New Shipping Deadline for Sellers



Beginning Monday, June 20, 2011, we will be setting a deadline for a Seller’s shipping time frame. Items must be shipped within 3 business days from when the Seller receives the Winner’s shipping address and applicable payment information. Failure to do so may result in a refund to the winner if a dispute is filed after 3 business days, and the item has not been shipped.

Once you receive the Winner’s shipping and any applicable payment information, you have 3 business days to send your item. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

MONDAY: Item must be shipped by THURSDAY
TUESDAY: Item must be shipped by FRIDAY
WEDNESDAY: Item must be shipped by MONDAY
THURSDAY: Item must be shipped by TUESDAY
FRIDAY: Item must be shipped by WEDNESDAY
SATURDAY: Item must be shipped by WEDNESDAY
SUNDAY: Item must be shipped by WEDNESDAY

This rule has been put in place to provide a better time frame for delivery. As always, we encourage sellers to provide delivery confirmation on all items listed in an event that the auction is disputed or if the item is still en route to its destination.

As a reminder, the Seller is fully responsible for securely packaging and shipping the item to ensure against damage or loss from normal shipping practices. 


To help Sellers and Buyers understand this new rule, please read the Q&A information below:

Q: I offer free shipping, but only send out once a month. What are my options?
A: First off, thank you for offering free shipping on your listings! In cooperation with this new rule, we ask that Sellers list their auctions closer to when they are able to send out the item. For example, if you get paid once a month at the beginning of each month (ex: July 1st), and want to list a 7-day auction, then the earliest we’d suggest you begin your listing is June 24th. Planning when to list your auction will help eliminate situations like these.

Q: What about those who charge for shipping? How can I protect myself when we don’t hear back from the winner?
A: Sellers still have the option to charge shipping, however, once you receive the Winner’s shipping address and payment information (if applicable), then you must send the item within 3 business days.

Q: What if I don’t hear back from the winner?
A: You are not responsible for shipping an item until you receive shipping information from the Seller.  After 10 days from the close of an auction, if the winner has not responded or taken any action, then the seller can keep all the credits and you may re-list the item if you wish.

Q: Does the 3 business days deadline mean that I have to guarantee that the item will arrive within 3 business days?
A: No. The 3 business days applies from when the Seller receives the Winner’s shipping address and shipping payment (if applicable). Once that information is gathered, the Seller has to send the item within 3 business days. Depending where the item will be sent (whether domestically or internationally), it may take more than 3 days to arrive.

Q: Are Holidays considered in the 3 business day time frame?
A: No, if a Holiday lands on a weekday, then you get an extra day to ship your item (assuming you’ve received the Winner’s shipping address and applicable shipping information). For example, if you receive shipping info on a Friday and Monday is a Holiday, you have until Thursday to ship out the item.


We hope this information was helpful. We have a lot more in store as we continue improving Listia for everyone. Thanks!


photo credit via DafneCholet


  1. chillbill says:

    I think this is garbage and is going to make it where people post auctions less. There are a lot of people on this site, myself included, who can’t get to the post office in 3 days.

  2. janagyjr says:

    If you can’t get to the post office in a timely manner, you don’t need to be auctioning off items. I for one laud this change. I’m tired of languishing about when I’ll receive an item after I’ve sent my shipping info (generally within 24-hrs of winning an auction).

  3. scrappinmagic says:

    I’m not sure if I like this….we already are offering our stuff for basically free (no cash money involved) and now we have limits put upon us. It’s okay for the bidder to take up to 10 days to give us their mailing info, but we, as sellers have only 3 days to ship it out in. Some people can’t always get to the post office within 3 days after an auction ends….sometimes we get tied up with life and just can’t get it sent out in that amount of time. I think we should be allowed longer…..say the same 10 days that a bidder has to respond in before we can relist an item.

  4. creativelykat says:

    I know I don’t like this. I make items to the winners specifications, really hard to do that when I only have three days to ship an item. I generally ship within a week of the auction ending. I was really enjoying using listia, don’t know if I’ll continue to be using it if I only have three days to ship stuff out.

  5. bigmike7 says:

    Ya’ll.. I don’t think you realize what an improvement this is! The new rule WAS going to be that the item had to be mailed within three days of AUCTION ENDING! Can you IMAGINE??? Several of us have been working extremely hard to get this changed to three days from receiving shipping information. A month is too long. Twice a month is not enough. Your auctions should be listed closer to the time that you are able to send. Winners should not be waiting so very long just for you to ship the item!! Three days from receiving shipping information is a HUGE step up from where it was going to be and is more than fair. Thank you Listia for listening to our concerns and for making a change to this policy! We appreciate it πŸ™‚

  6. briguynv says:

    I have to agree with the dissents and people who disagree with this… I think we should have at least 7 days, preferably 10. I am permanently disabled and cannot drive. I have to rely on other people to take my items for me to the Post Office… there’s no way to “plan” my listings end dates around that! What if I plan an auction to close on a Wed, knowing I have until Monday to mail, and plan someone to take it ON Monday… then the buyer doesn’t send their info until Monday… then I have to re-arrange a whole new person to take it to the Post Office again, and what if they can’t do it until the following weekend… then I’m screwed!!I ‘almost’ always am able to get things out within 3 days, but occasionally it takes me 5-7 days… and I shouldn’t be penalized for that when my buyers are made aware of it, I ALWAYS communicate my mailing info!Like someone else said, we’re giving stuff away, most times paying for the shipping ourselves… we should have more leeway than 3 days, and as long we communicate with the buyer, we should have more time. I don’t mind at all when I win something, and they TELL me it’s mailing on a specific date. It’s the ones that never communicate at all that bug me… THAT should be a requirement, COMMUNICATION should be required!!!!! But I don’t mind waiting a couple extra days as long as I’m aware of it!This is entirely too rigid… eBay is known for it’s rigid rules that irritate people, and even they aren’t THIS rigid!! They give leeway to mailing things!Also like others said, sometimes people have to physically CREATE the item to the winners specifications before they can mail it, that takes longer than 3 days. Or like some gift cards, when the winner gets to CHOOSE what store it’s from… we have to get to that location & buy it, THEN mail it. That can’t always be done in 3 days, especially for someone like me who can’t drive. I have to get someone to take me to buy the card, then mail it.3 days is WAY too rigid! Again, I can’t “PLAN” that because if I plan the ending to when I could get a ride to buy it, but the buyer doesn’t respond immediately and tell me which store, my ride will ‘expire’… so again, not my fault, but I get screwed! It should be 7-10 days minimum WITH communication! If you keep the requirement at 3 days, I believe you will lose a LOT of GOOD buyers AND sellers, and you’ll end up with the scammers that we constantly have to file for refunds from because they will take the credits, then not mail something in 3 days, or ever, so we have to get our credits back, causing more work for YOU and a major hassle & disappointment for us!PLEASE reconsider this rule… it’s way too rigid and not friendly to all sellers!!

  7. MattChance says:

    I love this idea. I can’t stand repeated emails from sellers saying “I’m soooo sorry, I was gonna send it yesterday but I’ll send it next Friday instead. Oh, and I’m not gonna leave applicable feedback for you until after I know you’ve left ME positive feedback”.Yay for speed. Nay for idiots.

  8. briguynv says:

    Re: MattChance… I find it offensive that you call anyone who can’t do your idea of “speed” an idiot… am I an idiot because I am permanently disabled? I think not, and I’m offended by your comment!I’ve also had people write me and tell me their child was in an accident, so they were delayed in mailing… is that person an idiot? NO, and they would also be offended!

  9. bellamina says:

    I agree there needs to be a REASONABLE limit to how long a seller takes to ship an item but this basically forces sellers to accept paypal because we must ship the item within 3 days of receiving the shipping info because there is no way that shipping funds can be received and items shipped within 3 days if a seller does not have a paypal acct to get paid for shipping. I will not have a paypal acct and no one can force me to have one. I was having a lot of fun on Listia but I’ll be deleting my acct now.

  10. bigmike7 says:

    Bellamina: applicable payment information.I think that includes receiving payment πŸ™‚

  11. minimee says:

    I love it! People are always taking advantage and making excuses not to ship timely. Sellers are not “giving away a damn thing” they get credits to perform their end of the transaction. Those credits are spent just like real money to get things they want from others! It really is quite irresponsible to list stuff you have not budgeted time to mail or money to ship with; and I for one don’t care for the excuses no matter who they are coming from because people lie so much to achieve their own way.As for that disabled person above, the post office will pick up your packages for free if you let the mail carrier know you have to ship something. There are ways around this for you too. You don’t have to quit but you will have to plan your auction shipments since you can’t take them to the post office yourself.Here’s a link to PayPal shipping so you can buy postage online without it being tied to a particular transaction. Anyone can use this shipping module at anytime as long as you ship 1st class, priority, express, parcel post or media mail. You can print labels and postage for everything (except 1st Class international) on regular paper then tape to your package! You even get discounted rate for delivery confirmation. I been using it for years on Ebay, Etsy and now Listia.Listia had to do something, because things were getting out of hand. I’ll bet people are spending up folks credits and not shipping items left and right.

  12. bigmike7 says:

    I hate paypal and won’t use ANY of their features. They are a rip off plain and simple.. BUT has been good to me so far! I signed up, got $5.00 free shipping and free month then for each of the next four months I get $10 free shipping and my cost is only $14.99.. which means $4.99.. VERY worthwhile πŸ™‚ Means my hubs is going to be able to run in, drop off packages and run out on his one hour in between his two jobs. No standing in line πŸ™‚ Very great idea πŸ˜‰ ~Lynne

  13. bellamina says:

    ” Items must be shipped within 3 business days from when the Seller receives the Winner’s shipping address and applicable payment information.” Nowhere in that statement do I see anything referring to the receipt of funds. “Payment information” is just that, information ie: paypal acct information, it does not state anything about receiving the money so that leads me to believe that we will have to use paypal. Plus, the use of AND makes it very clear that those two requirements must be met within 3 days.

  14. briguynv says:

    Minimee: Sorry, but you are wrong! The ONLY way USPS will pick up packages is if you have at least ONE Priority or Express Mail package. I use First Class, and they will NOT pick up First Class packages alone!Also another wrong piece of info… 90% of my items are not really “packages/parcels”, they are envelopes and large envelopes… you CANNOT print postage thru Paypal for anything LESS than a package/parcel (meaning over 3/4″ thick)… I’ve been mailing things for years on other sites and now here, and using Paypal on other sites for postage… when I am able to use it… but they don’t offer online postage for First Class Envelopes or Large Envelopes.Another issue with not having “Packages/Parcels”… USPS also won’t allow “Delivery Confirmation” be purchased on anything smaller than “Package/Parcel” size… so envelopes and large envelopes cannot have Delivery Confirmation. I’ve tried with many, many Post Offices, and I’ve written to USPS to verify this.After thinking about it more, I agree 10 days is too long… but it should be at least 5 business days at the MINIMUM!!!! Life DOES happen and many people DO have circumstances that make 3 days difficult! It’s NOT excuses, it’s REALITY!

  15. bigmike7 says:

    From Moderator Furball on the help forum “hi yes. it has been updated..Starting 6/20/2011, items must be shipped within 3 business days from when the lister receives the winner’s shipping address and shipping payment” seems like there are some semantics issues. However, Listia NEVER recommends shipping an item before receiving payment. They do however, suggest paypal (I think it is a ripoff and refuse) but if you choose some other payment form you must send it out within three days of receiving payment. That is nice as I have proof a seller has had my money since Friday and she has not sent the item as of yet. The first payment was “lost” and it is beyond time for me to have these items!

  16. scrappinmagic says:

    I think it should be a *RULE* then that the bidder has ONLY 3 DAYS to send their shipping info. I’m tired of sitting on an item for 10 days, waiting to relist because the bidder hasn’t sent their info….then they NEVER send it. I send the same day or day after I receive the info/payment (if needed)….if it’s paypal, it gets shipped the day the money is in my account as long as it’s before 8 pm and I can still get to the post office, if it’s a money order, I ship the next day after receiving the money order and have it deposited in my account. I still feel that if the bidder can take up to 10 days to notify us of their info, we should be able to have the time to ship, although as I’ve already stated….I ship as soon as the bidders part is filled…AND I leave feedback immediately after I’ve shipped to let them know it’s on the way. I don’t wait for the bidder to leave me feedback…heck, I’ve got auctions from a few months ago that I haven’t received feedback yet, but I don’t ask them for it either.

  17. bigmike7 says:

    We have been fighting this rule and trying to iron it out with multiple help tickets for several days at… so feel free to head there for more information. Thanks. You can thank us over there for getting it changed from three days from the end of the auction to three days from receiving payment. I personally contacted LIstia through three separate help tickets asking them to change it from three days from end of auction. One help ticket for the action itself and two with issues with buyers with “address complications” caused by the last new feature. I pointed out in both of those help tickets that per the new rule (if it had been in affect at this time) that I would now be in trouble with Listia for not sending out when I had not received shipping information in the correct manner. This would have caused me to be in trouble with Listia either way I turned. Send to an unverified address or send past the three day limit. I do believe that this was a help in getting the rule changed (I like to think so). Be happy that this was not left with the original rule and we were able to get some flexibilty from Listia. They are trying to stop people from waiting a month or more to send an item , or the “I send out once a month, you can wait or not bid” when listia specifically states that all items should be sent out within 10 days. Personally I think they should crack down on the people violating that rule rather than make new rules that they may not enforce any better. Why punish everyone because a few people choose to try to make their own rules?

  18. Hi, I am late shipping an item, in part because I was waiting for the buyer to reply which item they wanted to win. there were two and it clearly stated you will win one which one do you want. She never picked. Can I lose a dispute?

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