New Format for Rules and Support Pages

We’re proud to announce a new layout of our Rules and Support (formerly “Help”) pages. We’ve reorganized the pages to provide a more streamlined way of getting information. Have a question? Go to Support. Want to know what the rules are, just click “Rules” and everything’s there . Check out these pages and let us know what you think!

We have a lot more in store as we continue improving Listia for everyone. Thanks!



  1. ChosenJew says:

    like the new site!

  2. briguynv says:

    I wish you would add to the one comment on the rules regarding ” Recommending Delivery Confirmation”… add to the end “When applicable”… since USPS won’t ALLOW it on most items that I send.Many items do NOT qualify for Delivery Confirmation… any regular envelope and any large envelope that is less than 3/4” thick. USPS will NOT allow us to purchase DC on these items… I have tried repeatedly and I have written to USPS asking them to please change that rule… so far, they still say “no you can’t purchase it for those mailings”… I think it’s ridiculous, but it’s true. And I’m not going to take something that only costs $.44-.88 in postage, and change the package to make it qualify, so then I would have to pay $1.71 PLUS the fee for DC. That would mean I’d be paying 2-5 times the cost… not gonna happen.So since it’s IN the rules, it should say it’s “recommended WHEN APPLICABLE”… or “recommended on qualifying packages”… because I cannot be expected to purchase something that USPS won’t allow!

  3. PamsPoshPrettie says:

    How do we request a Featured Auction now, or see the requests we had pending? I’m lost here…lol

  4. Listia Inc. says:

    @ChosenJew: Thanks! Glad you like it :-)@briguynv: Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll review and take it into consideration :-)@PamsPoshPrettie: requesting to feature your auction listing has not changed. Please review information about Featured Auctions here:

  5. mrskinzey says:

    briguynv states that USPS won’t allow delivery confirmation on some things, but I’ve never been turned down for DC. I just mailed some very small things today in tiny bubble envelopes weighing .90 oz and, as usual, did DC. I charge for my shipping though. We’re not rich and can’t afford to send people free items they want at our expense. If they want something, my shipping is clearly stated. If they don’t want to pay that, then they can bid on someone else’s things that have free shipping. I won’t send anything without DC either because they can say they never got it when they actually did, but I have no proof without a DC.

  6. I found out immediately after an auction that it was bogus. The seller refused to send item until I had clicked “I got it” so he would get his credits first. He also clicked :”item sent” immediately as if his post office was open at midnight. (There were red flags. He offered free international shipping on a heavy object and had no completed auctions). The rules state that I have to wait 2 days to file a dispute (still waiting) and now my credits are tied up because of a jerky kid who thought he could pull one over on someone. Is there a faster way? Is there any way to contact a Listia rep?

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