Shipping Addresses


On June 1st, we’ll be rolling out a new feature, Shipping Addresses.  In a nutshell, these are saved addresses that buyers enter once and reuse to tell sellers where they’d like their items shipped.  So instead of pasting (or re-typing) your address in a message every time you win an item, you’ll simply choose one of your pre-entered addresses, eliminating typos and saving time!  An additional benefit is that we standardize abbreviations, correct misspellings, and add in ZIP codes, all of which should help minimize shipping errors (example below).

Before June 1st, however, we’d like to first roll out the shipping address management page, located at  Over the next week, feel free to dive-in and save your shipping address so that you’re ready to go come June!


You can also navigate to the shipping address page from your My Listia page as well:



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  1. Goldenjuju says:
  2. Goldenjuju says:
  3. can you enter more than 1 adress this will be really cool

  4. Listia Inc. says:

    Yes you can

    • I recently moved about a month after entering in a shipping address, and i deleted my old one and tried to add my new shipping address into the system. But eveytime i try it says Declined. er Denied. One of the two. I can’t seem to get it to accept my new address, and i’ve been spelling everything right. I’ve been trying for about a week now… HELP???

      • killilluminatidude says:

        this happens to like for2 week and i am new to listia

      • Did you ever find a fix for this? I am having the same issue.

      • i keep trying send my shipping address but it keeps saying declined why?

      • I’m new to this but I’ve been trying for about 3 weeks now and it won’t accept my address it keeps telling me its declined and I’m spelling everything right is there any way to fix this I’ve won som stuff and wasn’t able to get it cause the seller couldn’t get my address and wouldn’t accept it in a email even tho it was the same as my DECLINED ADDRESS is there a way todo something bout this.

      • same thing happened to me

      • me too!! do u noe what we can do??

      • Does Listia even visit this blog anymore to respond to these comments?
        i joined, bid on listing won four of them.
        I then verified my acct via telephone, via $1 paypal debit and every other aspect.
        The moment i inserted to verify my mailing address i got pending status then later followed by declined.
        How can a company have a valid mailing address, have phone confirmation which logically could cross reference mailing address to even the Yellow Page not determine the address is valid and assumes it is not and shows up declined.
        But $10 paypal credits as well to start other bids but did not bid with that 10 dollar paypal and shall need to request my refund within timeline either via listia or paypal dispute since contacting Listia still gets not one response to date,that was two days ago.
        If i were having this website and catering toward a business model that wants to earn monies you surely could devise a procedure to correct your own mistakes.
        Nobody at my mailing have ever purchased anything at listia before and sadly the charm is starting to disappear as shortly will be insisting upon my 10 paypal refund and listia will have lost a customer which it never succeeded to interact.
        All i know is your toll free phone number listed in sunny California serves no purpose when you have decided to not have an employee answer it versus only having an answer machine.
        My greatest fear is having used the website support to correct this error not my own shall surpass efficiency to keep me as a customer cause employees could be hired for this purpose which in turn could make Listia have more customers.
        I surely do not want to list anything on this website if i can not even conclude the listings which i have won and sellers can not send.
        That is another issue, while Lisitia addresses this declined address it also needs to realize its established sellers are stuck in the middle between having a listing end and not being able to send it to some declined mailing address that is valid

    • i tryed to add a an address and when i clicked verify it gave me a diff city even when i typed in the zip code

      • It sucks…like we wrote before, we’ve got several family luving un the same address and we needed to switch around sometimes I took it off so my niece could use the address when she won something or my husband etc…why can’t they just minitor the same address accts from bidding in each others auctions??? Why???

      • the same thing is happening to me!!!!

    • kristen collins says:

      im not happy it keeps trying to make me verify some other address thats not mine but down the street from my house.. how do i get stuff i win? google maps doesnt show my house but i still get my mail!!!!????

    • why cant my wife use the same address as me?

  5. Kendrah says:

    Will this automatically give the seller your address once you have won the auction? I hope so. It will make the wait easier on both the seller and the buyer.

    • You have to click the auction link and it will take you to where you give the seller your shipping address.It won’t do it automatically

  6. Racegirl1022 says:

    Great Idea!! Thanks for making Listia easier!!

  7. Alex Crocker says:
  8. Alex Crocker says:

    Thanks Listia for adding useful new features to the site! Now if only you would make a UNIVERSAL app in the App Store, because I like to browse Listia on my iPad.

  9. tlcbenner says:

    Gotta love the upgrades!!!

  10. SanFran876 says:

    LOVE the idea HATE that you auto shorten my zip code from 9 digits to 5. This is bad because in my overpopulated county, the extra dash four digits gets me my mail DAYS faster because its more specific. My 5 digit zipcode applies to 4 different towns BUT my 9 digit ONLY applies to MY town. FIX the form, please, before it go live!

  11. zbakes1 says:

    yesssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome

  12. zbakes1 says:

    come to think of it, why did you not have this when you started?

  13. zbakes1 says:
  14. Listia Inc. says:

    @Kendrah: Not quite. Once the auction ends you’ll receive an e-mail saying that you’ve won (as usual). From there you’ll have to choose the saved address you want to use. We’ve thought about what you’ve proposed, and it’s something we’re still thinking about! =)@SanFran876: Good point. Right now we’re relying on Google Maps to help us clean up the addresses, and at this point they’re not yet supporting the 9-digit ZIP codes. We’ll definitely mark this down as a to-do and see what we can do for you!

    • jennifer everidge says:

      ive won item and have been trying for the past couple days to enter my address so the seller will send the item. ive already paid shipping and when i click the validate address button it does nothing. what can be done to fix this??

    • address verification says:

      Help me I can’t even get the button on my address verification to work also unable to send a help ticket the page wont work help

    • Madeline Crouch says:

      Listia, you have a system of address processes that is not functioning. You send problems to me to tell the new person how to put the address in:Try putting your city, state, and zip on the 3rd address line and leaving the city, state & zip empty. That worked for me. And no follow up ever comes from you. Fix the problem! Or explain it only works if you do this-or that. Don’t keep sending me people who are so frustrated they are ready to drop the whole thing. That’s not good business for anyone!

    • Cheyanne Matchell says:

      I am having a problem with verifying my address. Once i click verify it says “Address cannot be found.” I’ve made sure everything I entered was correct. What is going on with listia?

  15. aggiesangels says:

    It won’t work for me! Google doesn’t recognize my address since I live on a County Road. Oh well, it doesn’t take but a few seconds to type it out. Great idea though!

  16. BestLoginSeller says:

    Well, does that mean we will not be able to change our addresses again and again? like if i want to directly gift the item to someone or send somewhere else then? Can we still use the Message/Mail system for the Final Address or no?

  17. shanastyred says:

    I cant use my address either and its a normal address. When I typed it in, it only shows the city, state and zip. It does not show the numbers or route. I would love to be able to use this feature. I think it would be easier if you were not using google maps. Just let the person type in and save the address and not worry about you guys verifying it. I think we all know our address better than google map does. Just my opinion. Great idea though!

    • Elizabeth Haskell says:

      i agree, i am new and i won an auction but it says it cant verify my address, this IS my address, i dont know what to do… i want my item, especially since listia already got the amount out so i did pay, why in the world would i give a bad address?/ please LISTIA helppppppp… i want my item… ty , elizabeth

  18. Listia Inc. says:

    @aggiesangels and @shanastyred: Please submit a support ticket at and provide your full address. We’ll look into this@BestLoginSeller: We’re allowing users to enter their shipping addresses to our management page so by June 1st, you can simply choose one of your pre-entered addresses when you win an item. We want to eliminate typos which can prevent shipping errors or delay. You can add and remove addresses on

  19. Lonely_Cupcake says:

    This is awesome! Except it makes spelling checks that I can’t override. My street is “Lakeview” one word, not two words “Lake View.” Not sure if that really makes a difference in shippng but……?

  20. adrapes92E303 says:

    i live in a college dorm and change addresses every semester. will i be able to change it when i need to? my university is a pain when it comes to mail forwarding

  21. streetcar76 says:

    for some reason it will not accept my house number….any suggestions?

  22. mamakat828 says:

    Well, I’m not sure I can use this either. I put in my zip code but when it shows up corrected there is no zip at all. Just USA (which, quite frankly, covers a lot of area)

  23. Listia Inc. says:

    @Lonely_Cupcake: Right now we’re relying on Google Maps to help us clean up the addresses. Try entering your address on Google Maps and see if the location of your address is correct with the Lakeview vs Lake View difference@adrapes92E303: You can add and remove addresses on Right before you click on “Save Address”, click on “Need Help?” and see if one of those tips apply to you@mamakat828: Same with Lonely_Cupcake’s reply, try entering your address on Google Mpas and see if your address shows upIf you’re still experiencing issues with entering your shipping address (after attempting all necessary options), please send us a support ticket at with your full shipping address and we’ll try to further investigate the situation. Thanks!

  24. Mary thebuttonlady says:

    be careful with this service, for example, my address will not confrim with the lot number, only address to front office

  25. Mary thebuttonlady says:

    also it puts periods between initials which USPS does not want on addresses

  26. Listia Inc. says:

    @buttonlady: Try adding your Lot # by adding a field in the “Need Help?” link. Here’s a screen shot:

  27. dthomas1388 says:

    my address is a P.O. box and it did the same thing with the zipcode, just put my city, state, and USA. Any suggestions? Otherwise I will just type it in everytime, no big deal, I’ve been doing it that way forever πŸ™‚

  28. scrappinmagic says:

    wouldn’t accept my apartment number….even after I used the *help* and added a new box for apartment. Then it said the page was not found.

  29. Listia Inc. says:

    @dthomas1388: You can add your P.O. Box # in the “Need Help?” link. Here’s a screen shot: Also check out the latest blog. It has more information about shipping addresses@scrappinmagic: Try entering your address again & add the apartment number in the first step. (ex: 12345 Street Name “#”, City, State, Zip).If problems still persist, please submit a support ticket ( and include your address. Thanks! We’re glad everyone is entering in their shipping addresses πŸ™‚

  30. scrappinmagic says:

    I got it….it's listing my apartment number before the street address, which is fine!! It did the same when I listed my daughter's PO box (as I sometimes have items shipped to her)Thanks! Karen

  31. So….I live at 215a — it’s a split lot with 2 houses, not an apartment. It keeps reverting to 215. I tried to use the “other” box, but then that looks confusing because it reads “#215a, Road, City, State…” So it doesn’t look like 215a is my street address! Help! πŸ™‚

  32. Listia Inc. says:

    @Tara W: Go ahead and submit a support ticket to us at and include your full address so we can check it out for you (You don’t need to reveal it here) πŸ™‚

  33. spezman2008 says:

    I keep putting in my address and it keeps telling me a different address is three Springs it keeps putting 3 springs..that is not my I think this is more trouble than it;s worth…

  34. NardeenG says:

    im already having trouble with this address thing. I try adding my postal code and when i press the verify button i keeps on changing my postal code. the ending of my postal code is 4 and it changes it to a 2. it keeps everything the same exept that part. HELP!

  35. LordDeathscythe says:

    Why not make it preferred, but not required because Google maps does not get 90% of the addresses right the first time. Besides I like the idea of having to pick and choose which address I want the item shippied, because it provides me with more human contact than with a computer that can and sometimes go down and mess things up for everyone.

  36. Listia Inc. says:

    Thanks everyone for commenting. We built this feature with only our users’ best interests in mind, and we regret to hear that it’s causing some people trouble. As always, we’re here to help!If you’re experiencing an incorrect address after clicking on “Verify Address” (such as incorrect zip code, city, etc), please send us a support ticket at including your mailing/shipping address and we’ll look into it. Thanks again!

  37. Shannon says:

    I tried using the new shipping address for Listia,and i am not happy at all,i put in my shipping addresss but when i went to confirm it,it shows a totally different address,now it is saved,and it isnt even my address,how the heck can i change this,and why isnt it saving my address i wrote in ????

  38. CrafterCat says:

    I could not get my proper shipping address to verify properly. I’m not sure why. It kept defaulting to a different location, and there was nowhere that I could see where I could edit the address and save it correctly. Help?!!

  39. Listia Inc. says:

    @Shannon and @CrafterCat – Click the “Need Help?” link right under the address after you enter it and you can add any other info you like, such as PO box #’s, apartment #’s etc. You can easily remove the one that was saved and add a new one as needed πŸ™‚

  40. Achraf Almouloudi says:

    Hi, there is a problem when I would add my Morocco long address your system don’t understand the form it should be so please let me add a address without verification by automated or manual systems .

  41. Listia Inc. says:

    @Achraf: Hi there. Please send us a support ticket ( with your full address and we’ll be able to help you.

  42. Mary thebuttonlady says:

    Listia said to email them through their help link at the very bootom of the site pages with your full addy and they wil “fix it” what I am dong in the mean time is charging a 1.00 token shipping fee, and accpeting paypal payment, to get an accurate mailing addy for auction winners. most everyone os willing to help and understands. I hope to get back to fee shipping soon!

  43. Kenneth Sykes says:
  44. jersharocks says:

    This is all good and well except you DECLINED my address and didn’t even tell me WHY. My address is EXACTLY what I’ve used for hundreds of packages that have been shipped to me so I don’t understand why you DECLINED it. You should at least tell me WHY.

  45. Shannon says:

    I dont know what you are talking about, i didnt decline anything, only Listia can do thatShannon

  46. ramzeen says:

    cant add my adress………
    showing “sorry, we cant find any results for that adress. plz try again”..
    help plzzzz

  47. Sumaiya says:

    I am from india how can I get the stuff which I can won

  48. Courtney Schertz says:

    PROBLEM!! Mine won’t take anything I put in!

  49. i keep trying to verify my addres add shipping address and it will NOT let me what do i do? i have won a auction and cannot recive the item until i verify my address HELP PLEASE

  50. susan walter says:

    I’m having the same problem as vicky walker. There has to be an answer in how to fix it. HELP ME PLEASE !!!!

  51. casey b says:

    how long does it take too verify a address its been 2 days for me now?

    • listiatae says:

      Hi Casey b,
      Usually just a couple of days, so yours is probably coming right up. If you’d like to check on it though, you can always send in a ticket. Thanks!

  52. Sally Sullivan says:

    This verify address thing is ridiculous. I have tried to verify and it doesn’t do anything just sits there. I think that something needs to be fixed with this since so many seem to be having problems. Maybe hire some competent IT people.

  53. Not very beneficial for me. I keep trying to put it my address and it keeps saving it incorrectly. Not sure what to do!!!

  54. i need help it wont let me verify my address
    wat can i do?

  55. for some reason it keeps decline my address i dont know why can you find out why

  56. hey i am from australia and i am unable to put in my adress could someone please help me

  57. faith casco says:

    it takes too long for pending cant you gust verify the address

  58. Listia has declined my address. Why did they decline it? What do I do to resolve this?

  59. it wont let me click on verify address when i type in my address. Why?

  60. I entered my address and it was declined. My wife has a listia account, but she uses it for things for her and I want one for me. we googled information on why mine was declined and information saying that if the same address is used then it will be declined to assure that people aren’t using multiple accounts. What about people who have multiple adults in the same house? Not really fair. She has completely different taste then I do.

  61. Why I try to verify my address, it changes everything. I live in a town called Lawrenceville, which is in northern PA… but I hit the verify button and suddenly the address is in pittsburgh?! And I am still waiting on support to get back to me with a way to fix the problem

  62. I just want to say how upset I am with this site. My little brother found this site and he has been using it, he has already gotten a few things from it. It seemed cool so I decided to check it out, only to turn out that I can not get anything because it denies my address, I assume because he already has the same address set. I find this extremely upsetting and wish something would be done about it.

  63. Okay, I’m just a little confused. When I signed up with Listia I made an account that’s connected to my Facebook. However, I got sick of it logging my Facebook out every time I logged off of listia and vice versa. Therefore, I made another account that is separate from Facebook. I DO NOT use my Facebook connected account, but because I already have my address on the Facebook connected account it won’t let me use my address for my separate account. it denies it every time. How can I use my address on my listia if it denies it!!

  64. My address is still not working even when i click no it won’t let me fix it

  65. Elisha Mingua says:

    I keep trying to put in my address and it keeps changing the street name. What do I do?

    • Madeline Crouch says:

      On the bottom left of the page there is a contact on it and fill out the form and they will fix it for you .

  66. Rhonda Buckingham says:

    I cant get my address to save

  67. I deleted my old account and then made a new one and i try to get my address verified again but it keeps saying declined? Any ideas?

  68. Can i have the item i won sent to a friend?
    My name and address keep getting declined.

    • Madeline Crouch says:

      On the bottom left of the page there is a contact on it and fill out the form and they will fix it for you .

  69. amy landrum says:

    my address is right but when i put my zip code on there
    its wrong

  70. Ryan Hart says:

    its not letting me save a address any suggesstions on what to do

  71. I moved and went to change my address and it wont let me save it. I typed it in properly and everything so now what can i do? Any suggestions?

    • By the way I deleted my old address and cannot enter the new address so does this now mean i am not verified?

    • Madeline Crouch says:

      On the bottom left of the page there is a contact on it and fill out the form and they will fix it for you .

  72. morgan suter says:

    i live with 2 other people and we all use the same computer and all have listia accounts. but it has only saved one of the users address. lee carley and myself can not seem to get it to save ours… please help.

  73. daniel w dean says:

    i have been trying to get my address verified so i can have my wins sent to me but every time i click verify address nothing happens, i need help otherwise my win and my credits will be taken from me. help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Madeline Crouch says:

      On the bottom left of the page there is a contact on it and fill out the form and they will fix it for you .

  74. my address is totally wrong, so if i win something it’s going to be sent to someone in timbatu somewhere usa how can i change it

  75. I just moved in to my house 6 months ago and I’m still new at this site but every time I try to add my address it Declined, so I’ve tried to at my grandmothers and it does the same. What do I do? I would really like to have my address saved.

    • Madeline Crouch says:

      On the bottom left of the page there is a contact on it and fill out the form and they will fix it for you .

  76. Yea i am trying to save a new address but it won’t let me is it my own address i am supposed to save or someone ealse

  77. judith sanders says:

    I am unable to enter my correct address. Your software keeps changing Fredericksburg, VA to Hartwood, VA. There IS NO town called Hartwood! Please allow me to provide an accurate address!

  78. SamanthaGrobbel says:

    I’m trying to verify my shipping address, with no luck! I’ve typed in my address perfectly, then clicked “Verify Address.” NOTHING IS HAPPENING, and I’m getting frustrated. I’ve been trying for TWO DAYS now, can someone please help me? I’ve won some bids and I NEED my address verified.

    • Madeline Crouch says:

      On the bottom left of the page there is a contact on it and fill out the form and they will fix it for you .

  79. I put my zip code 11205 , & it keep giving me 11238 ! . what going on ?

    • Madeline Crouch says:

      On the bottom left of the page there is a contact on it and fill out the form and they will fix it for you .

  80. im putting my boyfriend address, for now ! but i want my address , brooklyn , ny 11205 usa

  81. Everytime I put in my shipping address when it goes to verify it its completely different then my address I typed in it does it everytime i reset it and put it in again

  82. It wont let me put in my shipping address what can i do

  83. James Giffin says:

    It puts the wrong city in for my zip code, the city it puts in is over 400 miles away and is NOT in the same zip code, not even remotely close and it won’t let me change it. My wife’s account has the same address but it puts in the right city. What’s up with that?

  84. i cant get my address to stay or get approved i cant get any of my item i have won

  85. Why won’t it let me verify my address? At first it told me my address was invaild and now won’t do anything.

  86. Ashok Agarwalla says:

    I am unable to list my postal address. So please guide me. I am from India.

  87. I am finding your auto corect verry verry anoying. It will NOT allow me to put in my correct address without changing it to an INCORECT address. I can not have anyone ship to my address if your computer will NOT alow me to put in my ADDRESS!!!!!!!!

  88. Nell bennett says:

    When I put my new address in says can’t verify it is correct here it is ccan someone please help I love listia Nell Bennett 1841 CT 4660 winnsboro Texas 75494 thank you

  89. Alondra Ramos says:

    why is my address not saving or anything??????????????????

  90. my address keeps getting declined i won something and can not get it

  91. Tim Taylor says:

    I keep putting in my street address and the name is Cynthia not Cindy but they keeps changing it and that is and address across town

  92. i keep trying send my shipping address but it keeps saying declined why?

  93. I keep trying to put my shipping address in but when I press ‘Validate’ nothing happens. What gives?

  94. It won’t let me validate my address either!!!

  95. Martha Acosta says:

    I been here in Listia over a year now, and i been having the same address, but i put my address and my name only, not my last name. And i wanted to add my last name to my address.. but, when i did add my last name, my address will show up with nother street address wasnt mine. i try change it again. i spell everything right. and it says denied. i spell everything right, is the same address i leave. i just wanted to add my last name, i need help,i just won some heels and they wont sent them to me until i have a verify address, i pay for shipping.. please help. i could see i am not the only one here, with this problem..

  96. OK well they say its google maps but I checked and my house is there even with a picture from years ago… they need to fix the bug….

  97. Kimberly Rehfeld Pierce says:

    i cant get my shipping address to save!!! I have a few things i won they want my address what do I do?

  98. Google maps never has my address correct. I have tried 3 times to put it in correctly but it keeps saying that the hwy I live off of is 45 South not 45 North. What can I do?

  99. How do I get my apt # to come on after my st. address it comes first and people are sending my things wrong???

  100. now i can get an address at all or make a ticket
    I wand a full refund on a sight and can’t post the ticket

  101. ALEX RIOS says:


  102. Diane Sims says:

    First time user and won

  103. I have tried to verify my address many times but I get no save button and the verify button is grey and won’t let me click it.

  104. Hannah Sullivan says:

    Each time I type in my address to validate it, the address it changes it to is not correct. For some reason I have had this same problem with my address here locally with GPS systems. The address it pulls up is 815 College Terrace, Murray, Ky 42071 when my actual address is 815 College Courts, Murray Ky 42071. There is a College Terrace in Murray but its not where I am. I live on campus at Murray State University. I’ve already had one auction I won get sent to this wrong address and I don’t want it to happen again. How can we fix this?

  105. Anjelica Miraglia says:

    whenever i type in my address it changes my rd. is it because its a Farm to Market road? ive won 2 auctions and lost a lot of points because of this. very disapointed.

  106. Denise Miles says:

    It REFUSES to acknowledge my address as valid. I live in W Smith St and it insists on live on W Smith Rd. There is a W Smith St and Rd in my town I live on ST not RD… UGH how can I get it to approve my actual address?? I have this is with GPS all the time… everyone ends up at W Smith RD instead of my house on W Smith St. My house is 7 years old, it is not exactly new.

  107. Tara russ says:


  108. Caylin Monroe says:

    My address doesnt just shows my name then the city and state with ZIP code, not my address! Fix please–

  109. Shannon says:

    MY ADDRESS KEEPS GETTING DECLINED Please Help i have won 7 things i need this fixed ASAP HELP!!!

  110. How can I get my address verified without joining Facebook or Twitter, which I have no use for? I’m already a trusted seller and a long time PayPal user, I’m in the freakin; phone book, so why can’t I get my address verified?

  111. Madeline Crouch says:

    The automatic computer keeps putting a wrong town on my address. I have tried to re-validate and to ask for help to no avail. Please help!

  112. Laura James says:

    It will not verify my address. It keeps changing the town, zip code, & taking off our lot number. I can prove that my address is correct. So it needs to be fixed in your system so I can bid on

  113. Crytek90 says:

    Indian address not accepting

  114. Hayley Gilbert says:

    Every time I try to get my address verified it just changes the whole thing, why? Someone please help!!!

    • Madeline Crouch says:

      I had the same problem, for some reason it kept putting a different town in the city name section. So I made the city name section blank and put my info (city name) onto the line above it until it was right. THAT WORKED!

  115. Will other people who have accounts know your address?

  116. I submitted a ticket. . .this sucks. I keep winning auctions with live plants and after a week of them traveling in circles around my area for a week or more they get to me dead. So glad I’m paying for postage for them to get to me but they get here dead because I can’t update my zipcode. 😦 9 digit zipcode would be great

  117. Hey can anyone here help me? im at a military base in japan, and my adress is an APO AP set up, it counts as if i was in the states but it wont register here.

    • Madeline Crouch says:

      Try putting your city, state, and zip on the 3rd address line and leaving the city, state & zip empty. That worked for me.

  118. just wondering if your shipping address is viewable on your your listia profile or if can only be viewable to the seller once you’ve won an item…..

    • Madeline Crouch says:

      Your address is private and not available to anyone on your Listia profile. However if you win an auction, then you get to choose the address to ship to if you provided more than one. Otherwise your basic address comes up when you win an auction and all you have to do is choose your address.

  119. I keep trying to verify my address but once I click the button it just sends me to the top of the page. How am I supposed to verify it if it won’t even try to?

  120. velma cavazos says:

    my address is not correct, I keep trying to correct it but it does not work, what do I do? I won a bid but my address needs to be corrected fast.

  121. Try putting your city, state, and zip on the 3rd address line and leaving the city, state & zip empty. That worked for me.

  122. EvasionEmerald119 says:

    my address is a p.o box but it keeps getting declined and everything is correct. why?

  123. It keeps declincing my address and i cant figure out why. me sister uses listia and has the same address and hers went threw and but when i type it in for mine it wont accept it. how can i fix this this? please help

  124. Cody coggins says:

    Every time I try to verify my adress on listia it will not do anything. What should I do?

  125. Cesiap22 says:

    How do.i know if my address is saved???

  126. Is the address viewable by everyone? Or just the person sending you the item you won? Don’t really want my info out there if everyone can see it…

  127. I can’t save my shipping address why what can I do?

  128. me and my sister both have a listia account and it wont let me verify my address. is this because we have the same address and it wont let two accounts have the same address?

    • Madeline Crouch says:

      If you enter the full address with city, state and zip code on the 2nd address line,it will
      ok it. At least that’s what I did when I tried it.

  129. it want let me add my p.o box why

  130. Ok I won a caution and I put in my address and then confirmed it and saved it and it says it’s declined what do I do I need help

  131. Rachael Jumper says:


  132. Im having a problem with my second account address keeps declining please help because I don’t no of any other way to contact listia

  133. i have been trying for over a week to get my address validated ive done everything and nothing working it wont even try to validate hit button and nothing gone everywhere done everything sent in tickets quite a few actually and no response some sellers wont deal with u ithout it someone anyone HELP!!!

  134. David Estep says:

    It will not get my address correct as I typed it

  135. My friend Nena and I use the same addresses because we win stuff for each other sometimes. I know listia is just trying to help weed out the fraudulent users but it’s annoying that I have to wait 24 hours for them to verify the address if they verify it at all.

    • yea ive ran across right many people that are having problems with address validation and answers to thier tickets so far as long as i send them my address ive had no problems but there are some that wont deal with u without that validation my sis having same problem hope they fix it soon

    • Madeline Nichols-Crouch says:

      Try putting your city, state, and zip on the 3rd address line and leaving the city, state & zip empty. That worked for me.

  136. to also having this problem. cannot save my address. I’m outside of United Status. who can help me to save my address?

    • i wish i could help u but i still havent found out anything either they still havent answered my ticket either im thinking theres a cligue they need to fix cause alot of people are having same problem we cant all be doing something wrong

  137. I saved my address and it says verified but the seller says its not working and because im so new its taking me forever to contact lista and tell them about it…the major problem is my time limits about to be up….

    • Madeline Nichols-Crouch says:

      Try putting your city, state, and zip on the 3rd address line and leaving the city, state & zip empty. That worked for me.

  138. Colton Durham says:

    I cannot input my address because it either leaves information out or it goes to the R.V. park down the street. I don’t understand why it wont let me :/..

  139. i’m trying to verify my address and it keeps saying pending. how do I get it verified???????? it’s really upsetting me and I want it fixed. I won a auction and would like to receive my item.

    • im having samr problem and all they keep doing is sending me the samething over and over again and it doesnt help ive been getting people to verify mine thru facebook and have them read my feedbacks so far ive had no problems

      • Madeline Nichols-Crouch says:

        Try putting your city, state, and zip on the 3rd address line and leaving the city, state & zip empty. That worked for me.

  140. It’s not recognizing my home address nor my college address. What should I do??

    • im not sure ive been trying for few weeks now and samething happening contacted listia but they still havent gotten back to me ive been telling everyone they can verify thru my facebook and have them look at my feedbacks havent had any problems so far

  141. Jessica Birdsell says:

    It wont validate my address, every time I put it in it, it changes it!!
    Gives me another town and zip code, and my street address isnt even right!!
    I know where I live! Why wont it take it?

    • Madeline Nichols-Crouch says:

      Try putting your address a little differently. What I did is is put the correct address on the 1st address line and then put my correct city state and zip on the 2nd line of the address request and it went through!
      Unless they updated the problems this should work for you.

  142. kelly graves says:

    Shipping address is 204 310 the street Fenton Iowa 50539

  143. Stephanie Jackson says:

    I keep entering my address it won’t approve it at all it is the right address to

  144. I keep putting in my address and it is changing my postal code to the wrong one and I don’t know what to do..

    • Madeline Nichols-Crouch says:

      Try putting your city, state, and zip on the 3rd address line and leaving the city, state & zip empty. That worked for me.

  145. HELP! I am have trouble with my Shipping Addresses. It will not let me remove an incorrect address and it is not allowing me to add a new address…. Any Suggestions? I have a seller waiting on a verified address! Thank You! Tina

    • Add your correct address. it should be verified by tomorrow. contact listia and see if it can do expedited.

    • Madeline Nichols-Crouch says:

      Try putting your city, state, and zip on the 3rd address line and leaving the city, state & zip empty. That worked for me.

  146. My shipping address disappered how do i get it show back up.

  147. Lori Tucker says:

    My Postal code is wrong on the verified address and it won’t let me change it..How can I fix this?

  148. I moved and changed my address. Then when I put the address and hit verified it adds more to the address. LIstia please look at my address and change it to what is on file.

  149. When I go in and put my address it will not let me put in all of it. it kicks out ( south ) on my address. I have won an item and the seller will not send because she says its not a verified address when I tell her what is going on. I need help

  150. Lori Tucker says:

    My postal code is incorrect and it won’t let me change it.They are using Google and sometimes they don’t know everything!!

  151. Victoria McKee says:

    Icant get my address. to verify. What should I do?

    • Lori Tucker says:

      On the bottom left of the page there is a contact on it and fill out the form and they will fix it for you .

  152. Malinda Meegahakotuwa, says:

    I cant validate my shipping address. I tried many times pls help me. my shipping address is
    Malinda Meegahakotuwa,
    Sri Lanka.

  153. Lisa A Bunnell says:

    Listia-Can you please get your address set-up straightened out???? We have 3 people all using one ipad & we 3 all live at one address BUT you only allow 2 people to use the address….what is the 3rd person suppose to do?
    And I cannot get a support stub ticket, it won’t let me!
    Can you please help and straighten this out?
    1) Lisa A Bunnell-verified
    2) Roger W Bunnell-verified
    3) Jazmine J Bunnell-DECLINED
    And yes, we all live at this following address;
    606 S. Commercial Street. Neenah, WI. 54956

  154. I can’t validate my shipping address, every time I type it in it declines it. Might do to a previous user having my address if this is the case that is VERY inconvenient need to allow multi-address because this is a MAJOR flaw.

    • Madeline Crouch says:

      If you enter the full address with city, state and zip code on the 2nd address line,it will
      ok it. At least that’s what I did when I tried it.

  155. Trevor Dudley says:

    How come every time I put my shipping address in it gets declined

    • Madeline Crouch says:

      Something is wrong with the system…if you put your address on line 1 and use the next line for city, state and zip it might accept the address. Let me know if it email is

  156. Mary Maitland says:

    I am trying to enter my address but the form is only accepting part of it. It keeps changing it. It also ignores my apt number.

  157. Victoria McKee says:

    I cannot validate or save my address.

    • Lori Tucker says:

      On the page where you sign into Listia is a contact on it and let them know about your problem and they will fix it in their end.

  158. I cannot write my address to verify it, I live outside USA, and when I write the P. O Box the system register this as an address in USA, please help me, thanks

  159. Ive entered my address multiple time and it continues to change my town and zip code information. How can i resolve this?

    • Madeline Crouch says:

      Try putting your city, state, and zip on the 3rd address line and leaving the city, state & zip empty. That worked for me.

  160. Listia only inform people one IP can not have over one accounts but there is one rule that you would not know from listia.

    Listia did not inform people, that if 2 people use same shipping address in the saved shipping address, or when one person win items in auction. if they type address that someone in listia had, listia would put pending

    normally people think that pending may mean, oh they(staff) may approve when they online. but actually not.

    pending is the time listia catch otehr listia shipping address datas. to see if someone use the same address with you

    then they ban if 2 people or more use same one address in shipping add.

    listia? free play, I would say yes.

    if you need to pay money, like facebook. I dont suggest.

  161. trying to put in my address and it keeps telling me wrong town wont let me fix it.Help

  162. Listia sellers should believe other listian like how they believe other ebayers. Ebay and Etsy are bigger and better than listia. many unverified addresses that listia did not recognize are all being recognized by ebay (even if we exclud ETSY)

    Listia sellers, if your address also turn unverified in listia you will really know the pain those unverified listians without verified address face. Believe those whose address is not listia verified that ebay verifies their addresses. Even if we dont count ETSY in.

  163. Retha Cook says:

    You aren’t getting my address correct!! I have re-entered it a dozen times. com’on!

    • Madeline Crouch says:

      This has happened to a lot of people. Try this: Put your name on the 1st line and address on the third line along with your city state and zip. Try entering it and if you try again..just ignore the 1st address line and you should be ok.

  164. Never in my life has been so HARD to enter a correct address. I’ll not buy from this site UNLESS Listia make it right!!

  165. Alexander says:

    When i tryed to validate my address it didnt save and i already tried reloading the page.

  166. Lori Tucker says:

    Go to Listia help and ask them.I had to do that when it gave me the wrong postal code/

  167. Is my address for everyone to see or just when I have won somethin?

    • Lori Tucker says:

      The only one that can see your address is the seller if you win something.You have to click on the auction link in your email and then when you get to your Listia click have it shipped and then click on your shipping address.Nobody else will be able to see it.

  168. Hi there to every single one, it’s genuinely a pleasant for me to
    pay a quick visit this web site, it includes helpful Information.

  169. Tabatha Cantrell says:

    My address was not approved, and im not sure why

  170. Paul krajewski says:

    Can someone tell me why my address was declined won a few items but I put in my address and how long do I have to wait for it to be veriyed

  171. Ricky Woods says:

    Every time I go to save my address your system shows it incorrectly, I attempt to correct it and it still shows it incorrect, No matter how many times I tried correcting it it still prints it incorrect

  172. Jeanne Finch says:

    Is there a way to get my address into this site?

  173. I was recently banned from listia because I’d been accused of multiple accounts(I shared a comp. with my friend/roomate who had made a listia account) We both used different addresses cause we had read that if you use the same address you get banned. Well, after being banned I kinda just made another account with my aunts address and she is sick of the packages. I’m afraid that if I try to validate/verify my address again I will be banned…again. I really love the site and can’t get enough especially when I sell and buy things. Basically if listia won’t answer my question will someone else.

    Simple question- if I enter my address that had been entered in a recently banned account will I get banned again?

    Also, if you delete a verified address is it still saved in the system?

  174. Richard says:

    I keep getting declined after I enter my shipping address and dunno why.

  175. I forgot my password to my account so I made a new one and I typed in my address because I won something and it say declined every time


  177. I am new to this site. I won an auction, but when I try to verify that the seller has received my shipping address nothing happens. I have tried to go to the auction link to send seller an email it wont do anything but send me a list of other sites. I tried to answer the sellers email but it again wont go through. how do I contact the seller through auction link?

  178. jennifer canada says:

    1374 kimmerling rd.
    Gardnerville NV. 89469

  179. Daniel mitchell says:

    Thanks will enjoy this ring in my collection

  180. Stacy Norrids says:

    Crappy website. I won an item but when I try to validate my address it is not close to what I entered. Can not fix it.

  181. Very good information. Lucky me I discovered your website by chance (stumbleupon).
    I have saved it for later!

  182. Chels Potter says:

    Will my address be shown public on my account? Also how does this whole thing work? I’m new to this, just yesterday, and I’m confused in the whole thing.

    • Lori Tucker says:

      The only people able to see your address are those you have won an auction from.You will get an email telling you have won.You then click on send shipping address and the seller will see your shipping address.Be sure it is verified along with your banking information(PayPal) and you are set to begin selling and buying.Have fun and good luck.

      • I don’t know I’m not on there anymore

        Sent from my Verizon Wireless Smartphone

      • Chels Potter says:

        Thanks Lori. What if you buy things without shipping? Do you still have to pay for anything? Because I don’t have a PayPal account.

      • Lori Tucker says:

        No you don’t have to pay but there are a lot of sellers who can’t afford to offer free shipping and if you want shipping on an auction you place you will want PayPal as payment as it is the safest.I would advise getting a PayPal account.You will use it for almost anything you want to buy online.

  183. Chels Potter says:

    Okay.thanks Lori

  184. I try to enter my shipping address and its turning the north into south. My town has a south but i live on north what do i do there is something i am trying to get?

  185. listia, both me and my brother have a account, however it would not let us verify our address on both of them, so I deleted it on mine thinking he could then verify it on his account, but it was still declined and then when I tried to re verify it on my account, it was declined. please tell me if theres a way to get it re verified on mine and also have it verified on my brother’s account. thanks

    • iv won an auction and when i tried to verify my account it wouldnt work it kept telling me declined or denied….plz someone help me out

      and ive read all the other post but on my computer and my iphone there is no 3rd adress line….plz help

  186. Aleksandar says:

    When I try to verify my address repeatedly throws this “Sorry we couldnt find any result for that address.Please try aagain”.I’m from Serbia maybe that’s the problem.

  187. Monica Williams says:

    I won an auction and I want to pay for it but every time I try to verify my address it gives me a different address than mine. Is there a number I can call?

  188. I’ve had the same issue expect I had to make a new account because I didn’t remember my old login info at all and now its saying declined

  189. hi listia i’m having a problem i won the gemstone tone owl chandelier earrings and i don’t know what to do pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee helpppppppppp meeeeeeeeeeeeee 😦 by the way i’m gord1000

  190. Tisi Chatham says:

    Everytime I try to verify my address it won’t let me

  191. I try to change my address but it gives an incorrect address when i save it.I had this problem before and an admin had to fixed it..Please help me fix this issue.Thank you and advance.

  192. Listia suspended my account because I live in the same house as my sister and I didn’t even know she was already on the site, in fact they suspended both accounts, which is absolutely ridiculous, I mean seriously.

  193. So listia seemed like it was working fine Antil I wanted to post a product to sell on my account however I typed in and took the photos all correctly it stayed but then I needed to rerifie my account by typing in my phone number, so then I used 44+ as I’m in UK and then it just wouldn’t let my type in my phone number!

  194. So did you het your address corrected?

  195. help listia keeps cprrecting my address
    I put in Division street
    and the system males it Division dr
    wow listias spell cprrecter is so Stupid

  196. help listia keeps cprrecting my address
    I put in Division street
    and the system males it Division dr
    wow listias spell cprrecter is so Stupid.

  197. My address is a half address and it will not allow me to put it in. My new shipping address is 212.5 Wesley St. Baldwin City Ks 66006. It keeps trying to make me enter 212 wesley or just wesley and it is 212.5, or can be entered as 2125 wesley st, or 212 and a Half. Please fix this issue. Thank you. I also have a new phone number. 785-248-3475. Still have for facebook but my actively used email is gmail. Thanks!!!

  198. I have an APO address is there a reason why it can not be validated?
    I had issues because of this like I lost a couple of stuff that I have won because I don’t have a validated address, APO address is a U.S address for the military

  199. Joe Kelley says:

    My previous account got hacked or something and now no longer exists so I made a new one and my address is pending and won’t send to anyone. What do I do???

  200. My shipping adress has been saying pending for the longest and I don’t know what to do, does anyone know how to fix this

  201. James Boyce says:

    It won’t let me enter my address. I try to click the button and nothing ever happens.


  1. SpenceNews says:


    Shipping Addresses – The Listia Blog

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