Let’s Get Digital

Today, we’re announcing a new way to list and find digital items on Listia! In the past, items such as e-books, codes, electronic gift cards, and other digital items that can be delivered electronically (via email) have been mixed in with the physical goods that make up the majority of listings on Listia. This made digital items difficult to find and also made it hard to just browse physical items in certain categories.

To solve these problems, we’re introducing a new delivery method called “digital delivery.” All digital goods from now on should be listed with this delivery method checked to ensure that other users will be able to find your items quickly and easily. Digital goods should no longer be listed with any physical delivery options such as “free shipping” or “local pickup” etc.  This listing feature was just released, and the second part of this feature (described below) will be released next week.

On the browsing side, you will be able to filter your results and include or exclude digital goods depending on what you are looking for. So, for example if you are looking for books but don’t want to include e-books, you can simply uncheck the “digital delivery” checkbox and continue browsing.  On the other hand, if you are only looking for electronically delivered gift cards, you can check the “digital delivery” checkbox and uncheck the other shipping and local pickup checkboxes.  This part is greyed-out currently but will be released next week.

As digital goods become a larger part of our marketplace and online commerce in general, we are committed to providing easy ways to find and discover these types of items when browsing the site. Let us know what you think of the new features and whether you find them helpful in the comments below. Thanks!


  1. Just got the news! As both a seller and buyer of digital goods, I am happy that the search is now going to be more refined.
    A newbie to Listia, and it just gets better every day!
    kim aka imagesbykim

  2. and what about recipes and DIY? will these be in this category too???

  3. Ive already edited all of my listings so I look forward to seeing how the search resluts turn out.


  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Those DIY instructions, Recipes, Tips, Tricks, Patterns, Pictures, and other stuff was just stuffing the site with annoying fluff.

  5. FANTASTIC!! Thank you so much!! Hopefully the whiners can move on to something else, or stop whining altogether. I know that would be a miracle but hope springs eternal!

  6. So will the digital feature search drive have specific type digital listings so we can search out things like digital codes or lunchmate type stuff that just gets sent through an email to the buyer? or is it going to be just one type feature that list any and all digitally sent stuff and will still have to wade through stuff not so much of interst to all?

    • fairly simple according to the blog, if you are browsing for a specific item or category, if you want digital items, leave the box checked, if you don’t, simply uncheck it.

  7. As someone who shops in the Movies and TV area, I have been wanting this feature! I prefer physical DVDs and Blu-Rays to digital copies, so this will hopefully help me filter out those results! Thanks so much! I love this site and am so pleased that you are committed to improving it with features we can use!!!

  8. Thank you, it’s been a long time coming and I will be forever grateful not to have to weed through those auctions. I personally don’t care for them and they have become a real epidemic.

  9. Hope that the Android and iOS apps are updated soon with this new functionality …

  10. Great about time the DIY were given their own world to scam each other.

    • I’m a little new to Listia, but AMEN to your comment!!!!

    • Not all digital items are scams and recipes for “fat Kids”.
      I create digital artwork and sell at very reasonable prices that allow other artists to use in their own artwork for resale.
      It is absolutely pathetic that Listia members are so rude to the digital members that have helped to build this site.
      A digital “scammer” is no different than the “scammer” that sells tangible goods that are stolen or misrepresented in listings

      wake up!

  11. What can i say i have not been able to get to Listia.com for 10 days try this one first and maybe i will have a better opinion about this

  12. I don’t see this option for app users. I 98% use this site threw my phone and again app users are always last!

  13. C.Merchant (Listia Name) says:

    WTG Listia! FInally, there is a solution that should keep everyone happy. In the past, the only way to ‘filter’ through digital auctions was to block the user, and thats not good! Now we can all browse and everyone’s happy! I’ve tried it and I like the way it works!

  14. Awesome news!! I love my LISTIA and am overjoyed to see you have delegated e-mail gifts/sales to their own space and place, rather than having to rummage through them!!

  15. Hi Listia, I am just wondering out loud…

    Is it possible to have a category called Digital?
    With subcategories for
    Digital art and collage sheets

    I do have many repeat customers and I know that there are many other digital collage sheet sellers that we really could have a separate category to help find these goods.

    kim aka imagesbykim

  16. Hello
    Am new to Listia I wold love some new fans I will fan back

    • c.merchant says:

      when you see an auction you like, bianca, be sure to tell the seller and fan them there. that is how you will build up a fan base. And by listing great auctions of your own!

  17. when will it actually work???

  18. Webmistress Ming says:

    Yes, and as an internet content provider who often sees my own copyrighted work on “sale” here without permission, it will now be easier to find the infringers and bust them.

    Just wish Listia ENFORCED the rules against these items. Letting people profit by posting these junk items just encourages copyright violation.

  19. I have a question about this. What about something a person is willing to deliver digitally or also physically? Like an Amazon Gift Card or an authors book, where they want to give the bidder the opportunity to decide which way they would like to receive it. I have seen GC auctions state free shipping and then say they will mail or email, whatever works for the buyer. Is this how that situation is handled? I would like to see more ebooks and books (owned by the author, most likely self-published) listed. I also want to say I agree not ALL digital items are scams or unworthy of bids. People who steal copyrighted material are not acceptable, but not all digital sellers do that. I scrapbook and purchase both digital and actual items for that and I appreciate that Listia offers both. imagesbykim is one of those people who should not be lumped in with the scammers. I like the special Digital shipping option and search filter. Just wondering how one would properly handle an item that could be delivered digitally or actually shipped to a physical address.

  20. Does the same 7-day rule apply to digital auctions, as well? I just had an Amazon card end today and 3pm, and the winner hounded me about not giving her the code 57mins later, then again a couple of hours later. I gave it to her approx 5 hrs later due to ‘real life’ getting in the way. However, I have a feeling she is going give me neutral or neg feedback due to not receiving it the second the auction closed! If she ruins my 100% positive feedback, I’m going to hunt her down and throttle her! LOL

  21. Gabriella says:

    I love having a digital section. Can’t wait until it’s an option in the listia app!
    The only thing I have a problem with is the amount of, and number of people who post,iTunes codes for the free songs/books/shows/apps that Starbucks offers. Anyone can get them for no cost at all, and people try to make they’re listia profits off of them, sometimes posting 20 auctions at a time for each song/app ect.

    • c.merchant says:

      you need to put in a support ticket, or flag those options and let listia know whats going on. maybe they’ll pull those auctions.

  22. Gabriella says:

    Well, there’s been a lot of people scamming other people on Listia lately. So if you’re charging a lot and it’s taking a while to get shipped, people probably get suspicious. It’s not like it’s your fault, but you just have to make sure you explain that to them. And you can’t complain about an entire website for the actions of one or a few people! It just doesn’t make sense. Or you could try to make your auctions end around a day when you are able to ship. That way, it won’t take a long time for people to get their items.

  23. Lori Matteson says:

    I have to say that I am a graphic designer and an avid crochet and knitter. I do not sell my digital images on Listia but I do sell the patterns that I have designed and written. I do not like the digital delivery option. With this new option, it does not say “Free Shipping” out side the listing. since going to digital deliver my listings are selling for about 1/4 of the credits that they were before. I am sure it is because people think that I am charging shipping for the pattern. Is there anyway for it to say “digital deliver” outside the listing like it does “free shipping”? I am about to stop selling my patterns here. I was getting on average 400-500 credits per listing and now I have listings ending with no bids (this has never happened in the 2 years that I have been on here). it is very disheartening to have my patterns not sell or sell for 25 credits when I have been getting so much before the change.

    • I agree with Lori. I have taken down many of my digital collage sheets due to lack of sales and it certainly has slowed since you made the changes. I have relisted most of them on another site that offers automatic download without me having to email the files to the customer, that saves a lot of time and I am getting real dollars for the files. Its not that I dont want to stay on Listia but I want to feel like I am just as valued a seller as those with tangible goods. I also sell tangible goods.

  24. i have been suspended lossing my things and never gave me a reason why and can i get my listia back please and i have sent messages but nothing back from them.

  25. kim douglas says:

    What about music? Can I upload cds that I have purchased and get points for them? Or is that illegal?

  26. I enjoy reading through a post that will make people think.

    Also, many thanks for permitting me to comment!

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