ?

  23. sharonnana60 says:

    I am new not only to this butthe computer and having such a hard time on thing i bid on i cant find them i need help.

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