Video Contest Results!

We are pleased to announce the results of our recent video contest!  It was an extremely hard decision with a lot of internal debate about which video was the best, coolest, most fun, most creative, most informative or simply had the most effort put into it.  In the end, we still couldn’t come to a decision on some of them so we ended up with a few ties.  

1st Place: blakelyneal 

2nd Place (tie): spyda0507 and canneryrowdoc

3rd Place (tie): organicmomma and johnruss

Also, we liked some of the other top 10 videos so much that we have given out prizes for a few of those as well!  If you were in the top 10, check your account to see if you won 100 bonus credits for being an honorable mention 🙂

We appreciate everyone’s hard work on this contest and hope to do another soon!

View all of the video entries here!


  1. blakelyneal says:

    Woohoo! =DSo where should I email my address to?

  2. Listia Inc. says:

    You can open up a ticket at and mark it as “other”. I’ll have them forward it to us. Thanks!

  3. BMP/MBM STORMS MUSIC Publishing says:

    Neat video!

  4. Satamaru says:

    Cool videos

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