We’re Almost 1 Year Old!

It has been one heck of a year for Listia as we approach our 1 year birthday coming up on August 5th.  It was almost a year ago Gee & I pulled an all nighter to make sure our site stayed alive for our TechCrunch launch.  We had McDonald’s at 5AM and Cicero’s Pizza at 11AM taking turns napping for 10 minutes at a time to stay sane.  I’ll save more details for a post on the actual day, but just wanted to let everyone know that our birthday is coming up!  Maybe we’ll have some surprises for our awesome users.  =)


  1. Woo. Love your guys startup! Hoping I can be as successful as you guys have been in my own startup. Love the shirt! Will have to send you one of mine when our startup has some made!

  2. Listia Inc. says:

    Awesome! Good luck on your startup! When do you plan on launching?

  3. gauthamgr says:

    congrats guys …… all the best for next years …. hope i am that awesome user in listia …PLISTIA FAN IN INDIA

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