Labor Day Weekend

Over the long weekend (long weekends don’t really exist at a startup) we pushed out a few features that we thought we’d let you know about.

First, we added start bids for auctions from 0 to 100.  You can find this field in after you click on “show advanced options”.

Second, we also added variable auction lengths from 3 to 10 days.  This option is also under the advanced options menu.  Auction lengths are displayed on the auction view page.

Third, we added a way for you to import your email contacts to refer your friends a lot easier.  You can now import your addresses from Gmail, Yahoo & Hotmail under ‘My Account’.

Fourth, follow @onlistia to see newly listed items in your Twitter feed!

More to come!!!


  1. Brilliant features! waiting for more improvements 🙂

  2. Great features….THANKS!!

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