How to Earn More Credits From Your Listings


We’ve all listed items on Listia either currently or in the past, and we’re always pleasantly surprised when an item goes for more credits than we think it will go for. Is there a secret formula to getting more credits on your listing? We’re dedicating this blog post to sharing tips on “how to earn more credits on your listings”. Here are the three basic concepts you should always keep in mind:

List: To ensure you get the most out of your listing, the first step is simple and straight forward, but also very important: Creating a great listing. When listing your item, you’ll want to make sure you have a clear and direct title, detailed description, and clear photos.

  • A clear and direct title will help potential bidders find you through search or browse. Although it may look appealing, consider avoiding the use of symbols in your title (!@#$%^&*()=+[]{}). It’s hard to search when there are a lot of symbols in your title. (ex: “NEW” vs. “**^NeW!**”)
  • The description is the meat of your listing. What is the condition of the item? What’s the dimension or size? What kind of shipping do you provide? Providing as much detail as possible will help potential bidders understand what you’re listing so they can better decide if they want it.  A good rule of thumb is to put as much information as you’d like to see if you were bidding on your own item, but at the same time keep it brief and concise.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words and the same thing applies to your listings. A good picture can show off your item and attract more bidders. If you upload a blurry or out of focus picture, it won’t convey the item properly and may distract bidders. Experiment with your camera’s features (e.g. flash on/off, macro functions), make sure you’re not taking the photo in a dark or dim area, make sure your item is ready, and place your item  to see what provides the best results for you. 

Share: Exposing your listings will generate interest among other Listians and attract more bids! Connect your account to your Facebook and/or Twitter! It will expose your auctions to people outside of Listia and bring in a new group of bidders you may not have otherwise encountered.  You can also use the Bold and Premium listing features for even greater exposure.

Be Active:  We reward users regularly for being active members of the community! You will randomly receive bonus credits when you least expect it for doing activities such as listing, bidding, commenting, leaving feedback, and checking in.  However, you don’t receive credits every time, and there is a limit on how many you can get in one day.  The more you do an activity though, the more chances you have of gaining those bonus credits.  Remember, we do check for abuse of these features, so leaving comments randomly everywhere isn’t going to work.

Listing cool stuff, along with these helpful tips, is the fastest way to earn more credits. What other helpful tips or tactics have you used? What categories do you think are most popular? Leave a comment and share your ideas with others!


photo credit via Dave Dugdale



  1. silverfarr says:

    Twice a day, both morning and late afternoon, I upload links to my auctions on the appropriate Listia ‘facebook’ page. I get a lot more people ‘window shopping’ that way. Also, be attentive to your auctions. Try and answer/respond to questions/comments ASAP. I check back on each listing several times a day. Some people are more busy though, and can only check once per day. In this case, you should leave a note about your availability in the description, such as: “Will respond to questions/comments, daily at 6:00PM”.

  2. PamsPoshPrettie says:

    I upload my auction links to both Facebook and Twitter as much as possible and have a group of Listians that also use Twitter to follow each other’s auctions!! I LOVE Twitter 🙂

  3. Jean Pierre Cuba says:

    I wish we could know whats the best “most users logged in” time and day to post our auctions

  4. Cindy Merchant says:

    What is the little check box for, on the right hand side of the comment ‘balloon’ when you comment on someone’s auction? What happens when people click the little ‘+’ box? I’ve seen boxes that say 3 ‘+’, 5 ‘+’….

  5. silverfarr says:

    @cas2cam … when someone clicks on the little ‘+’, the person who made that comment earns ‘XP’ points.

  6. Listia Inc. says:

    Hi Cindy & silverfarr: The “+” is our version of a “Like”. If you see a comment you like or was helpful to you, you can “+”. There are no credits awarded for clicking on the “+”, but it is a noticeable way of viewing if a comment was helpful.

  7. can you tell me about XP points? what can they be used for? Thanks

  8. I’m pretty new to listia. Recently I am having trouble uploading my pictures. Any advice?? PLEASE HELP

  9. I have noticed that if you list an auction for a longer time it usually gets more bids in the long run and usually more credits. Makes sense since more people have a chance to see your item. A descriptive title also helps. Instead of just bracelet for example put Shiny Gem-Encrusted Bracelet (if description fits). Higher than usual shipping price will chase away bidders, so if you are charging more: explain why. Free shipping is best, although we can’t all afford to do that. Answer comments to the best of your ability and appreciate when someone offers some input that is helpful or knowledgeable, and don’t be afraid to interact in a friendly manner with them either. Above all don’t misrepresent your item, nothing will make a potential bidder get away from your auction faster. Appreciate your fans and return bidders. Knowing you to some degree will help them to feel more confident to make a higher bid. Honesty, integrity and a genuine enjoyment of being a “Listian” are all traits you will find in most well-liked and successful sellers. It is what I strive for and what I admire in my fellow Listians. I think electronics, video games and crafts seem to be the most popular. Cosmetics and jewelry also do well. I try to list a variety of items as I like to win a variety of items. Great blog post! I would also like to know what the peak bidding time is.

  10. Taylor Burke says:

    How do you add more days to your auction after you had listed it

  11. I am also having problems loading pictures. There are some that repeatedly will not upload. I’m on a computer, and many of the others work but generally if one won’t upload, even restarting the computer and trying again doesn’t get them to work.

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