New Shipping Options


We’ve been working on some new shipping options and they should be pushed to the site soon.  Hopefully it’s self explanatory, but if you have any questions be sure to let us know.  The main change is the addition of shipping type which can be either “flat” or “exact”.  When you select flat rate shipping you must specify the cost you will be charging.  Exact shipping means you’ll charge exactly the amount it costs to ship the item, no more, no less.  We’ve also added a region for International shipping so you can specify where you’ll ship to a little easier.  Of course if these shipping options don’t suit your needs completely you can always write more in the auction description.  Enjoy!


  1. Zenvrse says:

    I just noticed the change in the ship options and I think it’s great! I need to list stuff to test it now! 😀

  2. gauthamgr says:

    i had requested to add a option as india and u guys accepted ….. thanks a lot for that

  3. If I bid on something that has free shipping on it, will I be charged any money after delivery 🚚 of the material to my address?

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