Shipping Addresses, Part 2

Earlier this week, we introduced part one of our new saved shipping address feature.  Today, we’re taking that a step further by exposing them in auctions after a bidder has won an item.  Now, once you’ve won an item, you’ll be able to select a saved address to share with the seller:


On the seller’s side, they’ll see something like the following:


For items where no shipping is involved (gift codes, local pickups, etc), the buyer can just select the ‘No shipping required’ option.  In either case, once submitted, the buyer will see a confirmation that their information has been sent:


In the meantime, the seller has received an e-mail with the shipping information, and soon enough the item should be on its way!

Now comes the important stuff…

From now until June 1st, 2011, the use of this shipping field is optional for both buyers and sellers.  Buyers can continue to use the messages to communicate their addresses, or they can opt to use their saved addresses, saving time and avoiding typos.  Sellers should simply follow whichever method the buyer has used, and ship to those addresses.

From June 1st, 2011 and on, while messages can still be used for general communication between buyer and seller, they should not be used for sharing shipping information.  The saved shipping address field will become the only means through which a buyer should share his or her address with the seller. In the event of a dispute, if we discover that a buyer or seller has not used the proper method for sharing shipping information, it is unlikely that the dispute will be resolved in their favor.

Saved shipping addresses were designed to achieve a few things: 1) Save buyers time by storing addresses they reuse over and over, 2) Checking these addresses for spelling mistakes and other errors, and 3) Providing sellers with the comfort in knowing that buyer provided address have been approved by Listia.  We hope that over time we achieve all of these goals, resulting in a more positive Listia experience for everyone! =)



  1. tracy crider says:
  2. Goldenjuju says:
  3. atticsrevistied says:

    I am not happy with this as I use different e-mail addresses as I ship to multiple people that are related to me and are too far away for me to hand the item to them. That means I have to pay to ship. People are able to ship to other people from ebay or any store I have used on the internet. Why should it be different here?

  4. I’ve been trying to put the same address in now for half and hour still won’t go in right. The only way the Apt number will go in is in front of the street address when added by your, other fields. Are we fixing the bugs and why should this be mandatory if I like to type shouldn’t I be able to if I want to. Don’t mind the help if you have the choice, but taking away the choice is not the right thing to do. Sounds like b[g government telling me I have to buckle my seat belt or wear a helmet when riding a bicycle. Why does it always have to be just one way shouldn’t WE THE PEOPLE have the choice?

  5. nancyfromnh says:

    My wife and I use this site alot and send lots of our winnings to other people as gifts or just for charity. If we win an auction that has free shipping then we won the shipping as well, and being the owners of the shipping fees we should be allowed to ship those won prizes to whom ever we wish.The way the new rule is we cant afford to do our charity work that we have helped so many people with. please reconsider. Thanks taurusthebull

  6. Listia Inc. says:

    Thanks everyone for commenting. We built this feature with only our users’ best interests in mind, and we regret to hear that it’s causing some people trouble. As always, we’re here to help!@momdlw: When you use the other/apt/unit/suite field, you’re right — the field goes in front of the address. But in these cases the address should still be valid and deliverable. If you aren’t content with this and would like to modify it, please submit a ticket at and we can definitely help.@nancyfromnh: If you enter others’ shipping addresses into your saved address fields, what is stopping them from being saved and showing up? Do they go into pending? While you’re situation isn’t our typical use case, we’ve seen others that use shipping in this way, and they have a handful of addresses set up and saved properly. Let us know at and we can try to resolve any issues you’re facing.@atticsrevisited: I don’t completely understand the trouble you are facing. Could you elaborate a bit as to how this feature is affecting you?

  7. atticsrevistied says:

    The feature does not allow me to add the four digit extention on the zip codes  example: 43525-1437 only shows 43515.  Our post office is one that really encourages use of the extension.<o:p></o:p>  <o:p></o:p> When I went into the feature it appeared it would only accept one name and address.  I did not see anywhere to put additional names and address.   I send to multiple names and sometimes different combinations of the names.  If it is something I want brothers to share both of their names go on.  If it is for one of them then only one name goes on.  Also if someone moves, I don’t want to be changing it in a bunch of places.  I rather be able to just cop and past from Outlook.  I have verified the addresses.  <o:p></o:p>  <o:p></o:p> Also, this is an issue if we are using e-mail to ship something such as the crochet patterns that I have created in PDF.  You rules say that using anything in a message will not be acceptable to use and if you do then if there is a dispute then we won’t win the dispute.  How can this be an option?  I don’t think that is totally fair.<o:p></o:p>  <o:p></o:p> Also I keep track of my frequent bidders and their items are sent before they sometimes reply.  Then they have to still send shipping info?????<o:p></o:p>  <o:p></o:p>

  8. Mary thebuttonlady says:

    I do not know what to do, there is no link to contact listia, my address does not work in their system, and now we have no protections when a seller does not ship an item.

  9. Mary thebuttonlady says:

    Does anyone know where a help link is on listia to fix the glitch in their system, I am trying to use up my credits before june 1st, because i can not bid anymore when they will not take my real address. I also found out, that they are not going to let you have the address in listia system, ONLY in email, so if you delete the email acceidently you lose your bidder’s addtress for good.

  10. Listia Inc. says:

    @buttonlady you can contact us here:, you will be able to see the address on the auction page anytime you need it. Its not only stored in email 🙂 So if you delete any emails, you can still go to the page and view the address.Remember to click the “Need help?” link under your address and it will let you add any other information such as PO boxes, apt. #s etc. Hope that helps!@atticsrevistied you can add as many addresses as you need very easily 🙂 Just click “add address” and you can manage all of them in one spot!also, there is an option to say “no shipping needed”. Just select that and we will of course not hold that against you for virtual or emailed items. Thanks!

  11. atticsrevistied says:

    I have added extra addresses but when you go to choose the address, it only gives you the option of the one address or no address. <o:p></o:p>  <o:p></o:p> Also I have an address that has to have ½ at the end of the house number and it won’t accept that.  Without the ½ it won’t be delivered properly.<o:p></o:p>  <o:p></o:p>

  12. adrapes92E303 says:

    as i asked before, do we have to do it? can we change it? every semester i changed dorm addresses since im at college.

  13. Cute_Stuffs says:

    It isn’t saving my addresses zip code.Also, I bid on things for people other than myself, which I think is what the first person who complained was referring to. Hopefully there’s a way to choose which address the seller sees?But yeah, my address is pretty standard stuff, no idea why it wont accept it.

  14. janagyjr says:
  15. momaw2mason says:

    I cannot get it to take my PO Box number. It will only list my name and city, state, and zip. Please help!!

  16. atticsrevistied says:

    @momaw2mason  go to the bottom of the listia page and click contact/help click on the button on the right bottom (Submit request).  Tell them your problem there.  That is the moderator’s and if we send enough problems to them, we will hopefully get a reprieve on this until all is fixed.<o:p></o:p>  <o:p></o:p>

  17. Listia Inc. says:

    You can change your address as often as needed, so no worried if you move a lot or need multiple addresses.

  18. atticsrevistied says:

    I just don’t like having to remember all the places to change the address.  I usually just copy and paste from Outlook and I have the address in one place.<o:p></o:p>  <o:p></o:p> It isn’t accepting the addresses that I am putting in because there is ½ added at the end of a house address and it doesn’t like it. <o:p></o:p>  <o:p></o:p> Also, it only allows you to put one name with an address.  I have 4 to 5 different people at each address.  This is still not a good option for me.<o:p></o:p>  <o:p></o:p>  <o:p></o:p>  <o:p></o:p>

  19. yentrikin says:

    I’m glad to see that you’ve taken my advice, but when I suggested this I intended it to be a thing that is automatically sent when an auction is won so that you don’t have to babysit your account further after having won an auction. This cuts back on the listia users that still think they can say “three days to send address or credits are forfeit and item is relisted” -but it also cuts back on the lack of seller-buyer communication. On for instance, the saved address is automatic on ‘auto wish list’ items – these are items that are ordered automatically and instantly after having been listed. The book is then sent to the saved address with little or no communication at all. This saves a TON of time and energy. Saved Addresses should be automatically sent to the Sellers once an auction is won and there should be an option you can click on your saved/active address that says “Yes! Automatically send this address to Seller” or “No, do not send this address automatically.”You still need to allow multiple addresses for those sending gifts.

  20. atticsrevistied says:

    I am so upset because they are forcing us to use this feature and there are still a lot of problems. I can’t designate between two nephews and a niece at the same address, the address are not correct as there needs to be 1/2 placed after the house numbers and that has not happened yet. They did it on one but not on another. I think the bugs need to be worked out before enforcing use of the system

  21. Mary thebuttonlady says:

    I found out what the problem is, they are using google maps to try to verify mailing address! BIG MISTAKE

  22. Listia Inc. says:

    Hi everyone, remember we are happy to manually fix up your addresses for you as well in case they do not validate right away. Just submit a ticket and we will get right on it.

    • I have submitted a ticket and have not got a reply on my problem. I have only had my account for maybe 3 days and my address got declined right away, its a street number and is correct so I dont understand why it was declined. I love the fact of giving away items but I’d also like to bid on items as well.

  23. jeangles says:

    I had understood that the addresses were going to be verified as viable addresses but I have one buyer submitting an address to me that only consists of her name and the city & state she lives in, no street address. How is this viable? I can’t ship to that and she won’t provide me with the street address part. What do I do now?

  24. Listia Inc. says:

    @jeangles: Please send us a support ticket and provide your auction URL link. We’ll be able to assist you there. Thanks

  25. Shelia Pate says:
  26. Shelia Pate says:

    I think this is a great idea, that way people can make sure they have your address right.I have had so much trouble with the post office and addresses. I am sure this will help.icelady752

  27. Kristin Price says:

    I have been trying for days to get my address verified and I can not get it to work. please help.

  28. i am having a hard time getting my address in to verify it i have to be shiped to me and they say i have to have a verifed address from listia for them to ship to me how can i do this if i can’t get my address in and verify ?

    • Did you ever get your address verified? They also did not verify my address and I have emailed them and no reply of what their plan is to help me.

  29. Sergey Kurushin says:

    A good auction, but one big problem, you can not enter a Russian address.
    It is unclear who better knows how to write the address I or machine?
    And this problem is not only me but also my friends.
    Solve this problem otherwise we will have to move to other auctions, where no such problem.

  30. I’m new to this site, and I’ve just won two of my bids, I’ve tried to enter my address for both wins, and I have no idea if the person receiving the information actually received the correct info. Even tried to contact Listia and still did not get a resolution.

  31. Christina Searles says:

    I have done my address and the 2 people said they didn’t recived it yet and I have evn contact Listia and still nothing is this for real

  32. Mary Kay Weerth says:

    Is there a program glitch? I am also unable to save my address. I receive the ‘Error on page” error.

  33. Raven Jordan says:

    soooo….. how do you give the other person the shipping adress? and when you win it, does the person that is sending the gift have to pay shipping or does the person that is sending it have to pay? I’m confused… someone please reply! <:l

  34. In my list an auction, my photos will not upload, please help me

  35. Robert olah says:

    I change my adress its 270 amherst mobile home amherst ohio 44001. I did this online and i didnt get. My stuff

  36. This auction was my first and a lot of fun can’t wait to do another!

  37. Listia only inform people one IP can not have over one accounts but there is one rule that you would not know from listia.

    Listia did not inform people, that if 2 people use same shipping address in the saved shipping address, or when one person win items in auction. if they type address that someone in listia had, listia would put pending

    normally people think that pending may mean, oh they(staff) may approve when they online. but actually not.

    pending is the time listia catch otehr listia shipping address datas. to see if someone use the same address with you

    then they ban if 2 people or more use same one address in shipping add.

    listia? free play, I would say yes.

    if you need to pay money, like facebook. I dont suggest.

  38. if you use email or mail to give address they (seller) not send item because only verified address can make them send items

    listia staff read your mail address and would suspend you quickly for violateing site rules

  39. Donna Handley says:

    The auto correct changes my address to
    Old Highway 78
    However, my adress is actually
    1301 Hwy 78 W
    Jasper, AL. 35501
    Thank you and have a blessed day!

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  42. Daylene kayci Bladorn says:

    I keep getting a 400 Header something or other instead of the listiapage. What is going on? I also see that a seller has blocked me and I don;t know why. I have several items that just sold on listia and I want to get the rest of them out but cannot get in to get the addresses I need. What is going on? I ;ove the sharing and giving of this sight and had high hopes of trading off some more stuff I no longer need. Please, help me get back onto ur site! Thank u

  43. jeaniechadwick9 says:

    im haveing the worst time putting my address in see i live on a county road and its not putting the first 3 numbers in before county road its just putting the last 4 numbers in so therfore im kinda confused please help a southern girl out also how do i change my profile name i tried and tried to see my profile name is my middle name and i wanted to put my first name and my newly married last name please help me id love for my name to be listed as robin patino on my profile for one if someone sends me mail as jeanie im not going to get it please help me

  44. crystal watson says:

    Somehow my shipping option is no shipping. I won an auction and i need to provide my shipping info and i can’t it say i choose no shipping

  45. Tina tarble says:

    try to give you my address don’t know how to do it

  46. A winner of one of my recent auctions tried and thought she’d submitted her Listia verified address but instead it showed up as “No shipping required”. How exactly can she correct this? She does want the item.

  47. giftbearer says:

    She says it is not giving her the “shipping option”. Shouldn’t it always have “Provide my address to seller” as the first option with a circle to the left of it that winners can check? How can we fix it so that my winner can correct it and provide me her address? Please have an employee send specific instructions as soon as possible. Thanks.

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